Recap/Review for The X Factor Premiere – 9/22/11

The X Factor premiered to a welcome reception. I admit I was curious to tune in and see how mean Simon would be, how crazy Paula is, and basically if there was any talent out there. I’m going to recap some of the good and some of the bad. It was a rollercoaster of a night, and there were definitely a couple of unexpected moments.

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The Good

Rachel Crow (Age 13)
My Thoughts: She is super adorable, and she’s someone that everyone can get behind. What a voice for such a young girl. I love her already.
Judges: Paula loved her. Cheryl Cole thought she was wonderful. Simon thinks she’s the reason they took the age down and that we’re going to hear a lot about her. Everyone was a huge yes.

Tyrell Carter (Age36)
My Thoughts: He was incredibly easy on the eyes. His voice wasn’t superb, but it was passable. If they just keep him around for my eye candy, I’m good with that. 🙂
Judges: They enjoyed all of him… especially Cheryl Cole, who spoke of his package. 😉

John Lindahl (Age 14)
My Thoughts: He’s really cute, and the teenage girls are going to go crazy for him. His singing was mediocre.
Judges: He got all four to say yes. I’m not sure why.

Stacy Francis (Age 42)
My Thoughts: She’s inspirational. While I think she does too many runs while she sings, she definitely has the talent to slay this competition. She deserved that standing ovation from the judges, and I want her to succeed for her own self-esteem and for her kids.
Judges: They all loved her, and she’s going through.

Marcus Canty (Age 20)
My Thoughts: His energy was addictive. You couldn’t help but smile. I adored his personality, and I wanted to see him succeed. He had a decent voice and so much potential. On the bright side, he left his pants on. 😉
Judges: L.A. compared him to Bobby Brown. Simon said he’s more like Usher. Unanimous Yes.

The Answer (Ages 20-27)
My Thoughts: They were actually surprisingly good. I enjoyed their arrangement. The one with the touque was actually really cute, and I think that young girls are going to eat them up.
Judges: They made it through with four votes.

Chris Rene (Age 28)
My Thoughts: Wow. He’s actually quite good. I was so worried he’d be terrible, but he was really impressive. Clean 70 days is a big accomplishment, but that’s also a trial for this kind of competition. I can’t believe that he wrote that, and I’m so proud for him. He can actually sing and rap, but he has to stop doing those weird hand motions.
Judges: When they were complimenting him, I was so happy for him. I admire the judges for encouraging him to stay clean. They were so supportive, and he’s through with 4 votes.

The Bad

Siameze (Age 30)
My Thoughts: I despise him already. His attitude and his clothing are disgusting. He is so off key and so crazy, it’s insane. His heels were distracting, and his netting shirt was disturbing. I’m appalled. Simon’s face was priceless.
Judges: Simon called him fascinating and gave him a yes. Paula gave him a yes. Cheryl gave him a yes, but L.A. Reid is the only smart one and said No.

Dan and Venita (Age 70 and 83)
My Thoughts They are really sweet together as a couple, but their vocals are terrible. Wow, that note was really painful.
Judges: Simon was trying really hard not to laugh out loud. He then called the number terrifying. They didn’t make it, but they could appreciate the adorable couple.

Linda Ostrofsky (Age 61)
My Thoughts: She was so freaking disturbing. I don’t want to see someone her age with no talent sing about touching herself. Ick.
Judges: All as disturbed as I am. A big NO.

Miranda Singleton (Age 30)
My Thoughts: She was so full of herself, and she was a terrible singer. She couldn’t believe they didn’t like her. I feel so bad for her kids at home. This mess is on tape forever.
Judges: They all hated her.

Simone Battle (Age 21)
My Thoughts: Her outfit reminded me of Mickey Mouse’s shorts. She tries too hard, and it’s really off-putting. I don’t like her at all, and I think she likes herself far too much. She was bad for me.
Judges: Simon likes her and thinks she has potential. Cheryl liked her. L.A. didn’t like her. Paula said yes.

Gio Godly
My Thoughts: It looks like he’s wearing pyjamas. I can’t believe what he’s singing, and OMG, what he’s flashing on TV. The judges don’t know what to do. Where is security? He’s jumping around the stage with his pants down… seriously?
Judges: Simon was almost speechless. L.A. Reid was really pissed off. Paula left to go puke. Nicole was traumatized.

Nici Collins (Age 23)
My Thoughts: Holy Crow! This girl is terrible–so bad, in fact, that my dog left the living room. (I’m not joking.) She was actually really confused as to why they didn’t want her. Really? I need some of those delusional pills you have honey.
Judges: No takers.

Darren Michaels (Age 40)
My Thoughts: That was tremendously… bad. He says he’s a musician, but with that creepy laugh, he could do voiceovers for Chucky. Wow.
Judges: They all said no and then proceeded to make fun of his creepy laugh.
It was quite the premiere. When the singers were bad, they were astronomically bad. When they were good, they weren’t always mind blowing. It’s going to be a strange season, I can feel it. 🙂 Tune in to FOX tomorrow at 8/7c to watch the second part of the auditions.

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4 Responses to Recap/Review for The X Factor Premiere – 9/22/11

  1. Chris says:

    Did you guys prefer Cheryl or Nicole? Personally, Cheryl was much more appealing and interesting. I don’t understand why they fired her!

  2. Megan says:

    I prefered Cheryl… Nicole is not entertaining at all.

  3. justine says:

    Well Megan for once I agree with you, Nicole has no entertainment value! Personally I feel that she has one type of audience only, and that’s men who want to look at a pretty empty shell of a woman!

  4. Megan says:

    So true Justine. But for the record you agree with me a lot.