If We Controlled Your Remote… 8/30/11

Tonight is a VERY slow night for television. There’s not much on, but what that means is we are one night closer to the new Fall season! Yay! Read on to find out what we think you should watch tonight.

Jenny’s Choice

I’m recommending Top Shot tonight, but because I was kind of spazzy last week, apparently, I missed recording the last episode. I got it recorded tonight, but after my kiddo went to bed, so I have to wait to watch it until tomorrow. That means I can’t talk about it yet, because I don’t know what happened! Eek! I want to find out who went home! Anyway, that’s my pick for tonight. It’s such a fun competition show to watch! I’m also with Kyle on his pick, but I’m watching two… Why can’t you? 😉

On tonight’s episode of Top Shot, “The Bulldog Gatling,” the legendary Gatling gun is introduced. But first, the competition travels back to the Old West for a team challenge with a historic pistol. To stay in the competition, two marksmen shoot it out with a firearm considered by many to be the world’s first practical machine gun.

Check it out tonight on History Channel at 10/9c! Learn where to find episodes online of Top Shot @ Clicker.

Jump ahead to see what else we think you should watch.

Lisa’s Choice

You know you’ve caught the finale fever! It’s mid-season break time, and Pretty Little Liars has saved the best for last! Last week, Maya returned to reunite with Emily, and we saw the disappearance of Dr. Sullivan after the Liars finally spilled the beans to her on A. Hanna made a splash at her father’s wedding rehearsal, and Spencer disobeyed her father. Plus, Aria’s brother Mike realized the effect his mayhem was having on his family. All of the Liars’ efforts to keep A at bay come down to this moment, when they may have to face their demons and their families.

Tonight, Emily, Aria, Spencer, and Hanna’s crucial mistake of telling someone about A may just having them paying a high price. With the clock ticking down and A calling all of the shots, the girls are sent on different missions in order to do A’s bidding to save Dr. Sullivan. Each mission will lead the Liars to what they want the most, but it will also having them paying a costly price to their loved ones and themselves. Can the Liars get through every task they are given in order to save one, or will they ignore A in order to save the ones around them from being hurt? Ultimately, what will all of this mean and matter when all is said and done? Nothing, and no one, is as it seems in Rosewood.

Tune in at 8/7c to ABC Family! Learn where to find episodes online of Pretty Little Liars @ Clicker.

Kyle’s Choice

Tonight, the Food Network kicks off another Chopped: Champions tournament. For this competition, the prize is greater ($50,000) and the judges hold the contestants to even higher standards. I can’t wait to see what 16 previous winners they bring back to compete once again in the Chopped kitchen. These chefs always come up with some creative dishes out of the most random ingredients. And since all of these contestants have played (and won) the game before, they know how quickly the time flies and should be able to produce some amazing food.

In tonight’s episode, four winners return for a big challenge in the first round, stinging nettles and antelope in the entree round, and pie crust desserts.

Tune in at 10/9c on Food Network for an all new episode! Learn where to find episodes online of Chopped @ Clicker.

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