Recap/Review for Community – “Geography of Global Conflict” – 9/29/11


Annie meets Annie Kim, her multicultural evil twin, and they both try to set up a model UN. To settle which UN gets to stay, the group (minus Britta) helps Annie at the UN-Battle Royal. It goes well, but when farts disrupt the group, Annie has another classic Annie NOOOOOOO-breakdown, and she runs away. A little later, Jeff and Annie share a sweet moment when he tells her the world needs more women like her. Annie manages to defeat Annie Kim, because Annie’s UN makes a portal to Earth 2 to propose peace and Annie Kim refuses.

Britta finds out an old friend is in jail and goes on a rampage through the school. During that rampage, she finds love in a very unlikely newly appointed security guard. Chang. “Un”fortunately, their love couldn’t be.

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And did it work?

Surprisingly, we got what we were promised – a (somewhat) less weird adventure for the group. To me, these episodes of a “classic” Greendale that don’t involve anything supernatural show the most creativity on the writers’ parts. And the hints at the Jeff-Annie hookup were plentiful. Best line by Jeff: “You’re acting like a little school girl, and not in a hot way.” Wait, what?

Overall, the episode hardly made me laugh out loud the first half, but that got better the second half. The episode did show a lot of heart, though, so that was very nice.

Pierce hasn’t gotten less racist as he makes remarks about women and Asians and calls Jeff’s country Uru-gay.

So now we’ve met different versions of some characters. There was white Abed (Physical Education), Asian female Pierce (Competative Wine Tasting), and now Asian Annie. Hopefully, we’ll get some more alternate-versions of the rest of the group, as well.

Britta and Chang was a nice pairing for one episode, but let’s not revisit that too often. But I didn’t expect Hello by Lionel Richie would ever be able to make me laugh.

And Dan Harmon tweeted that the farts were Jeff’s, but that got lost in translation to the screen.

Tune in for a new Community next week! -JJ

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One Response to Recap/Review for Community – “Geography of Global Conflict” – 9/29/11

  1. Joh says:

    Actually, Jeff made it clear that he was the one who farted, but the rest of the group thought he was trying to protect Annie (who had also said she was the one who farted).