Recap/Review for Community – “Biology 101” – 9/22/11

Community is a show I started watching at the end of season 2 because I read about the love between Abed and Cougar Town and the upcoming cameos. What I got was a weird functioning group at an even weirder college on these amazing adventures.


Another year at Greendale Community College, and the year starts of with a big (autotuned) song-and-dance number promising us the group is going to be fine, more fun, less weird, and Jeff and Annie are going to sleep together.

We left last year with Pierce choosing to leave the group, and we pick up right after the holiday in the study room, without Pierce. As the group is getting ready for Biology 101, Pierce walks in on the group, asking what class they’ll take together. Jeff replies with a big Jeff-Winger-speech about friendship, basically saying, “We’ll see you when we see you.” At Biology 101, Jeff gets thrown out of the class by Professor Kane (Michael Kenneth Williams) and because of that, Pierce gets in. This also switches Jeff with Pierce in the group after Annie quotes the Jeff-Winger-speech back to Jeff. This drives Jeff crazy, resulting in him axing the study-table after being gassed with monkeygas in the vents while chasing Chang. Eventually, Pierce and Jeff both get into Biology and the study group, because Starburns (sporting a lizard) gets kicked out.

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In other storylines:

    Troy and Abed are living together, and Abed is freaking out over the delayed return of Cougar Town. Britta tries to hook him up with a new favorite show, which goes bad, but the second try is a lot better (a hilarious Dr. Who show).
    The dean butts head with the vice-dean (played by the amazing John Goodman) who rules the air conditioning repair school annex. The annex is seperated from Greendale, so now Greendale has even less money than ever and the dean lost his (ridiculous) goatee.
    Chang is living in the air vents, where Annie’s Boobs used to live. Because he has no home and no money, Chang becomes the new on-campus security.
    We learn the dean’s sexuality: he’s a pansexual imp.
    Britta wants to be a therapist.


Community is a great ensemble show, and it wouldn’t be the same without any of the characters. Chevy Chase is a great actor. Pierce was such a misunderstood character last season, even though there were some episodes when he really was an ass (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons). I could relate to him leaving after being treated somewhat badly by the group, and I think him returning to the group this easily was a bit of a cop out. What I did like about the storyline was Jeff and Pierce switching places in a way. Jeff found out he might be as crazy as Pierce, and even a little bit racist (though part of that could’ve been the monkeygas). But Pierce lying about Professor Kane because Jeff couldn’t handle being the bad guy was a really sweet moment for Pierce.

It’s good that Community resumes its Cougar Town love, and it will be nice to see how Abed will cope with an eventual name-change.

We finally get official word on the dean’s sexuality, and I think it couldn’t be any more accurate. And he hasn’t lost his obsession with Jeff yet, but with Jeff and Annie sleeping together, he still doesn’t have a chance.

And as for the promise of this being a less weird and more fine year, I think both promises were broken in this first episode. But that doesn’t matter. Community wouldn’t be Community without a lot of friction in the group and a lot of very weird adventures.

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– JJ

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