Recap/Review for Ringer – “She’s Ruining Everything” – 9/20/11

Hi, guys. Here I am, back again with the recap for the second episode of Ringer. But first, I’m so happy the Fall season is starting again. It’s been a way to slow summer.


The episode picks up right after where we left last week with Bridget having shot someone. As Bridget freaks out and doesn’t know what to do, Gemma walks in. Thankfully, Bridget was quick enough to cover the body. Because of the fight, Gemma will have to look for a new contractor, and Bridget gets a few days to clean the mess up. Gemma also tells Bridget she confronted the nanny, but she’s gay, and Bridget tries to cover her tracks by making Gemma doubt if Henry is having an affair at all.

Back at home, Bridget is preparing for immediate departure, but Andrew comes home before she can. The next morning, Bridget tries to go out to the loft to dispose of the body, but as she walks out of the apartment, she walks into Juliet and recognizes she had been high.

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Back at the loft, Bridget is trying to dispose of the body right when Malcolm calls. He tells her to go to the police as Siobhan, but she reminds him she killed the guy with Bridget’s gun (from previous episode), so that’s no option. He wants to come and pick her up, and she gladly accepts as soon as she gets rid of the body. Agent Machado shows up at the loft, but Bridget manages to prevent him from going in and blows him off quickly. He notices this and tries to see if any dirt can be found on Andrew, Siobhan, or the loft.

Gemma confronts Henry about their relationship and eventually the affair, because she found the hotel keycard.

At the bank, Bridget tries to withdraw money with Siobhan’s credit card, and she manages to do so in the bank manager’s office. Apparently, Siobhan set up an account for emergencies, and Bridget withdraws from it under the pretense of a shoe-sale.

As Bridget is finally all set up to leave, Andrew calls and tells her the cocktail party for that night has been moved to the loft. Bridget tries to dissuade Andrew from that plan, but he already sent the party-planner.

Back at the loft, Bridget gets al the workers out and moves the body into a big wooden box that is standing there.

That night at the apartment, Bridget sees Juliet, who’s about to go out. Bridget gives her the advice that partying because she is feeling alone isn’t necessary, because she has a father that really loves her.

At the party, Bridget meets Olivia, Andrew’s business partner, and she sees Olivia’s hands touching Andrew like there is more than being just business partners. Gemma points out that Olivia is a snake in high heels. Bridget also walks in on Henry, and he explains what happened between him and Gemma and that he gave the excuse that he used the hotel room to write. Bridget brushes him off, because she sees a puddle of blood forming under the box. While Bridget is cleaning that, Agent Machado walks in on her and wants to talk to her. He tells her he thinks there is a reason why she is keeping people out of the loft.

Later, as Andrew is giving a speech to find potential investors, a phone rings in the loft. Someone points out that it is coming from the box, and Bridget is quick to get the phone out. As she does, a mysterious guy walks by her and looks at her.

After the party, Olivia tells Bridget getting pregnant is a nice strategic move, but Bridget responds that it’s nothing like that. Olivia replies with, “It is if you need to hold on to your husband.” As Andrew escorts Olivia out, Gemma talks to Bridget about Henry. Bridget asks why they are still together if their relationship is that much work, and Gemma tells her she still loves Henry.

Back at home, Andrew compliments Bridget with the way she handled herself at the party. He mentions it has been a long time since he felt he had her on his side and that he liked it. He hopes she doesn’t change back again.

That night, Bridget tries to get out of the apartment while texting Malcolm she is on her way, but as she walks out, she hears Juliet throwing up. She doesn’t know what drugs she took and feels terrible. She doesn’t want Bridget to go away. After a flashback, where we see Siobhan treating Bridget badly when Bridget needed her, Bridget remembers how that feels, and she holds Juliet while she cries as Andrew sees this.

Bridget calls Malcolm that people need Siobhan to be there in New York, and because of that, she has to stay. As Malcolm listens to this message, we see Macawi checking him out.

Back in Paris, Siobhan tries to withdraw money, but she’s told the account has been closed. She calls someone and tells him, “She’s ruining everything. It has to be done, sooner, rather than later.”

Bridget opens the box in the loft and the body is missing.


Let me start by saying I liked the pace of the episode. Pilots aren’t the best way to see how a show will unfold, and I think the pilot wanted to do too much in too little time. This week, it all centered around the aftermath of the loft and the cocktail party Andrew, Bridget, and Olivia threw. Add a little sidetrack with Gemma, Henry, and Juliet, and all the main characters were featured in a nice way.

I also liked the idea of the flashbacks to see how Bridget and Siobhan came to their relationship in the present. Things have been awkward between the two for a long time, so it didn’t turn bad overnight.

As for casting Jaime Murray as Olivia, I couldn’t be more thrilled. I loved her on Warehouse 13 as H.G. Wells, and I think she is great at the mystery and the powerb*tch.

Best line of the evening would have to be, “You look like you’re gonna be … cold” when Bridget saw Juliet’s party outfit. And best look of the night goes to Sarah Michelle Gellar in her cocktail party outfit.

Some points were less great, though. I wasn’t a big fan of the PSYCH-moments we were treated to. Gemma’s “Oh my God” directed at the hole in the wall in the loft, the teller at the bank looking at Bridget as if she was a bank robbe,r and the carpet rolling as Bridget walked into the loft with the workers there. The show is mysterious enough by nature; no need to add these little moments.

The music was used a little too much, but since it’s a CW show, that can’t come as a surprise. I did think the track they played while Bridget was holding Juliet was spot on.

And one mistake I think I spotted. At the beginning of the episode, Bridget drew a trail of blood over the floor. She hadn’t cleaned that up when she was trying to decide what to do with the body, right? Where was that blood when the workers moved the body? And on that note, the workers moving a rag with a body in it went unnoticed?

Next week, Bridget uncovers clues about Siobhan’s killer, finds some interesting facts about Andrew, and Henry and Gemma’s relationship gets even more tense. (

– JJ

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