Interview with Emily Rose from Haven

Haven has been really great this season, and one of the biggest parts of that greatness is Emily Rose. Emily plays Audrey Parker. Check out what the show is about, before you check out Emily, who chatted with us about recent guest stars, her character’s evolution, and the show’s future.

Syfy’s one-hour drama series Haven, starring Emily Rose (Jericho, Brothers and Sisters) is based on the novella The Colorado Kid from renowned author Stephen King. The series follows the shrewd and confident FBI agent Audrey Parker (Rose) who has a lost past, and arrives in the small town of Haven, Maine on a routine case. Before long, her natural curiosity lands her in the epicenter of activity in this curious enclave, which turns out to be a longtime refuge for people that are affected by a range of supernatural afflictions.

As the townspeople’s dormant abilities begin to express themselves, Audrey helps keep these forces at bay while discovering the many secrets of Haven — including one surrounding her own surprising connections to this extraordinary place. The show also stars Lucas Bryant as Nathan Wuornos and Eric Balfour as Duke Crocker.

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On newbies, Chris and Evi, and whether or not their storylines are evolving too quickly

Emily Rose: We don’t have the luxury of having 24 episodes. We have 12 to 13 episodes to really kind of get across all the different arcs and things that we want to do in the second season. I think it’s really exciting to me personally to have everybody so effected by new people coming in because it really goes to show how much they really value the relationships that have been set up between the characters and it’s exciting because with change comes new possibilities and I think it shows the different colors of each relationship.

It makes you want to fight for Audrey and Nathan or Audrey and Duke so much more and fight for these things and want to stick around to see if they actually flesh themselves out and I think that if we kind of served up immediately the dessert of what people wanted to see in the first couple, two or three episodes, I think that it’s kind of like where do you go from there? So no, I think the timing of it’s pretty right on.

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On her character’s evolvement from last season & where her storyline is going

Emily: I think last season was really about why should I stay in Haven and what’s my connection to the place and why have I been brought here and this season’s been more about who am I. Sometimes I get side barred because we have to focus in on the trouble of the week and it’s always a challenge to try to portray the duality of that but you know anytime that I can find Audrey being effected by the trouble in a personal way then that’s sort of my way in.

And what I think this year is different for her is there’s a bit more of a comfort. Last year she was circling all of her other characters to kind of get an idea of who they are and this year she’s at home with them and is circling them and is thrown off by them when there might be a situation that occurs that she’s not really familiar that they would handle it in a certain way or you know what she knows about Nathan and he reacts in a way she’s not expecting, things like that.

That to me is the different side of it and just what’s exciting about being able to stick with the series and I’m so excited that our ratings are holding strong every week and that we have an audience that’s returning and coming back because they’re getting to know the characters just as well and maybe will have the same reactions as Audrey does when those different situations come about.

On what it was like to make out with Jason Priestly

Emily: It was weird. I was like is this my life right now? What’s happening? Especially because I’d worked with Luke Perry before for a long episode on Johnson Cincinnati so it was just bizarre that I was like what’s happening with 90210 intersecting my life.

But really it was great. It’s always really great to work with really seasoned professional, creative, talented people because you learn a lot from working with them and there’s always the mystery surrounding his name and who he is and then we meet him in person and realize that he’s super down to earth and really loves his family and is just really talented and super hardworking and is not a diva at all. It’s just great because you learn a lot from working alongside of someone like that that’s very eager to work and make a good story, and so obviously it’s always a little weird but then you get over it and you move on.

On whether or not it was easier to relate to Audrey repeating the same day over and over, as an actor used to doing multiple takes on a scene

Emily: No and that’s a great question. It was just really a challenge for me. I remember going through the script and writing the timeline out of what was occurring. Through the day I would because based on a production schedule I would have to do the day repeating in the same location just at different levels. So what was nice about that is our ADs and our producer set up the best they could to start at the earlier stage and then to slowly kind of fall apart, but what’s tricky is how do you make some of these tragic events throughout the day seem different and how do you let them effect you even more each time and how do you step the urgency up each time.

It was a great and wonderful on camera acting exercise for me and one I was really, really excited about. It was really challenging. I knew that when I was walking into that episode I just knew that it was going to be one of the biggest emotionally challenging episodes I’ve done because from a technical standpoint, not only do you have to make it seem real in the wide shot but the tight shot and the close-up and then also on the reverse for the other actors.

So you’re doing a scene that’s really, really emotional probably 12 to 15 times and then on top of that, you need to have the technical DP or focus puller or grip or director talk to you through the scene in a technical way just to pull it off but yet you still have to be freaking out and even though your brain knows that it’s not really happening, at the end of that week my body was so tense and so drained because my body thought that I had been through those traumas multiples of times. And so it was a real challenge but a real reward and I really hope people are effected by it as much as I was when I played it.

On Dave, Vince, and their knowledge of Lucy/Audrey & why they won’t talk to Audrey about it

Emily: I definitely think that there’s a big reason behind it. I don’t know the reason. My own speculation is that I feel like they’re either ultimately afraid of something or it’s like with a child that you think they can only handle so much or they don’t really know all the answers and so why tell some of the answers if they can’t tell all of them. Or they’re being held accountable to someone else behind the scenes in some kind of way. I really don’t know.

I do know that there is a great moment in the season where Audrey confronts them about that and it’s one of my favorite scenes I’ve been able to play this season as well. So I definitely think that’s a legitimate question and that’s one that she has, too.

On what we can expect later this season

Emily: I mean that one is one that I’m really, really excited about, this next episode but yes I think there’s an episode coming up that takes place completely in the woods which is really, really creepy and some night stuff that is directed by Lee Rose who is amazing, an amazing director and couple that with our VP Eric Cayla and in the woods at different times of the day. There was a shot where we were sitting there I think I tweeted about it. There was a sunset that we were shooting there the day before our premiere date and it was absolutely stunning and taking up the level of creepiness of Stephen King in that episode is really cool. So I’m looking forward to that episode.

I’m definitely looking forward to some moments in the finale and – with Vince and Dave and between Audrey and Nathan – that are some cool developments. I mean those things are really cool to me. Any kind of heightened emotion and high stakes and stuff that deals personally with the characters to me is great but I think that episode in the woods is episode 10 I believe.

And then also there’s a cool episode that actually working with Jason Priestly, the one that he directed, was really neat and that was fun because his character came back for a little bit and that was a blast.

But looking back, Lucas and I were talking about it over the season where we were thinking about okay is this going to be as strong a season, is this going to up the ante this year and as we started going through the episodes out loud and kind of tracking some of the major events, we’re like wow, there’s some really big things going to happen this season. So it’s going to be a great gift to our fans which I really hope they continue to watch for.

On the possibility of tying Haven in with other Syfy series & in which she’d like to guest star

Emily: I was so excited when I went to my first Syfy event and met Eddie McClintock and Matt Cullen. They came out of the woodwork to welcome me to the Syfy family and I was really amazed by that. I just thought there I’m standing just kind of nervous about being new on the show and new to this network and everything and they just came right up to me and were like, “Hi, you’re Emily. You’re on the new show. Congratulations. So good to have you.” So I would love to work with either one of them. I always thought that Eureka and Haven, if that was to ever do a crossover that would be really interesting as in like neighbouring towns or something weird like that or because there is this sort of small town mentality with the cops and that kind of deal or if they had to work together on something I always thought that would be really interesting and funny.

So yes that’s great but we’re so thankful to be on Syfy and to have the viewership and people tuning in for our show and everything and that’s fantastic. Sometimes I think because we’re all the way up in Nova Scotia, Canada, we’re sort of like away from everything. We’re kind of tucked up into this neck of the woods that we’re kind of a little outside of the core shows on Syfy so I don’t ever know if that would actually happen but I think if it did especially with Eureka wrapping things up that that would be a really fun thing and I’ve got to try to think about, you know, would there be a trouble in the Warehouse or something like that. I can see the possibility. It definitely would be a lot of fun and it would just be one of those episodes where you just would be laughing I think the whole time. So that’s a good, interesting question. That’s funny.
I’m looking forward to the rest of this season, and after this interview, I’m really looking forward to the Groundhog Day episode. Tune in to Haven, Friday nights at 10/9c on Syfy.

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