Recap/Review – The X Factor – 9/28/11

Another episode of The X Factor auditions, and we’re going to Chicago and Seattle. There was plenty of drama on and off stage, especially between the judges. Simon and Paula were at it again, arguing like an old married couple. There were an enormous amount of whack jobs, who were talking about aliens and other strange things. Paula understood them… The rest of the panel looked so confused.

One of the bright points was having Cheryl Cole back for the Chicago auditions. She is just so loveable. I was sad when we got Nicole back for the other cities. Can she sing? Sure. Is she beautiful? Sure. Is she at all enjoyable as a judge? Hell to the no.

Enough rambling. Let’s take a look at the audition recaps after the jump.

The Good

McKenna and Brock
My Thoughts: They were so freaking adorable. My heart broke for Brock, because he looks at her with such love and she’s so oblivious. I loved their harmonies, and their voices were great. A really sweet audition.
Judges: They all really enjoyed their voices—even Simon. So they got four yeses.

Charlesia Heard
My Thoughts: She didn’t want to sing. She wanted a job as a judge. She was really strange, but I admit it took a lot of guts to get on stage and ask for a judging job. She’s in the good catagory, because I admired her audacity.
Judges: They were all a little confused, but Simon admitted it was ballsy.

Skyelor Anderson
My Thoughts: It is definitely rare to see a young, black, male country singer. He is actually quite talented. His music track cut out, and I felt worried, but he just jumped right back in a cappella and killed it. Kudos to him. I’ll be watching this one.
Judges: They all enjoyed him, especially because of his confidence to keep going without his music. Sailed through with 4 votes.

J. Mark Inman
My Thoughts: He is really strange—like super strange. I really can’t tell you what I’m thinking, because it’s inappropriate, but let’s just say when he said he was singing Radiohead’s Creep, it all made more sense. The line about being special… Wow. Anyway, his voice isn’t actually all that bad. He has some talent, and for no other reason than he’s insane, I was cheering for him. I admit I loved the crazy.
Judges: They all had comments about how he was a love child of Paula’s because he was so weird. However, he got voted through, so he either used some form of alien mind control, or they really think he has potential. *Shrugs* 🙂

Josh Krajck
My Thoughts: What a surprise that this sexy voice came out of that package! I was hoping he’d be good, but he was fantastic. His voice gave me chills. No more burrito slinging for him.
Judges: Simon admitted he didn’t think he could be surprised after doing it so long, but he was. Simon loved him. They voted him through unanimously.

Drew Ryniewicz
My Thoughts: That was incredibly brave of her to sing a Justin Bieber song to L.A. Reid, who is heavily involved with Justin’s career. Her original version was actually really enjoyable, especially for me, because I hate the Justine Bieber version. 😉 She was so cute and talented. She’s going to be a huge competitor.
Judges: They all loved it and commended her for her bravery of remaking such a popular song. She got four huge votes through.

My Thoughts: They can sing to me anytime. The harmonies were spot on, and their voices were sweet and seductive. I love the song End of the Road, originally performed by Boyz II Men and written by L.A. Reid. It’s a sexy and romantic song. So well done.
Judges: The judges loved them, and they got unanimous vote through.

Francesca Duncan
My Thoughts: She’s really sweet, and she’s going to attract a lot of young boys to the show. Her voice is good—not great, but good.
Judges: All voted her through.

Tiger Budbill
My Thoughts: I wasn’t blown away by his singing, but his personality was really cute. I’m glad they put him through.
Judges: Everyone but L.A. Reid said yes.

Phillip Lomax
My Thoughts: I actually found him really charming, and I love the old school charisma. He deserves to be there.
Judges: He got four votes but was told to work on his vocals.

Tiah Tolliver
My Thoughts: She has it in her. The first audition was really off key, but there is a lot of talent there. Her second audition was really good. I think she’ll be a surprise.
Judges: She had the judges split down the middle, boys against girls. I honestly think they women have been way too hard on other girls tonight. After the second song and Simon pleading, they came around and voted yes. I hope Tiah can deliver to prove Nicole and Paula wrong.

The Bad

Kim Terek
My Thoughts: WOW, that was insanely bad. Her outfit was also really, really terrible. Overall, disastrous.
Judges: They stopped her after about 3 bars, and then told her no.

Robyn Royal
My Thoughts: She should stick to working the corner, because her voice was torture—and not the fun S & M kind. 😉
Judges: Simon appreciated her appearance, but no one liked her voice.

The Good Girls
My Thoughts: A mother/daughter team that looked like the spawn of Mimi from The Drew Carrey Show. It was hideous, but you couldn’t look away, because it had the car accident effect—so bad you can’t not watch.
Judges: Simon thought it was the worst team audition they’ve ever seen. Obviously, 4 nos.

Peet Montzingo
My Thoughts: That wasn’t a very good audition, but I think he could get better. He has a bit of raw talent, and definitely not the worst I have heard. He’s just a little too zealous. I hope his dreams of being famous come true, because what do we have, if not our dreams.
Judges: Simon is fascinated by him, and they all think he’s going to be famous—just not for singing. They think he has a lot of charm. They all voted no, based on the singing.
Overall, it was another great night of performances, and I appreciated how we got to see more good than bad auditions tonight. I’m looking forward to the last round of auditions tonight on FOX at 8/7c. After that, we’ll be moving into the next rounds and the battles will really begin. Don’t miss it tonight, and then be sure to come back and share your thoughts!

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6 Responses to Recap/Review – The X Factor – 9/28/11

  1. Kyle says:

    I’m sorry, but there is no way McKenna is THAT oblivious! I’m rooting for Brock to get the girl. 🙂

    I must be a poor judge of “good” music–when 4Shore first starting singing and they said “oh, those harmonies”, I thought it was a bad thing–I thought they sounded awful! Then later there was a group of 4 girls they showed a clip of and I thought they sounded great, but they got the NOs.

    As for Tiah–you mean to tell me no one could quickly find that music to the song she was singing so they could play it as backing for her to sing again?! Everything is available on the internet and they could have downloaded that in the time they were all arguing!

    Love the Mimi reference to The Good Girls :), and loved how Simon couldn’t tell mother from Daughter.
    I was so rooting for P Double-E T. He was a lot of fun and I didn’t think his singing was bad at all.
    Was it Phillip who did the Sinatra? To me, the whole thing sounded good, but was such a fake Sinatra voice, who knows how he really sings.

    Overall, still entertained by this show.

  2. Jenny says:

    Yeah, I think McKenna has to know, too. But if you think about it, he was what…14 when they started singing together? She was already 18. So it’s probably hard for her to think of him as an adult now. Give them a couple of years, I think. lol

  3. Megan says:

    I don’t know about McKenna not being oblivious. I mean she’s probably not oblivious to his liking her, but I think she’s oblivous to how much she’s hurting him. It is true about the 14/18 thing, and it’s possible she still sees him as a kid. Truth be told most 18 year old boys are still kids.

    Kyle- I think you may have just made a point about how similiar boys and girls are when it comes to judging members of the opposite sex. I saw 4Shore and thought,”Cute boys, and nice vocals.”. I liked them. I saw the girl group and thought “They look like tramps, and are off key”. You liked them. Interesting… 😉

  4. Jenny says:

    Wow… Josh was AMAZING! Damn. lol

  5. Jenny says:

    LOL @ the comparison for boys/girls thing. And yeah, Megan, I think McKenna is not oblivious about him liking her, but she may very well be clueless about how much it hurts him every time she says they are just friends, like, “No way, we’re not bf/gf!”

  6. Kyle says:

    Forgot to look for follow-up comments–so used to getting the emails for the Remote posts since I’m an author on those 🙂

    LOL about the boy/girl comparison. Granted–there have been several groups that I would happily admit dressed way too trashy (saw a bunch of those types at SDCC as well).

    Either way, McKenna knows now that it has aired 🙂