If We Controlled Your Remote… 9/6/11

*taps microphone* Hello? Is anyone out there? I hope you all stuck with us! Saturday, the hard drive on the server we are hosted on died, and it took them over 48 hours to get it all back up and running. Hopefully, it’s all fixed now, though! If you notice any issues, please let me know! And if you ever can’t get to the site, you can find me on Twitter @tvismypacifier. Now, on to what we think you should be watching tonight!

Jenny’s Choice

My husband got me hooked on Sons of Anarchy last season. I have only seen most last season, but I’m officially hooked. I love the down and dirty feeling of the motorcycle club, which is nicknamed SAMCRO (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original). They are like Dexter Morgan—he’s not a good guy, really, but you can’t help but like him. As long as you stay out of SAMCRO’s way and don’t cross them or their family, they don’t go out of their way to cause mayhem for you and yours (ya know, aside from the whole gun running business… 😉 ). At the end of last season, a good majority of the key members of the club went to jail because they skipped out on a court appearance (Jax, the son of head of the club and one of the central characters, has a little baby who was kidnapped and taken to Ireland, so the club all went overseas to get him back. Like I said, don’t cross them or their family! lol), but this season, they are all back and it looks like it’ll be a great start to the new season tonight!

In tonight’s episode, “Out,” SAMCRO finally gets the release from prison that it has been waiting for in order to be reunited with its family on the outside, but several changes to the ouside world promise to make the transfer a difficult challenge.

See the 90-minute season premiere tonight at 10/9c on FX! Learn where to find episodes online of Sons of Anarchy @ Clicker.

Jump ahead to see what else we think you should watch.

Kyle’s Choice

Tonight, Bravo airs the fifth season finale of Flipping Out. It has been another great season for the show, where Jeff Lewis seems to have thought he was Donald Trump. So many people already got fired, and
from the previews, it looks like tonight Jenni may be on her way out (say it ain’t so!). I hope this series is renewed for another season as it is so much fun.

In tonight’s season finale, “There’s No Place Like Home,” Jeff looks for a home, and Jeff re-considers Jenni’s future at the company.

See the season finale tonight on Bravo at 9/8c! Learn where to find episodes online of Flipping Out @ Clicker.

Lisa’s Choice

Season four of this highly adrenalized dark drama that’s infused with comedy kicks things off with a bang! If you’re not familiar with Sons of Anarchy, it explores a notorious outlaw motorcycle club, called SAMCRO, that has a strong desire to protect their livelihood while ensuring that their town of Charming, California remains intact. The club has to confront threats from drug dealers, corporate developers, and many overzealous law officers on a daily basis. Behind the club and their legally thriving automotive shop is a very ruthless and illegal thriving arms business. There is a lot of seduction, money, power, and blood in this show, and you won’t want to miss a chilling moment of it!

Tonight, SAMCRO reunites with family, as well as confronts new law enforcement and shifts business alliances.

Tune in to FX at 10/9c for the season premiere. Learn where to find episodes online of Sons of Anarchy @ Clicker.

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