If We Controlled Your Remote… 9/13/11

The new week of television has begun and while it has been massaging us gently into the fall season, tonight is a big night. There are a few season premieres as well as Sarah Michelle Gellar’s return to TV. Let’s see everything that you should be watching.

Megan’s Choice

I have been a fan of Sarah Michelle Gellar since her days on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and it hasn’t changed. The excitement for this show to begin has been overwhelming.

Gellar is doing double duty as twin sisters Siobhan and Bridget on Ringer. Bridget is just getting back on the wagon when she witnesses a murder. Running to New York, she begins to mend the relationship with her twin sister, Siobhan. Siobhan has it all—a rich, attractive husband and what Bridget thought was a normal life. Unfortunately, Siobhan goes missing, so Bridget lives as her sister, which turns out to be as dangerous as being herself. With a story and cast like this, what more could you ask for?

On tonight’s premiere, ex-stripper Bridget, a recovering addict slated to testify in a murder trial, flees protective custody and reunites with her wealthy identical twin, Siobhan, who disappears while on a boating excursion.

Tune in to The CW at 9/8c to see how Sarah Michelle Gellar handles this double role. Learn where to find episodes online of Ringer @ Clicker.

Jump with us to see what else we think you should be watching tonight.

Kyle’s Choice

Tonight is the third season premiere of Parenthood. I really enjoyed the first two seasons of the series (except for a few storylines, such as Crosby cheating on Jasmine). The families on this show feel very real, and their problems seem more relatable to the average family. The Bravermans are such a close-knit group who would do anything for one another, and Parenthood makes you care about them and want to be a part of that family. Brothers & Sisters was similar, in that it depicted a large extended family; however, Parenthood offers a look at the children, as well. There are just as many stories centered around the kids as there are about the adults. Plus, it’s great to have Lauren Graham back on my TV screen every week, playing a character not too dissimilar from that of Lorelai Gilmore.

When we last saw the Bravermans, Kristina told Adam that she was pregnant (after he assumed a discarded pregnancy test belonged to their daughter, Haddie). In tonight’s episode, “I Don’t Want to Do This Without You,” Sarah leans on Mr. Cyr for support as she celebrates her 40th birthday, Amber seeks independence, and Adam considers a new business venture with Crosby.

Check out the season premiere at 10/9c on NBC. Learn where to find episodes online of Parenthood @ Clicker.

Jenny’s Choice

Last week’s premiere of Sons of Anarchy was huge in terms of plot. The guys are out of jail—for now…—and already back with blood on their hands. After the Russians tried to have Jax killed in prison, SAMCRO turned around and did away with the Russians in one smooth, surprising move. Unfortunately, one of the men they killed was an undercover FBI agent, who was working with the Feds to bring down SAMCRO, the Mayans, and the real IRA. Oops? There’s a new sheriff in town, and he’s gunning for Clay. Jax wants to leave the club for the sake of his kids, but who knows how long that will take. All in all, it was a great premiere and set up the season well.

On tonight’s episode, in a desperate and critical moment in the organization’s existence, the head members of SAMCRO discuss potential plans for a move that could drastically affect the future of the long standing club.

Check it out tonight on FX at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of Sons of Anarchy @ Clicker.

Lisa’s Choice

Sarah Michelle Gellar is back, and you won’t want to miss a thrilling moment of her new show, Ringer. After Sarah’s much beloved show Buffy went off the air, fans were left wondering for years if she’d ever return to the small screen. It seems really fitting that Ringer airs on The CW, as that was the home of Buffy for many years. SMG stars as Bridget, who, after witnessing a murder, goes on the run and hides out by assuming the life of her wealthy identical twin sister, Siobhan, after Siobhan goes missing. After taking over her sister’s seemingly idyllic life, Bridget learns that even the wealthy have their secrets and burdens.

On tonight’s pilot episode, fearing for her life after she witnesses a murder, Bridget Kelly secretly flees to new York in order to meet with her estranged twin sister, Siobhan. When Siobhan disappears, Bridget decides to assume her identity.

Don’t miss a minute of the drama starting at 9/8c on The CW! Learn where to find episodes online of Ringer @ Clicker.

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