Interview with Lucas Bryant from Haven

I recently got a chance to speak to Lucas Bryant about tonight’s season finale of Haven. He seems like a really sweet, genuinely nice guy who really enjoys his job and really loves his coworkers. He talked Nathan and the troubles, Nathan’s relationships with Audrey, Duke, and even Dwight, and what we can expect from tonight’s season finale, so check out what tonight’s episode is about.

“The dead return to the world of the living in order to seek revenge and complete unfinished business, and the return of the otherworldly visitors forces Audrey, Nathan, and Duke to confront their destinies in Haven.” What does that mean? I have some ideas, but know nothing for certain!

Now read on to hear from Lucas himself about tonight’s finale & more.

On Audrey & Nathan’s changing relationship, & whether or not he is scared or intimidated by her

Lucas Bryant: Yes, well it’s been a long time coming, huh?

And yes it is exciting. I think a lot of fans got what they wanted this past episode – I mean a taste of it anyway. And then maybe some were horrified, but I hope there’s not too many of those. But yes I’m sorry to say I don’t see it progressing as easily as one might hope and realize. I mean there’s definitely going to be some roadblocks and speed bumps, I can’t and won’t tell you exactly what they are, and I don’t know the half of them. But yes I think that puts us on a trajectory that has potential to be lovely, but will probably inevitably be very difficult and potentially dangerous.

He is intimidated and/or scared by her period, because he is just that way. Not so comfortable letting it all hang out, and also because I think he has a great friendship with her and mutual trust that the last thing he wants to do is screw that up. Not that that has to inevitably be the way it works out, but I think as with any good relationship, there’s a lot of trepidation that comes with taking it any further.
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On whether or not there will be a cliffhanger

Lucas: Yes, there are some definite cliffhangers. I mean, it would be nice to say that everything is revealed and they figure out how to end the troubles, and everyone lives happily ever after. But we want to do another another ten seasons, so exactly.

No, I mean you get some great answers, learn some crazy stuff. And we’ll see if people think that it’s as rug pulling as the season one finale was. But there’s definitely some huge – some big precipitous – like as precipitous that is not the right word. Like a precipice – like a big, big wall (cliff). Yes, at the end.

On whether or not a troubled person’s afflictions are possibly affected when they are with the person they are meant to be with

Lucas: Uh-hum. Yes I think there’s definitely in Nathan’s mind, there’s some feeling of fate there. Like she’s the only one that he can feel and so, yes for anyone to have that effect on him, I think puts their relationship up in high standing. But I hope, I guess it’s interesting what you’re saying. Like in other cases when people are with the ones they’re meant to be with, that sort of negates their troubles. And I guess that speaks to the fact that trouble sort of manifests – there’s a stressor that manifests them.

And so I guess if people are happy or content or, you know, keep it mellow, they can sometimes sort of circumvent their afflictions. So I hope that them getting together doesn’t negate Audrey’s capability like that their abilities or afflictions don’t cancel each other out. But that could be a good reason for them not to be together, couldn’t it?

On whether or not the dynamic between Audrey & Chris impacts the way Nathan feels about her

Lucas: I suppose, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, Nathan is never too sure of himself. And so I guess that was just an example of what can happen when you wait. So I think things that have taken place over the last couple of episodes, have forced him to be a bit more forthcoming about where he stands and forced him to address how he feels about her. And I think that’s a good place for him to be because he’s a pleasure to play.

He’s wrestling with asserting himself, and being forthcoming, and the general effect that she’s had on him which is to push him to man up and so it’s really fun to be a sort of long uncomfortable guy, trying to step up.

On having Nick Campbell back in the finale & where Nathan winds up

Lucas: Yes we get to see the chief or some version thereof in the second season finale. And thank God, I mean I was so excited for that. I love Nick, I think he’s a fantastic actor and person and a great character. So I’m really happy that he’s back, for this episode at least. And hopefully there’s potential for more. But yes that’s – well I don’t know that, I mean the conversation that Nathan and the chief have in the season finale is revealing.

But, how do I say this, it also doesn’t reveal everything that it could. So I believe there’s going to be large ramifications from it, which we won’t necessarily come to understand until God willing, season three, four or five. So it’s a big moment obviously for the character, and also for the show. But saying this, I wonder if people when they watch the show will be like, what the hell was Lucas talking about, because I didn’t see that. Let me just say that there’s more to their interaction than we necessarily experience now. Boy that’s a bit vague, isn’t it?

On what keeps challenging him about the role of Nathan & what he likes & dislikes about the character

Lucas: Oh wow. Well I guess – like I was saying before, I guess one of the most fun and challenging things to do is explore how he progresses as a man when he has so many socially awkward issues. On the one hand he’s like, totally comfortable in his role and relationships in the town. People, I think have generally a good feeling about him. And he’s a good guy, but he’s not terribly excellent at expressing himself.

And so any time that Nathan’s put in a awkward situation or often with Duke or with women or with his emotions, that is a real pleasure and challenge to work through.

[As to] favorite and least favorite. Well, yes that does play into what I was saying. I like the fact that he’s like terribly reserved and somewhat uncomfortable in social interactions. But then at the same time, have the sense that he does have a great and sort of strange sense of humor, and more quirky and weird personality than we get to see all the time. Like his terrible dancing ability which that was totally ridiculous to shoot and even more awkward to watch, but that was a lot of fun. That might also be my least favorite of Nathan’s characteristics is his terrible dancing.

But no I don’t, you know, there’s no part of him. I guess maybe what some viewers experience to, sometimes I just want him to pull the trigger. Not literally, but it’s like, man do something, tell her, do it, kiss her, step forward, you know, punch him, whatever. I mean he’s still sort of fighting them in self-imposed handcuffs.

On working with Adam Copeland/Edge & the relationship between Nathan & Dwight

Lucas: Yes, well first of all I must say after watching this whole season so far, Adam Copeland, otherwise known as WWE Superstar Edge is fantastic and I could not be any happier with the fact that he’s joined our cast. He is a really, really – to use a California word, an awesome guy. And like a total sweetheart, very professional. I mean and I think his work has been fantastic. And people are so into his character and his performance, he’s a blast. So that said, working with him has been a total pleasure.

Nathan doesn’t have many buddies, and very few opportunities to have this sort of bloody moment with another guy. So both Adam and I were thinking – looking for ways to really make that connection. And I think I wanted to communicate in an honest sense, how funny I do think that trouble is. I mean it’s totally ridiculous. He is a bullet magnet. I mean it’s a bit silly, and dangerous. And then in the episode where we’re chasing the (Windigos) in the woods and I say to him initially, like, dude well you can’t come with us?

Like everyone’s got guns. You’re going to – yes, that’s going to be lovely. So basically you’re going to turn all of our weapons into completely useless devices and our hands that will only kill you. Thanks. So yes I was about to crack up, and I think he played it perfectly too, with this sort of like, yeah man I know, it’s kind of ludicrous, but this is what I’m dealing with. So I think it’s if you saw me about the crack up, you’re absolutely right, because I was.

On Nathan’s relationship with Duke

Lucas: It is very complicated, and you’re going to understand a bit more about why in the season finale. And I’m really happy about that. I mean we know something about their complicated history, but there’s a really great reveal in the season finale that doesn’t explain fully their relationship, but gives a lot more insight into why it is what it is. And I have such a blast (with him myself where is) total asshole, no I don’t want to say that.

He’s a great actor, and he’s a lot of fun to play with and work with. And any time we get to buddy up with for a moment or be at odds is a pleasure. And also I think it’s something that fans have enjoyed as much as I have, so it’s a blast. Beginning to understand more why they are the way they are, which we do in the finale, is I think going to add a lot more weight to that relationship.

The two of us get along quite well and screw around a lot in our real lives. So when we get to play together on screen, it’s a blast. And especially this year I think everyone was a lot more comfortable in their roles and a lot more comfortable in the show. And so there was probably to the chagrin of the producers and directors occasionally.

There were a lot more laughs this year than we had in the first season, and it took us a lot more time to get things done. We’ll try to be a bit more professional next year. But at the same time, I mean it’s a blast to have such great people that would play around with every day too.

On what he would like to see for Nathan, besides the relationship with Audrey

Lucas: I would like to see his house. I don’t know if that’s going to happen, but I’d like to see a bit more of his home life, if he has one. What that home is. Is it just the tent that he pitched on the back of the police station? Does he have like a large sort of locker that he sleeps in at the police station? Does he live in a cabin in the woods? Does he have a trailer that’s on the coast, you know? Yes, I’d like to see a bit more of that.

But story wise, well like I was saying before, if he could just step up and risk taking more risks, I think he’s got a lot of potential, power and danger and anger and good love if he could just step things up, that would be lovely. And I guess that would also include seeing his home. Because I want to know more about who the guy is when he’s just chilling.

On whether or not they ad lib and go off script a lot

Lucas: I wouldn’t say much, but yes we do. And definitely more this year than last year which plays into I think just because that much more comparable. And also the writers gave us more freedom this year. They said if we do a version where we get the dialogue as written, stick to the script, then they, which is very kind of them, I think they’ve trusted us to play around with it a little bit as well.

If we find things in the moment that we think are funny or might be interesting, then go for it. And I’ve been really happy to see that, in the end they’ve been keeping a lot of that stuff.

On what about Nathan took the most time to adjust to playing

Lucas: Well sure I guess the overall characteristic of being reserved, someone that doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve. It’s strange, because he kind of does in many nonverbal ways. So it was that, how to communicate the heart and soul of this guy that was so unwilling or unable to communicate it verbally. And that I think that just came with trust and experimentation. And then seeing it back and then after a while you’re like yes, this guy does make sense.

So now I think it’s a much more comfortable thing to portray. But like going into the second season when we started shooting the first episode, I remember thinking, aww man what was this guy like to begin with? I just stand still and that’s him? I just stand still and speak in simple sentences and very quietly and I’ll be him again? I remember being a bit nervous about that. But as soon as I did, I was like oh yes there he is.

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