Recap/Review for Supernatural – “Meet the New Boss” – 9/23/11

Hey, Supernatural fans! Is there anything better than hearing that pounding old rock and roll music and knowing that the boys ARE back in town?

Welcome to the seventh season of my favourite show,Supernatural, and thank you The CW for bringing back a storyline that makes any roller coaster look like a baby ride.

Check out my recap/review of this crazy premiere.

We begin exactly where we left off last season—Castiel has just swallowed the souls from purgatory to save Heaven and basically become “GOD,” Sam, Dean, and Bobby (Jim Beaver) are once again on a path which forces them to save the world against impossible odds. I mean, who can actually bring down a rogue god from his throne of destructive righteousness?

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For the majority of the show, we see Castiel (Misha Collins) on a major power trip. He is basically killing any who have smited him—and not in a nice way. (I guess there is no nice way to kill people… lol). Castiel struggles with the beasts (from purgatory) that are struggling to cross through his body to Earth. Can’t our planet ever catch a break on Supernatural? He has also ordered Crowley to work for him running Hell, where Crowley takes the leftover souls and rules them, and of course, God gets the rest. It is very significant that we see Castiel losing pieces of his flesh and being physically ill while he is essentially losing his mind.

Speaking of losing a mind. Poor Sam is losing his again. On the bright side, he has his soul this season. Unfortunately, it is his soul that is causing this. The wall that Death put in Sam’s mind to block his soul from memories of time spent in Hell is tumbling down. This is causing Sam to hallucinate pieces of Hell all around him and suffer in silence, as he does not want to burden his brother once again.

Meanwhile, Bobby and the boys come up with a plan to stop Castiel by binding Death so that they can force him to kill God. As usual, this does not succeed, and they cause Castiel to be angrier with them. During this, everyone finds out from Death that there are Leviathan within Castiel trying to get out and destroy Earth. Apparently, these Demons from purgatory were created by God before Angels or man but were too dangerous, so God sent them to Hell (way to go, God!).

The boys are distraught, but plug along with the help of Bobby to open a doorway to Hell in the hopes of having Castiel’s Demons pulled into it. Guess what? It works, sort of! Castiel shows up with enormous regret and wants to rid himself of this power, even though it means his death. That’s the Castiel we love!

Unfortunately, Sam is missing throughout this. He’s confronted by Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) and is unsure whether or not this is another hallucination. After this confrontation where the Devil is playing with Sam’s mind, he is just gone. I mean gone—I have no idea where Sam is!

As if this is not bad enough, Cas dies, but WAIT! He comes back to life. Good news? Of course not. Cas is there long enough to warn Bobby and Dean to run, because he cannot hold back the Leviathan. Run? What’s that? These guys are suckers for punishment.

We end with Bobby and Dean (Jensen Ackles) watching Castiel’s mind and body become controlled by the Leviathon, who says, “Cas is… Hmm, he’s gone; he’s dead. We run the show now.”

It’s fantastic to see Misha Collins playing such a range of emotion and personalities so seamlessly. I’m excited to see the progression of a season that holds so much promise of excitement, betrayal, rage, and violence! I mean, who can really tire of those beautiful brothers saving the world? Not me!

Funniest Quote:

Dean to Sam when Sam says they have to deal with Cass: “Yeah, you know how I’m gonna deal? I’m gonna stuff my pie hole, I’m gonna drink, and I’m gonna watch some Asian cartoon porn and act like the world is about to explode.”

Supernatural is a must watch! Tune in to The CW on Friday nights at 9/8c to see what you’ve been missing!

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