Recap/Review for Ringer – “If You Ever Want a French Lesson…” – 9/27/11

Hi, guys. Sorry this Ringer recap/review is up a little late. It’s been a busy week.


Bridget still wonders what to do with the phone while keeping up the appearance of her pregnancy to Andrew. She calls Malcolm to ask about the phone, and he tells her to find a serial number or something. While on the phone with Malcolm, she finds the picture the hitman had of her. She thinks Andrew might be behind the hit. Malcolm tells her to try and link the phone to Andrew. After hanging up, Malcolm is abducted by Macawi.

Macawi roughs up Malcolm to try to find out where Bridget is. He heard her voicemail and asks why Bridget is ready to go. Macawi knows Malcolm used to be in NA and drugs him.

Bridget finds out the phone is protected quite thoroughly, but the police or FBI might be able to help.

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Meanwhile in Paris: Siobhan meets a guy named Tyler, and she appears to be after something he can get her. Tyler is working in international banking. When Tyler asks for Siobhan’s name, she lies and calls herself Cora as she gives him the number of her hotel room. A little later, Siobhan has to dismiss Tyle,r because she gets sick while kissing him.

Back in New York, Bridget got a gift from Andrew. She can get anything from Douglas Hannant’s Fall Collection and get it tailored to her size. Gemma tells Bridget that Andrew wants to take her to Swan Lake, even though he hates the ballet. When they get out, Bridget gets a call on the hitman’s cellphone, and she takes it. The person on the other side thinks she is Siobhan, but he can obviously see her. He tells her to leave the phone on a bench and walk away, which she doesn’t. Back at home, she tries to trace the call, but that isn’t posisble. She also finds a card for Zimmerman, a lawfirm specialized in divorce.

At Andrew’s office, Henry has an appointment with Andrew to pull his investment, under the excuse that he wants to publish his own book without a publisher. Olivia isn’t happy Henry is trying to pull his money, because Gemma’s father could bring millions to their company. Olivia’s “Do I have to remind you what’s at stake?” sounds ominous. A little later, Olivia plays Gemma (and Andrew) by telling her Henry is pulling their investment, while also asking about her father. The next day, Henry confronts Andrew about why Gemma was consulted about the withdrawal, and Andrew tells him it’s protocol. Afterward, he tells Olivia to leave some things alone, but she just tries to protect the company.

While Bridget is going to a meeting with Zimmerman, she runs into a woman Siobhan knew. At the meetin,g Bridget finds out Siobhan might have been scared of Andrew and that her plans for divorce might have been quite far along. Bridget also finds out there might be an investment Andrew has been lying about, which could make a case for her divorce.

Back at home, Bridget tries to find out information about said investment, but the woman she ran into in the elevator told her husband who told Andrew that Bridget/Siobhan is visiting divorce lawyers. Andrew wants to know why she doesn’t trust him anymore. He is disappointed she appears to still be playing games. He also tells her she can go to the ballet with Gemma and talk about how they hate their husbands.

While checking out Andrew’s investment, Bridget runs into the scary guy who was at the party before. This guy apparantly took care of the body for her and is after the phone now. As Bridget runs out, she meets up with Agent Machado. She tries to find out if Machado has any information on Bridget. Machado implies he knows what Bridget is doing, but she gives some excuses and blows him off again. As Bridget walks off, she gets a call on the phone again and tells the guy she’ll give the phone to the FBI if anything happens.

At Gemma’s, Bridget finds out the picture was Siobhan and Andrew’s Christmas card.

Later that night, Bridget goes to Andrew’s office to explain about the lawyer. She tells him she was weighing her actions, and today, she went there to call it off. She explains she used to be a little afraid of him, but she needs to start trusting him again. She tells him the gift of Douglas Hannant is the best thing she ever got, and he tells her she looks amazing. Andrew tells her that he will start trusting her, hopes that they can be honest with each other, and wants what they used to have.

At a cafe, Henry is working on his novel as he gets an anonymous call. He doesn’t hear anything, but we see it’s Siobhan and she knows she’s pregnant.

Let me start by saying I liked the episode. The show seems to be settling into a nice pace as far as the story goes. Last week might have had a little to much plot development, but this week seemed more balanced.

I didn’t really care for the recap of what Agent Machado was after, though. It seemed like easy episode filler. It didn’t add anything to the storyline or the character.

Also, the “scary moment” in the alley felt a little cheasy. The show has enough mystery and suspence to not need those moments. Glad it was only the one today. The empty lot with the guy coming after Bridget was much better in that respect.

The tension between Andrew and Olivia is a nice touch, as well. It still appears there is something there – maybe not personal. but professional – and that keeps Olivia interesting, even though she’s interesting enough with her going behind Andrew’s back.

Ioan Gruffudd’s acting was nice in the scene with Bridget at her office. He went from angry to loving in a moment, but I really felt the change.

Ah, and Siobhan finding out she is pregnant, and probably with Henry’s baby. That might make her advance her plans to get back to New York. And what is she after with Tyler? This gave her a little more to do than just the mysterious phone calls like in the first two episodes.

Next week, we get a new episode at 9/8c where Gemma, Henry, Andrew, and Bridget all go on a vacation, Henry tries to rekindle his affair with Bridget, and Agent Machado finds some new information.

– JJ

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