Recap/Review for The Vampire Diaries – “The Hybrid” – 9/22/11

Am I the only one with my heart still racing after watching this episode of The Vampire Diaries? There are not many shows that can capture my heart and loyalty, but when television becomes a book that you read so quickly just to find out what happened as you cry and laugh aloud to yourself, I’m hooked!

So much has happened in this episode, I will have to break it down into different parts.

Jeremy Gilbert & Matt Donavan

Jeremy confronts Matt (Zach Roerig) again about the fact that he is still seeing the ghost of Vicky, (Jeremy’s ex-girlfriend & Matt’s sister), and she is asking for help. Jeremy wants to try and contact her with the help of Matt and some of her personal belongings. Matt struggles with the idea of contacting his sister, but agrees, and later starts going through his sister’s things with Jeremy, only to realize it’s too much to bear as he sees a picture of them as kids.

Matt is then left alone and hears a sound, only to turn and see the frame he had laid down was standing up. Later, he goes to Jeremy’s to contact his sister. Only Jeremy can see her, and Vicky tells him that with his help, she can come back. (Of course she can. After all, this is Mystic Falls!) Vicky then disappears as a window crashes, and Jeremy is faced with the ghost of Anna, (Jeremy’s other vampire ex-girlfriend!), who looks scared and tells him not to trust Vicky.
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Tyler Lockwood, Mrs. Lockwood, & Caroline Forbes

Tyler’s mom watches him anxiously as he drinks a morning coffee that has been laced with vervain (an herb that can sicken and weaken vampires) by her. Mrs. Lockwood sighs in relief, as she realizes her son has not been turned by Caroline. Later, when Tyler is drinking coffee at the Mystic Grill, he tastes the same weird flavor that was in his morning coffee. Matt explains that it contains vervain and tells Tyler what it is used for. Poor Tyler realizes that his mother must be behind Caroline’s absence and demands for her to tell him what she has done with her.

Mrs. Lockwood will only cry and say that Caroline is a monster and he cannot be with her. Tyler then takes his mother to where he will transform that night and forces her to watch his painful transition into a werewolf. Mrs. Lockwood tearfully tells Tyler that she won’t let anything happen to Caroline, as she now realizes that her son is also a “monster.” Mrs. Lockwood makes a call to Bill so that Caroline will be set free, but she is denied. We then see poor Caroline, in some type of dungeon, shackled to a medieval chair—I think she’s going to have a rough season!—and looking at an opening door. As Caroline sees the man enter, a hopeful look appears, and she says “Daddy?”

The Main Gang

Elena refuses to give up on Stefan, and when Damon (Ian Somerhalder) will not help her find him, she turns to Alaric for help. Meanwhile, Klaus and Stefan are in Smoky Mountain, Tennessee, carrying the beat up body of Ray to his wolf pack (not to play nice, either). Once the pack is reached, Ray is thrown on the ground, and Klaus introduces himself. The pack knows he’s a hybrid (werewolf/vampire) and begin to growl. Klaus then starts the mission he came for—changing them to hybrids. Not far off on the mountain, Elena and Alaric are hunting for Stefan, when Damon shows up by knocking Elena into a lake. Damon insists she go home, which she refuses, and Damon, unable to deny her agrees—unhappily—to help.

During this time, Stefan and Klaus notice that Ray’s final stage of transformation is not right, and as if on cue, Ray takes off like a bleeding rabid animal. Stefan becomes bitten by Ray in the midst of this and asks Klaus to heal him—vampires die from werewolf bites—and Klaus refuses, until Stefan brings Ray back. As Ray is running through the woods, he comes upon the trio looking for Stefan and attacks them. They fend him off and tie Ray up, only to have him begin to change in the middle of the day. Everyone runs, and Damon ends up leading Ray after him, which leads us to Stefan showing up and killing Ray to save his brother. Damon is shocked, and Stefan once again says to stop following him, as he will not ever be coming back.

Once Elena is back home, Damon tells her that Stefan can be saved and explains that he killed Ray to save him. Damon then tells Elena that he will help her bring Stefan back if she answers why she changed her mind about going back to the mountain tonight. Elena says she was scared for Damon, and then asks him why he needs to hear that she cares. To this, Damon says in a husky voice while holding her face between both hands, ” Because when I drag my brother from the edge and bring him back to you, I want you to remember the things you felt when he was gone.”

My Opinion

I hoped through both seasons that poor, naughty, misunderstood Damon might actually get the girl, and I think it just might happen! Yay! When Damon and Elena were looking into each other’s eyes with such longing, sadness, and passion I felt it so strongly that my heart actually ached. All of you who think this is just another teen show, think again! To all involved in making this series come to life, bravo!

Funniest Line

Alaric says to Elena in the car as they wait for Damon to come back after he deals with Ray: “Let the vampires fight the hybrid, zombie mountain man. I’ll take care of keeping the humans safe!”
Overall, it was a great episode. Be sure to give it a try if you haven’t yet. Tune in to The Vampire Diaries on The CW, Thursdays at 8/7c.

– Justine

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2 Responses to Recap/Review for The Vampire Diaries – “The Hybrid” – 9/22/11

  1. Megan says:

    I’ve always like Elena with Damon more than Elena with Stefan. Maybe I just have a thing for bad boys.

  2. justine says:

    Well I personally have a thing for good obedient boys, however even I could alter my preferences for Damon.