Recap/Review – The X Factor – 9/29/11

It was part four of the auditions for The X Factor, and they were heading to Newark, NJ. The judges were more cohesive today and seemed really happy that the audition part is over after tonight. I enjoyed tonight a lot, and there was even a moment that Nicole amused me – but just one. 🙂

After tonight, boot camp begins so let’s see who else is going through, shall we?

The Good

Brian Bradley
My Thoughts: This boy has swagger to spare. I loved his attitude with Simon as the intro to his rap. This boy had crazy skills for his age. Super impressed with him, and I think he’s one to watch.
Judges: Simon told him that he was arrogant, but one of the most talented young people he’s seen. L.A. Reid said he was lucky that Brian walked in here today. He got 4 yeses.

Kelly Warner
My Thoughts: She had a fantastic voice, and she looked adorable. I really enjoyed how she came out dressed in cute casual clothes, instead of like a hooker like a lot of girls do.
Judges: All loved her, and she was voted through unanimously.

Lilliana Rose
My Thoughts: She was a little odd, and I wasn’t expecting that voice to come out of that package. A strange song choice of You are My Sunshine, but her voice was enchanting.
Judges: Simon really enjoyed her, said she was one of his favorites of the day. All four voted her through.

Cari Fletcher
My Thoughts: It was a rocky start, but the chorus picked up a bit. I didn’t love her. She can sing, but there are so many who are better. She was just mediocre for me, so she barely made the good category.
Judges: They all voted her through, with instructions to become more entertaining.

My Thoughts: This was a really hard one, because Austin had a great voice, Emily’s voice didn’t. I don’t think Emily is a star, and that’s a hard fact to face when you sing together. Austin is going to have a tough decision if Emily can’t step it up – be loyal to Emily, or to himself.
Judges: Simon said yes, because he thinks their target audience will understand them. L.A. Reid said yes because of Austin. Nicole took forever, but finally said yes, and Paula said a tentative yes, as well.

Tora Woloshin
My Thoughts: She is the fantasy of so many men. She sings, she fixes cars, and she’s a vixen. Amazing. I loved her performance, and her voice was beautiful.
Judges: They all loved her – especially Simon, who looked like he wanted to jump her. 🙂

Stereo Hogzz
My Thoughts: It was a little too much like New Kids on the Block for me, and because NKOTB have a special place in my heart, I am leary of them. They were cute and not terrible singers, but they need a lot of work.
Judges: Simon thought it was too rehearsed, and Nicole appreciated their hard work. Even with mixed reviews, they got four votes.

Brennin Hunt
My Thoughts: I hated his personality, but his voice was sexy, and he was GORGEOUS. So I would watch him just because he was amazing to look at. Those blue eyes made my skin tingle, and the voice just amplified that.
Judges: They all loved him – especially the ladies. 😀

Paige Elizabeth Ogle
My Thoughts: She can sing, and she’s adorable. I loved how she said she’d take out Justin Bieber. Very amusing.
Judges: Unanimous yes.

Leroy Bell
My Thoughts: I can’t believe he’s 59; he doesn’t look it at all. It was a great vocal, and I was impressed.
Judges: All voted yes.

The Brewer Boys
My Thoughts: They were adorable! I could see my niece falling in love with them. Their voices were also really beautiful, and I think they will do well in this competition.
Judges: They were all surprised by their vocals and voted them through.

Nick Dean
My Thoughts: He has teen heartthrob written all over him. I wasn’t blown away by his vocals, but his overall demeanour and stage presence did it for me. Cute kid.
Judges: They see dollar signs, all the young girls screaming. Four yeses.

Jazzlyn Little
My Thoughts: I loved how humble she was before she started, and then she blew everyone away. She was outstanding. What a voice! She is a dark horse.
Judges: They all loved her and think she is fabulous. She was voted through unanimously.

The Bad

Aaron Surgeon
My Thoughts: His hair was insane. I wish my hair was that luxurious. 🙂 He sang the age old audition song, Don’t Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith. It was predictable and not very good in my opinion. That’s why he’s in the bad section, because after all, it’s just my opinion. 😉
Judges: Simon agrees with me and said it was just a regular performance. Everyone else voted him through.

Andy Silikovitz
My Thoughts: Aww, I really felt bad for him. He was really sweet, but he was super tone deaf.
Judges: I applaud the judges for being so kind to him. They didn’t laugh, and they thanked him for coming in. Simon getting Paula to hug him at the end was so funny, but also adorable.

Clarissa Cheatham aka ‘Cashmere’
My Thoughts: Oh no, that was really bad. Unfortunately, she didn’t seem to realize she was horrible. There is nothing worse than an over confident bad singer.
Judges: It didn’t help that Simon and Paula were laughing hysterically. They all voted no.

Nouf Taraman
My Thoughts: That jumpsuit was tight in all the wrong places. Eww. 😛 She was so off key, I was surprised my dog wasn’t howling. Then she had all this attitude and was telling the crowd to stop booing her… I was booing her through my TV.
Judges: Simon said she needed to get off the stage, because there were people who could actually sing waiting. Four Nos.

Jean Loup Wolfman
My Thoughts: He was super annoying. It was also really weird to bring out a hula hoop – seriously WTH? These people are nutty today.
Judges: Simon poked fun at him being very uptight for someone who is a therapist. They all voted no.

Mia Lehmann
My Thoughts: Her personality was great. 😉 She was nice. I feel like a guy trying to break up with a girl nicely. Okay, she was just terrible. Why did she pick We Are the Champions? Such an odd song choice.
Judges: Again, they were really nice, but voted no. In fact, for the most part, they have all been really nice. It’s kind of off putting. Where’s the mean? They should be mean to people who can help it. For example, if you are completely in your right mind and you sing horribly, they need to be brutally honest so that you won’t get up in public again. Ever.

Jor-El Garcia
My Thoughts: This was an uncomfortable audition to watch, but for the first time, I enjoyed Nicole. I loved how she was getting into it, and enjoying the how awful it was. His dancing was slightly nauseating.
Judges: All voted no. They all also looked really sick to their stomachs.

John Duff
My Thoughts: Another really strange audition, and the dancing was nasty.
Judges: Four giant Nos.

Darlene and Sherone
My Thoughts: It was like they were auditioning for a stripper job, not a singing career. So creepy. I’m sure there’s a street corner somewhere that’ll take them. 😉
Judges: They were all creeped out and did not put these two through.

Ric White
My Thoughts: That was hilarious. Yes, it was bad, but it was also really amusing to watch Paula dance like she was having a private moment.
Judges: Simon compared Paula’s dancing to a scene from When Harry Met Sally. (You all know that scene. 😉 ) He didn’t get voted through.

Devon Talley
My Thoughts: That is one of my favorite songs, and I hated it. At first, it was funny how he wouldn’t give up, but it got old fast.
Judges: They all voted huge Nos, but nicely. 🙂
Overall, it was a good night of singing. I just wish we could see more of the good auditions and less of the crazy. That’s just me, though. Tune in to FOX next Wednesday at 8/7c to see boot camp begin.

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6 Responses to Recap/Review – The X Factor – 9/29/11

  1. Kyle says:

    Haven’t had a chance to watch yet as DVR never recorded it–will add my comments soon 🙂

  2. Kyle says:

    First I loved how they played High School Musical music for the intro to AusEm, and then how they (deservedly) wanted to break them up. On the UK show, there was a 4-girl group they said no to, and they told the main singer to lose the other 3. After they left the stage, they fetched her back and asked her if she wanted to audition alone (while friends and family were still waiting backstage)–and they took her.

    Mia singing We Are The Champions–it was like listening to The Count–soooo bad.

    Tora sounded great (and yes, Simon did want to jump her), but I HATED her look–she was a very trashy goth meets biker Marilyn Monroe, with the nose piercing, tattoos and fake blonde hair.

    I’m amazed at how some of these delusional family members look on and really think their loved ones can sing and were judged unfairly, when it wasn’t just bad, but AWFUL. Friends don’t let friends sing bad!
    I’m also amazed by some of these really short clips they show followed by the judges drooling over them and I can’t figure out why–like that You Are My Sunshine lady and The Brewer Boys.

    As for Brennan, I already knew what your response would be :). I hated his arrogant personality and was really hoping he couldn’t sing, but alas.

    Totally agree with your analysis of Nick Dean.

    Ghaaaa, Devon was sooooo bad. His awful look was only beat by his terrible singing–it felt like it lasted 525600 minutes!

    Jazzlyn sang really well, but didn’t care for her clothing choice, and a bit too much make-up for her age.

  3. Megan says:

    Kyle you make me laugh.
    Brennin does have a horrible attitude but he can sing, and he’s hot sooo… 😉

    The Brewer Boys can sing, but we needed to see more. I can see teenage girls going wild over them.

    What is wrong with a nose piercing and a tattoo? Careful buddy, I have a nose piercing and two tattoos… does that make me trashy? lol Her hair was pretty bad, but she was cute in a goth way.

    Jazzlyn wasn’t actually dressed that bad for her age, and her make-up is pretty average these days. She’s really cute.

  4. justine says:

    This is my comment on the Andy guy, I so did not feel sorry for him. I mean I guess I could feel sorry that he seemed to get the leftovers from the gene pool. But come ON! He can’t sing and he lives with his mother, I mean just because he’s ugly does he have to live with his mother? Personally if I was Paula I would have been completely creeped out by him hugging me! It was the first time he’s probably ever touched a woman except his mom. Didn’t Paula learn anything from her previous stalker problem? Besides my mini rant I thought it was an accurate recap of the show.

  5. Megan says:

    You know, I think Andy was also mentally handicapped, not just unattractive. I do feel bad for him, sorry I actually have a heart. 😉

  6. justine says:

    I don’t know about that, I’ve known you since birth and I have yet to see it