Recap/Review for Ringer – “Pilot” – 9/13/11

Hello everybody. My name is JJ, and like most visitors and editors here, I’m a TV addict. I’m 24 years old and working on a Master’s degree somewhere in the foreign lands of Europe. 😉

My addiction started with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and kicked into high gear with Lost and Battlestar Galactica. The kind of shows I like are mostly serialized shows. Right now, Fringe is my favorite there. I also watch loads of comedies, especially The Big Bang Theory, Community, Cougar Town and Parks and Recreation, which are some of my faves on air now; Will & Grace and Friends are my favorites from shows that are done. Some reality TV shows can be a nice distraction, as well, like America’s Next Top Model, Project Runway, American Idol and my all time favorite, So You Think You Can Dance.

I’ve been visiting this site for a few years now, and in the beginning, using it mostly as a reference for when shows will air new episodes, but over time, I’ve seen the site grow into what it is now. After a tweet from Jenny saying she was looking for new recappers/reviewers, I thought I’d give it a try with Ringer. Fortunately, Jenny liked it, and for now, I’ll be keeping you up to date with Ringer and Community and will take it from there. You can contact me on Twitter @jjutrecht.

Jump with me to read my recap/review of Ringer.


Bridget is in Narcotics Anonymous and has been sober for 6 months. She tells NA her sister Siobhan has just replied to a letter and wants to see her. After the NA meeting, Bridget gets picked up by FBI Agent Victor Machado, because Bridget has to appear as a witness in a murder case of a stripper the next day. Bridget confides in Agent Machado that she isn’t too sure that her protection will be enough. The next morning, Victor finds Bridget’s protector tied up and Bridget managed to get away with his gun.

The next day, Siobhan and Bridget meet up, but not before we see Siobhan shy away from a cop a few moments before. They go to Siobhan and Andrew’s (Siobhan’s husband) weekend place, and she tells Bridget that Andrew is in London and he doesn’t know she has a twin sister.

Bridget apologizes to Siobhan in person, but she’s told that she’s already forgiven. Bridget thinks about Sean every day, but it remains unclear what exactly happened. Bridget looks happy that she is forgiven, though.

Victor talks to Malcolm and warns him that Bridget is in real danger as long as Macawi isn’t put away.

The next day, Siobhan asks Bridget while out on a boat if she still “dances,” but Bridget isn’t a stripper anymore and now waits tables. Next, Bridget wakes up and finds a bottle of pills. She calls out for Siobhan. She sees Siobhan’s hat in the water and jumps after her, but doesn’t find her.

Bridget steps out in NYC on Park Avenue and is greeted as Siobhan. As she walks around the apartment, Andrew comes home, Bridget-as-Siobhan treads lightly, but she quickly finds out their marriage isn’t exactly normal. Andrew responds weirdly to Bridget being polite and makes an abusive note about her weight.

Bridget calls Malcolm, her old NA sponsor, to explain what she did. No one knows she isn’t Siobhan yet. Bridget quickly hangs up as she finds a weird guy looking at her from the street. She still has the gun she stole from Jimmy.

The next morning, she meets Gemma, Siobhan’s best friend, in a loft. Bridget tries to find out what is up with the loft, and apparently Siobhan and Andrew are moving again, even though they haven’t lived on Park Avenue for that long. Gemma tells Siobhan that she thinks her husband Henry is having an affair.

That night at the opera, Bridget and Andrew look like they’re happily in love, but afterward, the strange guy from outside catches up with Bridget when Andrew is getting a drink and kisses Bridget. Bridget finds out this guy is Henry, and he is quick to say they should see each other soon. Bridget tries to find some excuses, but Henry convinces her anyway.

Back at home, Bridget tries to get Andrew to lighten up and find out what is happening. He tells her he is just playing along with her game and hints that something transpired he doesn’t like. When Bridget tells him they don’t have to play games, he just laughs it off. Andrew appears to see “his Siobhan” has changed and he likes it, but he doesn’t believe it’s real.

Bridget finds a picture of Siobhan and Sean from 2005 and cries. That night, she goes back to NA and talks about her problems. When she gets back home, she finds Juliet, Andrew’s daughter, with a guy in bed. Bridget is worried Juliet found her gun, but it is quickly very obvious Juliet and Siobhan don’t get along. The scene is cut by Agent Machado coming to talk to Siobhan about Bridget.

Bridget-as-Siobhan tells Agent Machado that real-Siobhan hasn’t had any contact with Bridget in years. As he explains what Bridget did, Bridget-as-Siobhan quickly says that Bridget wouldn’t do anything like that. Victor tells “Siobhan” that Bridget is the sole witness to put away Macawi and that Bridget is in terrible danger as long as he is out. Next, we see Macawi looking at Malcolm from a car.

As Bridget tries to dump the gun at the loft, she sees an article of a woman’s body washing ashore, but this is a 63-year-old woman. Gemma walks into the loft and mysteriously hints that she might know Siobhan is having the affair with Henry, but she laughs it off afterward. As Henry and Bridget meet up the next day, she tells him Gemma might be on to them. That gives her the perfect excuse to put their affair on hold, at least for now.

Andrew and Juliet have a fight. Juliet wants to go to her birth mother, but she doesn’t want to see her, either. Juliet has nowhere to go. Bridget walks into the apartment after the fight, and Andrew doesn’t want to talk about it. As Bridget gets a phone call, she finds out Siobhan is four weeks pregnant.

Next, Henry, Andrew, Gemma, and Bridget are at a club, and Henry is visibly shaken that Siobhan is pregnant. Later, as Gemma and Andrew are getting drinks, he tells Bridget that he isn’t happy about the situation. He refuses to accept the baby isn’t his and forces to have Bridget make a choice. Bridget shuts him down by saying she chooses Andrew.

The next day, we see Andrew having a phone call saying he “wants out,” but as Bridget walks in, he subtly hangs up. Andrew did notice Henry’s weird behavior, but Bridget waves it off. Andrew tells Bridget he was fighting with Juliet because she got kicked out of boarding school for doing drugs. Bridget doesn’t like seeing the drugs and tries to get rid of Juliet on account of the baby.

After a break in, Agent Machado finds the letter Siobhan wrote to Bridget. He now knows that Bridget-as-Siobhan has been lying.

Later that night, Bridget gets a call from Gemma saying she thinks she knows whom Henry is having an affair with and that she should come to the loft. As Bridget goes there, she finds a masked man walking around, and after a quick fight (Buffy style), she shoots him with the gun she left there earlier as she says “I’m not Bridget.” She finds a picture in his pocket of Siobhan.

The last shot we get is of Paris – (the real) Siobhan getting a call from a mysterious guy, saying “we have a problem.”


As a huge Buffy fan, I couldn’t be more excited that Sarah Michelle Gellar is back on TV. Fortunately, she didn’t disappoint. Her Bridget, Siobhan, and Bridget-as-Siobhan are distinct enough to see who she is at any time. And her line “It’s just like my house, except it isn’t” reminded me of the funny Buffy lines. As for the rest of the actors, Ioan Gruffudd and Tara Summers brought something mysterious to the table and will probably be able to create a solid core of mystery. Kristoffer Polaha showed a slightly unstable Henry, so he might add some explosion to the mix. Nestor Carbonell was good as “just an” FBI Agent, but his character isn’t that spectacular (yet?).

As a pilot, it was very intriguing, but as you can see from the length of my recap, there was a lot of set-up. Everyone is playing a game, some more than others, but this does make every single character very interesting. That Siobhan wasn’t dead was very apparent from some of the trailers The CW put out, but that didn’t make it any less interesting.

The music they used helped the show, gave those scene that little bit more of an impact.

Not everything was perfect, though.

Some of the switches between scenes weren’t fully logical; they switched from day to night very easily. Why would Agent Machado come to Siobhan at night, and then have a drink with her in the park the next day?

As for the physical aspects, SMG being able to kill all those supernatural beings wasn’t that believable in Buffy, but at least she had supernatural powers. In this episode, Bridget managed to overpower an FBI Agent, tie him up, and steal his gun. Impressive, but something that should be explained. The scene with her fighting the hitman was less frustrating, but still not completely right.

And as for long-term payoff, I do hope they deal with Gemma calling Siobhan and luring her to her possible death in the next few episodes.

Til next week, when Bridget falls deeper into the web of lies of her new life as her old life begins to catch up with her (

– JJ

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One Response to Recap/Review for Ringer – “Pilot” – 9/13/11

  1. Joh says:

    Good recap! Just watched the pilot and I agree, there was a LOT going on there. And it was a little weird that little Bridget managed to overpower an FBI agent, although they do say that surprise can be a huge advantage 😉

    BTW, you said Juliet walked in on Bridget and hinted she might know about Siobhan and Henry, but that should be Gemma who walks in.