Recap/Review of Glee – “The Purple Piano Project” – 9/20/11

I’ve said all my life that Fall was my favorite season, and I’m not sure that I really knew as a child that it had anything to do with television. Now I know that while I adore the changing colors of the leaves and the smell of school supplies in the morning (true story), I think it has more to do with television.

Perhaps it’s because I was the chubby, glasses and braces wearing, smart girl in the corner (again, true story), so television became my friend, and seeing it come back with all new episodes of my favorite shows made me feel happy.

Okay, this is not my therapist, so I’m going to stop trying to figure out why I love Fall and just get to the point: the season premiere of Glee. Was it perfect? No. Was it a fun escape from reality with some stellar comedic lines and a few happy songs peppered throughout? Yes.

Jump ahead to read my recap and review.

I felt like a 13-year-old all over again last night when Glee returned. It’s true that while there were big promises for a season that brings us back to our roots of season 1, and so many people couldn’t see that, I could. I smiled, I laughed, and I walked away feeling happy and better about my night.

We quickly learn that Kurt, Rachel, Finn, Santana, and Quinn are all seniors. That’s a big part of New Directions right there, and if they actually leave, I will be sad. I mean, how could you not miss Kurt?!

Another quick lesson learned is that Mercedes and Sam were “So June”. She’s dating a new man now, who is a big football player and tells her that they are going to “make beautiful cocoa babies together.” Sam (Chord Overstreet) moved out of state with his family for his dad’s work.

The couples are all in happy zones this episode, including the adorable Will and Emma, who are actually living together. You can see that there are some relationship issues, and I’m guessing they are of the sexual variety. I’m positive that the writers would not allow Emma to lose her virginity to Will without us finding out about it.

One of the main arcs is, as usual, New Directions needing to get more members. So Will sets up purple pianos all over the school to get the glee club singing in the school to inspire people to audition. It was a bit of a mess, although the pianos were really neat.

Finn isn’t Rachel’s partner for one of the main story arcs of the episode, though. Kurt is. It’s the best friend, we’re going to take over New York story. They head to a seminar for kids wanting to get into the New York Academy of Dramatic Arts (fake school, just so you know). There was a trippy moment when they arrived, because it was like a dozen different versions of Kurt and Rachel. Such a strong competition.

Needless to say, it didn’t go as planned, and instead of schooling the competition, Rachel and Kurt got schooled. This resulted in a really sweet scene in the car, where Rachel sobbed and Kurt encouraged her. They swear they are going to make it in entertainment, and we find ourselves cheering for them.

Speaking of Kurt, he’s been trying to talk Blaine into transferring to McKinley, and after a lot of chatting, he does. He makes his debut with a version of “It’s So Unusual”. It was a great performance, but I really hope that it doesn’t become Blaine and the New Directions, phasing out all the other singers. Don’t get me wrong, I love Blaine (Darren Criss), but I also love seeing everyone have their time in the spotlight.

Will is really trying to prove he’s the one in charge, and in some ways, it worked. In others, not really. I was laughing with disbelief when he was throwing the glitter at Sue. It was corny. However, it was also unexpected, so that worked in his favor.

When he kicked Santana out of New Directions for setting a piano on fire—on orders from Sue—I wasn’t happy. Yes, I get why he did it, but I don’t think it’s going to help Santana choose the right path.

Sue was in fine for,m as well, running for Congress in a special election. She’s running on the platform of opposition to public funding for Arts in schools. This is the reason behind Will mounting an offensive against her.

Finally, let’s discuss the music from this episode. I was not a fan of “We Got the Beat”, but I did really enjoy “You Can’t Stop the Beat”. Probably because Hairspray is one of my favorite musicals.

Overall, I enjoyed the season premiere, but I’m expecting more from the rest of the season. I really need them to deliver MORE. What about you?

Best line:

Sugar Motta (Vanessa Lengies) to Will after he told her she couldn’t be part of New Directions because she can’t sing: “Obviously your ears are busted, because I worked that song like a stripper pole.”
Tune in to FOX on Tuesdays at 8/7c to see if Glee can eventually get back to its glory from season 1.

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One Response to Recap/Review of Glee – “The Purple Piano Project” – 9/20/11

  1. Eva says:

    For me the best line came from Kurt (to Rachel): ‘Your ambiton does push-ups while you sleep.’ 🙂 Also Quinn’s ‘sarcastic tattoo of Ryan Seacrest’ made me almost fall from my chair 🙂
    I loved this episode soo much, for me it actually (almost) can’t get better than this 🙂