If We Controlled Your Remote… 8/15/11

It’s the start of the work week for most people, and if you live in my town, it’s the day before school starts for most kids. My kid is…sort of excited. LOL He’s kind of half excited, half bummed, but I think he’s most excited about being the top dog at school, since it is made up of 7th graders and 8th graders (of which he’s one). That means my days will be quieter, which is nice, but it also means the rat race that is school has begun. We still have one more night, though, which is great, since one of my son’s favorite shows is on tonight: Warehouse 13. Check that out and everything else we think you should watch below.

Jenny’s Choice #1

Ding dong, the witch is gone! Last week on Eureka, we saw the culmination of Beverly’s plan, as she (as Allison), along with her henchmen, broke into Section Three at Global Dynamics. We learned Beverly wanted to get back at GD by stealing all their research and data. Beverly timed it just right so she did it right after Allison took over temporary control of GD while Fargo tried out for the Astraeus mission. Zoe was back in Eureka, and Jo was the one to drive her in. That was an uncomfortable conversation—which didn’t get more comfortable until the end, when they finally had it out over Zane. My favorite parts were when Jo zapped Allison/Beverly before she could steal away with the hard drive on the departing helicopter, and when Carter finally led Zoe off at the end to tell her all about the time travel. Allison will have some issues readjusting after Beverly is out of her head. How long will it take her? I dunno, but I can’t wait to see how that and all the other stories play out!

On tonight’s episode, when things start disappearing around Eureka, Carter and Allison discover something is literally eating through Global Dynamics. Ming Na guest stars on tonight’s episode.

Tune in to Syfy at 9/8c to see what should be VERY interesting critters! Learn where to find episodes online of Eureka @ Clicker.

Jump ahead to see what else we think you should watch.

Megan’s Choice #1

I cannot believe it’s time for the season finale of Teen Wolf already! It has been an amazing first season for this show, and I am hooked. It’s not just the fantastic cast; it’s also the superb writing. Jeff Davis has done a tremendous job of incorporating both drama and humour, while keeping just enough of a horror factor to keep us on the edge of our seats.

Last week’s episode brought Scott and Allison back together, and Stiles confronted the Alpha to protect Lydia. We ended the episode with Allison’s dad causing Scott to shift into werewolf form in front of Allison, letting the dog out of the bag.

On tonight’s season finale, Scott is caught in the middle of a war between hunters and werewolves. He enlists the help of both his friends and enemies to stop the mysterious killings and win back Allison.

Can Scott handle all the pressure? Can he rise to the occasion and fill the role of the hero he’s supposed to be? Tune in to MTV at 10/9c to find out! Learn where to find episodes online of Teen Wolf @ Clicker.

Lisa’s Choice #1

The investigation into Brenda and her squad is tightening up, and things are hitting the fan on The Closer. As the walls begin to close in, Brenda will have to relive the moments leading up to what launched the inquisition she’s being put through. With Brenda finding herself in such hot water, she may need to bite the bullet (no pun intended), start taking the investigation seriously, and hire herself some legal counsel.

Tonight, a body is discovered on a home construction site, and Brenda considers hiring a high-priced attorney. Unfortunately for Fritz, the retainer may require them to start cutting back on several luxuries.

Tune in at 9/8c to TNT for an all new episode! Learn where to find episodes online of The Closer @ Clicker.

Jenny’s Choice #2

Last week on Warehouse 13, HG Wells was back, when an artifact in Pennsylvania started zapping things and turning them to dust. Myka remembered that when HG was first around as an agent, she investigated a case like that. Against Pete’s wishes, she asks the Regents about having HG come in and help them with the new case. The Horn of Joshua was responsible for the destruction, and Pete, Myka, Claudia, Artie, and HG all worked together to figure out who was behind the new deaths and why, stopping the son of the single victim back during the original case from causing more destruction. It turned out he thought aliens had abducted his father and he was trying to contact them. It was truly a sad story. By the end of the case, after Myka reminded him that she was back, Pete admitted that HG had been helpful. Myka said a sad goodbye—again—to HG, before sending her back into the “sphere o’ death” (or whatever you want to call it). I missed seeing new agent, Steve Jinks, but he’ll be back tonight, and it looks like there might (hah!) be trouble!

On tonight’s episode, Pete, Claudia, and Myka must enter a video game modeled after the Warehouse and complete each level in order to rescue the video game developer (Fargo!) who became trapped inside. Artie and Steve are caught attempting to steal an artifact. Neil Grayston (Douglas Fargo, Eureka) guest stars. Click on the picture on the right to see a bigger version of the great look they are wearing, as well as Fargo’s own outfit!

See the video game versions of your favorite characters tonight on Syfy at 10/9c! Learn where to find episodes online of Warehouse 13 @ Clicker.

Megan’s Choice #2

Tonight is the series premiere of The Lying Game on ABC Family. It’s based on the book written by Sara Shepard, who also wrote the Pretty Little Liars series. I’ve seen the pilot, and it’s promising. There are some great plot points and a few that need a little work.

In tonight’s premiere episode, Emma (Alexandra Chando, As The World Turns), a kind-hearted foster kid, learns she has an identical twin sister, Sutton (also played by Chando). Sutton, unlike Emma, was adopted by wealthy parents and is seemingly living an ideal life. After their initial meeting, Sutton talks Emma into stepping into her life for a few days, while she pursues a lead on the mysterious identity of their birth mother. After Sutton inexplicably fails to return to the girls’ designated meeting place, Emma must decide whether to come clean about her identity and risk her own safety in the hope of uncovering her twin sister’s whereabouts, along with the truth about why they were separated in the first place.

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s worth a shot to see if it fits into your schedule. To read a few questions & answers with Alexandra Chando, check out our Interview.

See if the adorable Alexandra Chando can pull you into her new show tonight on ABC Family at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of The Lying Game @ Clicker.

Lisa’s Choice #2

Fans of Rizzoli & Isles can rejoice, since the show was picked up for a season three! It’s no wonder this show got renewed for a new season with all of the drama, suspense, and phenomenal humor that are infused into each and every episode. Sometimes, I think this show needs to have the terms Maura and Jane use put into the urban dictionary. This show never ceases to amaze and tickle me. Get your fix of this fantastic show with tonight’s all new episode!

On tonight’s episode, a Revolutionary War re-enactment becomes the scene of a real murder, and thankfully, Maura’s knowledge of American history proves to be big help in the investigation. Meanwhile, Maura’s mother, Constance Isles (guest star Jacqueline Bisset), decides to visit Boston for an art exhibit.

Watch an all new episode at 10/9c on TNT. Learn where to find episodes online of Rizzoli & Isles @ Clicker.

Kyle’s Choice

Tonight is the penultimate episode of MasterChef. I was so sad to see Ben Starr get eliminated last week. I was really hoping he’d win, as he just seemed so genuinely happy and excited to be there, and was such a nice guy. We are now down to the final 4: Adrien, Christian, Jennifer, and Suzy. If I had to pick the person I was rooting for, it would probably be Adrien, but I would be happy with anyone but Christian winning—he is just way too arrogant and entitled. In tonight’s episode, the top 4 compete, and one more chef is eliminated before tomorrow’s 2-hour finale.

Making it a FOX night for myself, I’m also recomminding the new episode of Hell’s Kitchen. Last week, Johnathan was the latest chef to leave Hell’s Kitchen. This was a surprise, because I thought he was going to be a top contender, but Chef Ramsay wouldn’t stand for his laziness and excuses and sent him packing. That leaves the “women’s” team with 5 and the “men’s” team with 4. On tonight’s episode, the final 9 will face another intense night in the kitchen, and one more chef will be sent home. I’d really like to see either Carrie (who doesn’t know how to stop talking) or Elizabeth (who has no respect for her fellow teammates) eliminated.

See who gets cooked out of Hell’s Kitchen and MasterChef at 8/7c & 9/8c on FOX! Learn where to find episodes online of Hell’s Kitchen & MasterChef @ Clicker.

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3 Responses to If We Controlled Your Remote… 8/15/11

  1. megan says:

    I’d be ok with either Jennifer or Adrien winning, both Suzy and Christian are too arrogant.

    On Hell’s Kitchen I’d be ok with Carrie, Elizabeth or Elise going home because they are all annoying.

  2. Jenny says:

    I’m with Megan, although on HK, I’d prefer the person to leave to be Carrie or Elise. lol

  3. Kyle says:

    So much on tonight–my TiVos are set for all of this stuff! Even The Lying Game, for which I will at least watch the pilot, but that will probably be it. (I am only watching to support more representation of twins on TV. 🙂 Though, can we get a twin show on TV that actually employs real twins?! And I don’t mean Tia & Tamara or the Olsens.)