If We Controlled Your Remote… 9/1/11

Gearing up for a long weekend can be exciting. It can also be excruciating. Time seems to tick by so slowly when you are working for the weekend! Relax and take a load off! Let the time fly right by with all new episodes of your favorite shows! Before you know it, the weekend and Labor Day will be upon you, and you’ll have plenty of time for party and relaxation. For now, caress your remote and let your fingers do the walking!

Lisa’s Choice

If you haven’t made it work, you’ve been auf’d! Project Runway is fashion first, or be fashion roadkill. This season, between the guest judges and the tasks that the designers have been given, designers have had to up their game in a major way!

Tonight, Kenneth Cole serves as guest judge, and the designers must work with art students to create a piece of art that will serve as inspiration for their very next garment.

Tune in at 9/8c to Lifetime for an all new episode! Learn where to find episodes online of Project Runway @ Clicker.

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Jenny’s Choice #1

Last week’s Rookie Blue was fantastic. I loved it all. Sam & Andy were back riding together and seemed to be much like they were pre-Luke. By the end of the episode, Andy had made some life changing decisions, and called Sam to say she was coming over (for some hot lovin’, although she didn’t actually SAY that. *snort*). Unfortunately, Sam was called undercover early, and he missed her call. Luckily, I don’t think she gives up. 😉 The situation between Dov & Chris had it out over Gail, although both Dov & Gail said Dov kissed her…but did YOU see that? The consensus on Twitter was the ONLY kiss we SAW was the kiss he gave her on the hand. We’ll see if that’s what they meant, or if something happened off screen. Traci & Jerry continue to make me happy. They are too cute together—including Jerry buying a family friendly vehicle. Love it. The 2-hour season finale is next week, and I can promise you—I guarantee it—that tonight and next week will be some of the best, most exciting episodes of Rookie Blue to date.

On tonight’s episode, Andy, Dov, and Traci are tested with a challenging undercover training exercise, but things go awry when Andy and Traci run into Swarek on his own undercover operation, and they must tread carefully not to blow his cover. The women stumble on a young woman who is overdosing and risk blowing their own cover to save her life. Meanwhile, Dov finds himself on a “ride-along” with a drug dealer who was an old friend of his dead brother’s, and faces a choice that could threaten his career. Back at the station, Chris and Gail deal with a teenage boy they found tied up at a graveyard, but must sift through the wreckage of their relationship to get to the bottom of a bullying situation.

See the new episode tonight on ABC at 10/9c! Learn where to find episodes online of Rookie Blue @ Clicker.

Kyle’s Choice

Next week is already the sixth season finale of Futurama. I have been enjoying this season just as much (if not more) than previous seasons. The writers continue to come up with interesting stories and inject a lot of humor and pop culture references. It was nice to have at least one charcter-centric episode for each of the Planet Express crew members this season. Last week, we got some back-story on a young Fry, and the week before, we got to learn a lot more about a younger (and thinner) Zoidberg. Tonight, we get another Bender-centric episode. I’m so happy Futurama already been picked up for a seventh season, as I’m going to miss having new Futurama episodes every week.

In tonight’s episode, “Overclockwise,” when Bender increases his processing power, he becomes godlike.

Check it out tonight on Comedy Central at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of Futurama @ Clicker.

Jenny’s Choice #2

I have no idea how Michael is going to escape the clutches of Agent Pearce. She is honing in on Max’s killer, and I can’t tell if she still thinks Michael is the killer and is just humoring him, or if she truly believes he is innocent, or some bizarre combination of both. Not only is Michael having to deal with that, he’s also dealing with an upset Fiona, who gets more and more frustrated with him each week. He is taking her for granted. He needs to step up his game, or he’s going to lose her…

On tonight’s episode, in order to extract a dangerous bio-weapons specialist, Michael and Fiona go undercover as a rich, married couple at a South American resort. Back in Miami, Sam and Jesse set traps in hopes of snaring Max’s killer.

Catch an all new episode on USA Network at 9/8c! Learn where to find episodes online of Burn Notice @ Clicker.

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