Recap/Review – Supernatural – “The Girl Next Door” – 10/7/11

Well, fans, we are now into the third episode of season seven, and thankfully it was a slower one. Not to say it wasn’t great, because it was! I mean, first of all, it was directed by Jensen Ackles, and second, it gave us glimpses into Sam’s life as a teenager. All in all, it was an informative Supernatural, as it sets up emotions and circumstances for future episodes.

We begin with Dean in a hospital bed, as Bobby bursts in the door with a suit on. Where did Bobby get a suit from, and where did Bobby come from? Anyway, Bobby is there to get the boys the hell out of that hospital, because Mr. Sexy works there, and I’m thinking they might want to stay alive.

Cut to three weeks later, where Bobby and the brothers are living in Whitefish, Montana. Dean is acting like a chick on the sofa watching foreign soaps (and loving, it I might add!), calling Sam two-legs, and sending him out for pie and food. Sam, as the dutiful brother, goes to the store, and as he paying, he notices the local paper. The headline of the paper reads, “Ice Pick Killer Strikes Again,” and it’s words trigger a reaction in Sam.

To learn more about this latest instalment, read on.

Meanwhile, in a charge card office, a weasley rep sees a message on the computer screen. Apparently, this guy is a Leviathan, and he calls the pseudo leader to tell him one of the Winchester’s cards triggered his program. Those Leviathan are an intelligent bunch, and I think the boys will have a hard time hiding this season!

The news story brings us to a flashback when Sam is a teen in one of the many towns he had to stay in while Dean and his dad are hunting. While Sam is researching the latest hunted monster, he meets a girl named Amy. She only gives her name after Sam saves her from some bigger boys, and then nervously brings him home to clean him up. It seems Sam had that heroic lost puppy look even as a teen.

As Amy and Sam kiss, they share stories and realize that they are very similar. But as in all blossoming love stories, they aren’t. Turns out Amy is a monster, and of course, Sam is a hunter. Lucky for Sam (played by Colin Ford), Amy doesn’t want to be who she is, eithe,r and kills her own mother to save Sam. Wow, little Sam’s kiss must have packed some serious punch!

Back to present day. Dean is pissed as he reads a note that says, “Back in a few days. I’m fine. Sam.” So what does Dean do? Well, he cuts off his cast with a circular saw! I mean, he has to go rescue his Girl Interrupted brother, right?

Elsewhere, Sam has tracked down present day Amy to kill her, as he knows that the recent murders are hers. Amy pleads for her life and says she only had to use fresh kills to save her son, who was dying. Amy said she’s been living off the meat from dead bodies at her job (she’s a mortician. creepy… cover your pituitary gland before you die!) and that she won’t kill again. Sam believes her and leaves Amy to live her life in as much peace as she can. Considering Amy is constantly battling what she is, this will not be easy. Sounds a bit like Sam, which is probably why he let her go. Sam knows what it’s like to fight your inner demons while trying to fit into the slots of life.

So we are brought to Sam coming home and Dean asking him where the body is. Sam explains the whole situation, while Dean is basically saying she’s a monster that needs to be killed. Finally, Dean concedes and tells Sam that he’s got to start trusting him sometime. Looks like Dean is finally taking some of Bobby’s advice.

All right, the ending! Or boo hoo, the ending! However you look at it. Dean lets Sam off at the motel they’re meeting Bobby at to go pick up some more pain pills for his leg. Well, Dean, I have one thing to say to you: LIAR! Dean actually goes and kills Amy, saying that the other shoe will drop and Amy will kill again. Dean’s got to get off this shoe metaphor. He’s been on it the whole show. Oh yeah, Amy’s son sees his mother killed and vows revenge on Dean. Tough little guy, considering he was recently on his death bed! The boy is left by Dean to live. Big deal, Dean!
A few final thoughts:

  • I still want to know where Bobby was.
  • Where did Bobby get that suit from? His house burned down, remember?
  • I don’t care that Dean killed Amy, as I think he needed to for his own emotional stability. Dean’s world has been riddled by loved ones dying, and this seems to be the only way Dean can feel safe – by killing the monsters that potentially threaten more lives.
  • I know Dean felt he had to lie to Sam, but with Sam’s mental fragility, does Dean think lying to Sam is going to speed his mental recovery? Just my opinion, but having the person you love more than life not trusting you and going behind your back does not usually turn out good!
  • Hopefully, the brothers remain intact enough to fight this season’s bigger threat – the Leviathan!

That’s it for now, but don’t miss the next episode of Supernatural, where Dean is targeted by an Egyptian god and put on trial for his life, on The CW on Friday night at 9/8c.

– Justine

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