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Megan, Kyle, and I were all able to check out most of the FOX pilots for the 2011 season. We have each rated them as Watch, Maybe, or Skip. It’s actually surprising how much we agree on!


Kyle: This pilot felt a lot like Lost, and not just because a lot of the same people are involved. The pilot introduces a lot of interesting mystery, uses flashbacks, and plays a lot with time. By the end of the pilot, I was anxious to see what happens next. – Watch

Jenny: I’ve seen the first few minutes of this, and that alone was enough to peak my interest. I’m leery about the mythology stuff, because I was (don’t hate me…) not a fan of Lost, but I want to give it a shot, because the premise is so very cool. It’ll be interesting to see if it can keep me guessing without frustrating me to no end. – Watch

Megan: I had high hopes for this pilot, because it was from J. J. Abrams (Lost, Alias), but I didn’t really enjoy it. I found it slow moving, although perhaps it’s because it’s a pilot and there’s a lot to set up. I just didn’t love it. I may DVR it and see if it picks up, because I’ve been wrong before, but I won’t shed any tears. I honestly shouldn’t be surprised, because I never enjoyed Lost. πŸ˜€ – Skip
Jump with us to see more of what we thought about the FOX Fall pilots.

Allen Gregory

Kyle: Based on trailer alone, this show is not for me. I don’t care for the animation style, and the main character is not likeable. But who knows, this could be the next Bob’s Burgers, which I absolutely hated when I watched the first episode, but grew to love it! I will at least check out the pilot. – Skip

Jenny: So not my thing. I’m not a fan of any of the animation shows on FOX, and like Kyle mentioned, the main character wasn’t really likeable, in my opinion. I’ll be skipping this one easily.

Megan: I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but I actually think I may enjoy this show. Yes, I’m as shocked as you are, because I don’t usually enjoy animated comedies. This comedy is about a pretentious 7-year-old, and he reminds me slightly of my daughter, so that could be the reason I like it. From the trailer that we were given, I’m sure I’m going to watch at least the first few episodes. – Watch

I Hate My Teenage Daughter

Megan: There have been so many of my fellow TV journalists saying that they didn’t enjoy this pilot, but I did. It may be because I’m a mom, or perhaps because I was a nerd in high school (total nerd), but this show is funny. I loved the irony of the nerds from high school growing up to be moms to mean girls. This comedy is only going to get better, so give it a chance. I will be. – Watch

Jenny: Like Megan, I really enjoyed this one. Was it perfect? No. Were the teenage daughters or the best friend over the top? Absolutely. Did it make me laugh? Definitely. I agree with Megan about loving the irony of the former nerds now being moms to mean girls. This may appeal more to parents, I don’t know. But I do know I will be watching. – Watch

Kyle: I really hated this pilot. I found the jokes very unoriginal and dated. None of the characters were likeableβ€”especially the daughter and her friend. I definitely won’t be watching any more episodes. – Skip

Napoleon Dynamite

Kyle: I never even finished watching the original film. I shut it off after about 10 minutes. So watching this trailer, I wasn’t expecting anything different. The series looks to be pretty much the same as the film, so I have no interest. However, fans of the movie will probably enjoy this series. – Skip

Jenny: Again with the whole animation thing. Also not a fan of the movie. *shrug* I’ll be skipping it. – Skip

Megan: I’m not jumping up and down for this pilot, and to be honest, I’m one of the few people I know who didn’t even watch the whole movie. The trailer I got to see left me bored. I won’t be watching. – Skip

New Girl

Kyle: While it wasn’t a laugh-out-loud riot, it was amusing throughout. Zooey Deschanel was so fun and likeable. The roommates were also great and funny and worked will together. It will be interesting to see how the show changes after the pilot since Damon Wayans Jr. will not longer be on the show (since Happy Endings was picked up). – Watch

Jenny: I went into this show not expecting to like it. The previews (especially the ones early on) really turned me off of the show. It looked almost too silly and stupid to be funny, but I was pleasantly surprised. Silly? Yes. Over the top? Absolutely. Endearing and sweet? Completely. Give it a shot. I know I’m going to. – Watch

Megan: I really loved this pilot. Zooey Deschanel is hilarious and has perfect timing. There were so many funny aspects to this show that I would hate to spoil it for you. All I’ll say is that the chemistry with this cast is spot on, and I will be watching every week. – Watch

Terra Nova

Kyle: Jurassic Park for the small screen! While the pilot started off a bit slow, it really developed into a full-fledged action/adventure, with the feel of a motion picture. It introduces the viewe to some interesting mythology that will play out in the series. I’m really looking forward to this series and hoping that it doesn’t turn into a family drama. – Watch

Jenny: Because I haven’t seen the pilot, I can only go off of the clips I’ve seen, but this is one of the shows I’m most looking forward to seeing when it comes out. My 13yo son, husband, and I are all excited about it, and have been since we first heard the premise. The clips do make it seem a bit like Jurassic Park, as Kyle mentioned, which I think could be a good thing. The dinosaurs look cool, the premise is fun, and I love the cast. – Watch

Megan: This pilot has been anticipated by lots of people since we first heard of its existence. It’s plausible, because who really knows where we’ll be as a population in the 22nd century, but of course, we’re not going back in time to live with the dinosaurs. I actually really enjoy the pilot, and I can see how lots of different people can relate to it. There is a touching family story, the adventure factor, and the general mystery of a new show. I’ll be watching to see how this story evolves. – Watch

The Finder

Kyle: I really enjoyed the Bones episode that introduced us to The Finder. I thought the characters were fun and the show had a great premise. It will be interesting to see how the series changes now that Saffron Burrows’ character will not be in the series. I will definitely be watching this mid-season. – Watch

Jenny: I love the title character on his show. I think he’ll be very fun to watch. I also enjoyed all the other characters, including Saffron Burrows’, so it’ll be interesting to see the new character since hers is gone. Hopefully the show is able to find its footing and develop strong characters that are clearly separate from Bones, because I really want it to succeed. – Watch

Megan: I love Hart Hanson, and I love Bones, so there is no doubt that this show will be on my frequently watched list. The cast is adorable, the story is intriguing, and as long as they harness the great writing of Hart Hanson, we’ll be golden. I know I like a lot of shows. What can I say? I’m a TV whore. πŸ˜‰ – Watch
There you have it… Our opinions, for what they’re worth, on the new pilots for FOX. Comment below and let us know what you plan to watch and what you will happily skip!

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