Recap/Review – Grey’s Anatomy – “What Is It About Men?” – 10/6/11

Yes, what is it about the men of Grey’s Anatomy that make so many woman, and some men, swoon? Is it their charm? Charisma? Intelligence? Or rugged good looks? I’ll go with all of the above. The current cast of Grey’s Anatomy is, I think, the best they’ve had since the very beginning. So when ABC promoted a “get into the heads of the Men of Grey’s Anatomy“-type campaign, it seemed like it was going to be really interesting to see what the men were thinking. We are led into Meredith’s head every week, so this would be a refreshing change.

Sadly, it was not. The ladies of Grey’s Anatomy were all but non-existent. For most of the entire episode, I heard “blah…blah…blah.” The guys are boring. They’re good doctors, and that was shown to an extent. But Derek and Mark’s fighting over Avery was a bit childish. It was like two high school girls fighting over the senior stud muffin. I truly wanted to fast forward, because this just inflates Avery’s ego even more than it already is. I know for some, this guy is eye candy, and it must be in his contact that he takes his shirt of at least once an episode. I’m not complaining—just observing.

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The old Chief kept correcting everyone that he isn’t the Chief anymore, which is sad, because he was a great Chief! Owen is the new Chief, but he was having a hard time getting adjusted to the hands-off approach to surgery. That is, until he knocked some guy’s lights out because he was terrorizing other doctors, nurses, and patients. He just seemed uncomfortably stuffed into his new role. I don’t see this “chiefdom” lasting long.

Karev was actually personable and showed that he wanted to learn and progress. Maybe it’s the women who keep him so agitated.

Mark was playing McDaddy (I really can’t get into the McLabels), since Callie and Arizona left for a conference. He forced Karev to do a bunch of unnecessary tests on Sofia since he let her accidently roll onto the floor and she hadn’t cried since. Karev followed the orders, but suggested maybe Sofia enjoyed being with Mark and had no reason to cry.

The men gathered around Derek’s deck to hammer away their troubles. For a bunch of surgeons, these guys took some big risks using their hands. Hasn’t anyone heard of just sitting around and drinking beer?

In the end, nothing changed. We saw that Avery is the star pupil everyone salivates over, Karev does want to succeed, Mark is a big softy, Derek misses Meredith, Owen isn’t sure of himself as Chief yet, and Richard just wants to work. But what we really learned…the women of Grey’s Anatomy are the interesting ones.

There were many funny lines in the show, I’ll give it that. But the action was dull and lifeless.

Best lines:

Derek to Owen on being Chief: “I got a hundred you’ll make it at least six months so buck up.”

Sloan to Owen after Owen knocks an unruly patient out: “You know you’re the Chief, not the Sheriff, right?”

Avery to Derek: “Any way I can come over to your place and hammer something?”

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One Response to Recap/Review – Grey’s Anatomy – “What Is It About Men?” – 10/6/11

  1. Beauty says:

    I remember watching this episode on my way home. I have the sling adapter from DISH so I am able to watch LIVE TV everywhere I go on my phone. So I got lucky or maybe not so lucky that I didn’t have to miss this episode. When I seen this episode I didn’t know what to think. I was really in shock about it. The men were so boring without a little female drama. You’re so right about McDreamy and McStreamy fighting about Avery. It was really high school of them. My co-worker from DISH came over after I got home and she was just as wowed as I was about the whole thing. I don’t think I want another singing or male episode from Grey’s Anatomy!