Recap/Review – Community – “Remedial Chaos Theory” – 10/13/11


This week, we get the housewarming of “Troy and Abed’s new apartment,” but while playing Yathzee, someone has to go downstairs to get the pizza they ordered. Jeff decides he will throw a die, and the outcome will decide who has to get the pizza downstairs. This creates six alternate realities for the six different outcomes of the roll.

In almost every reality, these things happen: Jeff gets hit in the head and Annie helps him, Britta tries to sing Roxanne, goes to the bathroom, and does a Pizza Dance, Pierce mentions having had sex with Eartha Kit in an airplane bathroom, and Troy gets a hidious troll doll by Pierce.

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As for the differen timelines:

  • When Annie has to get the pizza, Troy finds a gun in Annie’s purse.
  • When Shirley has to get the pizza, we find out the group has decided to stop enabling Shirley’s baking.
  • When Pierce has to get the pizza, Jeff and Troy butt heads, and we find out Britta is smoking weed in the bathroom.
  • When Britta has to get the pizza, we find out Pierce is giving the troll to Troy, because he’s jealous plus Jeff and Annie almost kiss.
  • When Troy has to get the pizza, everything turns bad—Annie falls, Pierce gets shot in the leg, and Britta burns the apartment. Troy blames the troll.
  • When Abed has to get the pizza, Britta tells Shirley about the boycott on her baking, Troy thanks Pierce for being able to live with her, and Jeff and Annie really kiss.

We finish the episode with Abed catching the die and exposing Jeff as the conniving son-of-a-b*tch he is (there are six sides to a die and seven people). Jeff is forced to get the pizza, and the group sings and dances to Roxanne, plus Abed invites Annie to move in with them.

We finish the episode with the Troy storyline—Pierce died, Shirley is a drunk, Annie is locked in a mental ward, Jeff lost an arm, Troy lost his larynx, and Britta has a blue streak in her hair. Abed proposes they embrace their evil selves and they will try to return to the proper timeline and assume their lives “Evil Troy and Evil Abed.”
And did it work?

Heck yes, it did. This might be one of the best episodes of the show for me. Everything seemed to tie together in the different timelines, and I would have really loved to get a forty-minute episode to get a more thorough glimpse into each different timeline.

And the episode featured some very nice references and fandom-bits. Troy and Abed referencing to themselves as Trobed was cool. And Gillian Jacobs being forced to sing and dance once again…she says she hates having to do that, but it’s comedy gold. In Shirley’s timeline, we have everyone making googly-eyes at each other, and that was spot-on, as well. And we get a timeline in which everyone is fighting once again, which we saw earlier in “Paradigms of Human Memory.”

Troy and Britta were starting to hook up in some of the timelines, and Jeff and Annie are getting closer and closer to hooking up. He is protective of her, which made her reference her father while kissing him (laughed out loud), but he is very sweet to her, as well.

And sweet, sweet Abed… The smile he put on at the beginning of the episode was very scary. And the episode ended with a Winger speech by Abed, and he delivered it very nicely.

What did you guys think of this episode? Check back for new episodes in two weeks.

– JJ

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  1. Anik says:

    Best episode ever !!