Recap/Review for The X-Factor – ‘Auditions Part 2’ – 9/22/11

Thursday was the second night of The X Factor, and it was another strange night. My biggest complaint with this series is that they spend too long on certain performers, and then we don’t get a chance to see all the other ones that were good enough to be put through. I also do not enjoy Nicole. She’s super annoying, and I’m really sorry they didn’t keep the adorable and not annoying Cheryl Cole.

Okay, enough of my issues with the show. Let’s take a look at the good and the bad. Jump ahead and check it out.

The Good

Nick Voss
My Thoughts: He’s a little wacky, but he has a unique voice. He’s pretty cute, and that’s in his favor. He has a lot of heart, and that goes a long way. I hope with a little polishing he can wow everyone.
Judges: L.A. thinks he’s entertaining. Paula liked him, but thinks he needs to lose the choreography. Simon loved him. All four of them said yes.

My Thoughts: They were really cute. Not your typical young women in a singing group, but their harmony was outstanding.
Judges: They enjoyed them. They’re through.

Kendra Williams
My Thoughts: She moved me. I felt goosebumps when she sang, and her personality shone through when she sang. High hopes for this one.
Judges: They all loved her, and she’s through.

Brendan O’Hara
My Thoughts: My oh my, hello you tall, dark and handsome man. I held my breath, hoping he could sing, because I wanted to be able to see him again. He can sing, and he can sing to me anytime. Be still my heart.
Judges: The female judges definitely agreed with my assessment of his beauty. All four loved his voice. He’s through.

Jeremiah Pagan
My Thoughts: I really loved his voice. It was beautiful. I love his adorable personality. His voice was surprisingly high, but it was perfection.
Judges: L.A. said his voice is, “the reason good songs are written”. He’s through with 4 votes.

Melanie Amaro
My Thoughts: That was AMAZING. She made me tear up, because her voice was just so pure. She sang the song (Listen from Dreamgirls), with such conviction that you couldn’t not be moved. One of my new favorites.
Judges: They were in awe and Nicole was crying. Simon said she’s the reason he brought The X Factor to America.

Dexter Haygood
My thoughts: He was amusing, but it was a James Brown imitation. After his bad imitation routine, Simon asked him to sing a cappella, and he slayed it. That was a great performance.
Judges: Simon gave him a second chance, and he wasn’t sorry he did. Unanimous yes.

Caitlin Koch
My Thoughts: I loved her. She is a rugby player, and she was amazing. Such integrity when she sang, and the arrangement of this song was brilliant.
Judges: All four voted her through.

Xander Alexander
My Thoughts: He’s incredibly entertaining, but his voice didn’t wow the judges. I actually really thought he was funny, and he should be doing something in the entertainment world. His voice wasn’t bad, it was actually quite nice, but his nerves sold him out. He was a good one in my opinion, and I feel like they should have given him another chance.
Judges: They all said no.

The Bad

Ashley Sansone
My Thoughts: She’s really crazy perky. She’s delusional and should seek medical help.
Judges: L.A. said that when she started singing, it made him want to “slit his wrists”. I have to agree. I was almost in physical pain listening to that garbage.

My Thoughts: I felt embarrassed for them. They were terrible, and their family member who was yelling was coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs.
Judges: All four said no.

Caitlynne Curtis
My Thoughts: She wasn’t the worst, but she has a lot of maturing to do vocally.
Judges: Nicole says she has room to grow. Simon thinks she’s better for a group. Paula felt so bad for her crying and hugged her. They all said no, and it broke her.

Ashley Deckard
My Thoughts: Ghost hunting? She’s a little kooky. Paula relates to her on the ghost sighting. Her voice was pretty weak. It wasn’t the worst we heard tonight, though.
Judges: They were intrigued by her ghost stories, but hated her voice.

Johnny Rogers
My Thoughts: This poor boy is a walking punch line…the hair, the dancing, and the boy band fake happiness. I can’t believe he sang his own song, and it was really, really unpleasant. It’s not that it was the worst singing I’ve ever heard, but it was like something from one of those parody movies. Example: “Pop Stars”, coming to a theatre near you. Look for plastic dancing, lip synching, and so much hair product, you’ll be stuck to your seat. 😉
Judges: Simon compared him to a Justin Bieber doll gone wrong. Odd, but accurate. He got turned down by all four.

Dylan Lawson
My Thoughts: He’s special. Really special. I had such high hopes for him and thought it was going to be one of those sweet, touching stories because he sold his truck to get there. Not so much. My daughter said to me, “I thought his pants were on fire, because no one sings and dances like that on purpose.” Seriously, no other words could explain it like that.
Judges: They were all shocked by the terrible performance. He obviously didn’t get through.

Curtis Lawson aka Phoenix
My Thoughts: I wasn’t sure if he was singing or trying to call his people. That was disturbing and reminded me of that crappy movie, Mimic.
Judges: Paula compared him to a lawnmower. Nicole said she felt violated. Simon told him to learn to sing in human. It was bad.

It was another strange night of auditions, but it was nothing less than entertaining. Tonight gave us a few favorites to watch in the future and a lot of performances I hope I can erase from my memory. Tune in for the next installment, Wednesday at 8/7c on FOX.

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One Response to Recap/Review for The X-Factor – ‘Auditions Part 2’ – 9/22/11

  1. justine says:

    I 100% agree with you again! Xander should have been put through. Maybe his strings were too tight and it was making him cranky, maybe he needed a time out. Oh well, I guess if I ever audition I will make the audience like me not hate me. Just a thought!