If We Controlled Your Remote… 9/8/11

It’s been a short work week, which means that Friday is already upon us! Hopefully Labor Day took it easy on you, and now that the weekend has crept up again, prepare for some more fun times! Before settling in as a weekend warrior, park yourself on your couch and tune in to some Thursday night must see TV. Thursday never looked so good, so make sure you don’t miss a moment!

Lisa’s Choice

The designers are dwindling down, and fashion must come first! Unfortunately, some designers seem more concerned about being at each other’s throat than being concerned about making it work! You’re either fashion forward, or you’re fashion road kill. At this time, the designers can’t afford to have one slip up, or as Heidi says…they’ll be out! Actress Rose Byrne and designer Rachel Roy both serve as guest judges on tonight’s Project Runway!

Tonight, the designers plug into computer technology in order to help them create some signature fabric designs in a challenge that comes with quite a twist. Wielding video cameras, the designers will also venture out into the city in order to capture the stories behind their inspirations.

Tune in at 9/8c to Lifetime for an all new episode! Learn where to find episodes online of Project Runway @ Clicker.

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Jenny’s Choice #1

I am… both elated and devastated about tonight’s Rookie Blue. I’m elated because we get two incredibly fantastic episodes, but devastated because tonight is the season finale. I hate that we have to wait until next summer for more of our favorite not-so-rookies, but tonight’s episodes look ah-MAY-zing!

On tonight’s first episode, when Gail’s uniform is stolen from her car, she and the other rookies from Division 15 attempt to catch a cop-impersonating vigilante. A drug deal gone awry may offer clues to help Chris and Dov unravel the motive behind the cop masquerade. Meanwhile, Andy and Sam’s inability to stay away from each other poses a life-threatening risk to Swarek.

Then, following that, blaming herself for Swarek’s mysterious disappearance and fearing for his life, Andy struggles to find a lead in the case. She’s right to worry—Swarek is being brutalized by a vicious gangster with a vendetta. Will Andy and the other rookies find him in time? Little do they know that shocking events triggered by this investigation will incriminate one of their own and may also put an end to Andy’s career.

See the 2 new episodes (including the season finale!) tonight on ABC at 9/8c & 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of Rookie Blue @ Clicker.

Kyle’s Choice

Tonight is the season finale of Suits. Last week, we saw Mike and Rachel have a blow-out and decide to end their friendship. And Harvey decided to look into a case from his past, where he sent an innocent young man to prison. I’ve really enjoyed Suits—it is my favorite of the recent USA series, and I’m glad it will be returning for a second season. I like Mike Ross and Rachel as a couple (heh, “Ross & Rachel”), so I hope they patch things up quickly. I’m looking forward to tonight’s finale, and hoping they don’t leave us with too big of a cliffhanger for next season.

In tonight’s episode, “Dog Fight,” Harvey goes against the new district attorney, and Trevor lands on Mike’s doorstep.

Check out the season finale tonight on USA Network at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of Suits @ Clicker.

Jenny’s Choice #2

I’m so excited about tonight’s summer finale of Burn Notice, because hopefully, we’ll get answers to questions we’ve had since the beginning, and some resolution to what we’ve seen and been leading up to almost all season. Last week ended up a cliffhanger, with Agent Pearce holding a gun on him after seeing video proof of Michael driving away from the scene of Max’s murder. How in the heck will he get out of this now? Will he have to overpower her? Will he be able to talk her out of arresting him? I don’t have a clue, but I’m looking forward to finding out!

On tonight’s episode, with all evidence pointing to him, Michael must perform a desperate act in order to clear his name as Max’s murderer. And in a bit of bad timing, Larry returns with a job for Michael and he won’t take “no” as an answer.

Catch the summer finale tonight at 9/8c on USA Network. Learn where to find episodes online of Burn Notice @ Clicker.

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