Children’s Hospital “Party Down” Review

Tonight’s “Party Down” episode of Childrens Hospital was as hilarious and random as always. Here’s my recap of tonight’s episode:

The hospital is being overrun with sick Jewish teenagers, when bad salmon was served at Bar Mitzvahs all over town. Since it’s Dr. Blake’s day off, Dr. Valerie states, “There’s only one man who can handle a situation this Jewish,” and calls upon Dr. Glenn for help. However, he tells her that he was never Bar Mitzvah’d and is still only 12 years old, according to Jewish law. So Sy and Valerie agree to organize his Bar Mitzvah.

When Owen hears about about this, he tells Chief and Nurse Kulap he would never have his foreskin cut. They clear up the difference between a Bris and a Bar Mitzvah, and explain that most women find an untouched foreskin way more “masculine & sexy.” Owen quickly admits to being circumcised, and asks the Chief to uncircumcise him “A. S. A. Penis.” Chief tells him she will need his original clippings in order to perform the procedure.

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Meanwhile, Sy tries to train Glenn for his speech, but Glenn is distracted when he sees Rabbi Jewy McJewJew making out with Valerie. Sy tries to convince him he’s just seeing things due to his pre-Mitzvah nerves.

Dr. Owen goes to the family tailoring business in order to ask his dad (played by Stephen Root) for his clipping, but they have a heated discussion about how disappointed he is that his son became a doctor instead of a tailor. So Owen leaves empty-handed. When he returns to the hospital, he gives Chief a slice of bologna and tells her just to use that. As she is about to perform the operation, Owen’s dad walks in to reveal that Owen was never actually circumcised. He just “hemmed up the seams” when Owen was born. So Chief steps aside so Owen’s dad can perform the operation with his seam ripper.

At the Bar Mitzvah, McJewJew gives Owen the JC Penney suit he wore at his Bar Mitzvah. Owen arrives wearing a giant pet cone collar.

In a mid-credits sequence, we discover the caterers are the Party Down crew. (Which means Megan Mullally and Ken Marino playing double roles in this episode.)

It was great to see most of the Party Down crew back together. And it was so fitting that they were the cause of all the food poisoning. It always amazes me at just how random and funny this show is every week. I have no idea how or where they come up with this stuff! My favorite random line of the episode occurs when Owen walks into the family business, sees his mother, and says, “Hey, Mom. I see you’re still Chinese. I’ll see you on China Day.”

Next week is already the season finale, so I am thrilled that Childrens Hospital has been renewed for a fourth season. Don’t miss the season finale next week on Thursday night/Friday morning at 11:59PM/10:59PMc.

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