Recap/Review – NCIS – “Safe Harbor” – 10/18/11

The first scene of NCIS shows the US Coast Guard, which means Special Agent Abigail Borin, which means Diane Neal (Law & Order: SVU). Have I mentioned how much I love Diane Neal? Well, I do! And this episode of NCIS shows how powerful she is. In the few episodes that she’s guest starred in, she has given Abigail Borin a welcoming, playful personality. Borin brings a fun element to the team, which if you’ve watched the last few episodes of NCIS, you know fun is much needed. When Borin tells the gang to “grab your gear” in her best Gibbs-like way, we know we’re in for a ride. That trademark Diane Neal smirk is a tell-tale sign.

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In this episode, Ziva, Tony, and Tim have decided it’s time for Gibbs to have a new woman in his life. They inquire about Borin being a good match, even suggesting a Team Bibbs, but she declines…unfortunately. Gibbs and Borin are too similar. But Diane Neal and Mark Harmon have fabulous chemistry. Their acting is effortless. I’d wholeheartedly welcome Diane Neal permanently to NCIS.

But this episode was surprisingly deeper than finding a woman for Gibbs. The Coast Guard finds a stowed away family from Lebanon aboard a vessel. As the team tries to find out who they are and which one shot a coast guard officer, Ziva makes a bond with the mother. This bonding brings up longstanding family issues Ziva has had for many years. This woman’s life parallels that of Ziva’s mother. It’s now that Ziva feels like she can help this woman, where she couldn’t help her own mother. She pleads with this woman to follow her instincts and not stand behind a man she knows is putting her and her family in harm’s way. Ziva tells her doing this will only harm her further down the line.

In the end, Ziva, feeling sorrowful and alone, asks Gibbs if he’s lonely. Even the team knows Gibbs has never been completely happy since his first wife, Shannon. But Gibbs’ response to Ziva is one of the best in NCIS history. He says, “You’re never alone when you have kids.” Of course, we know Gibbs doesn’t have any legitimate kids, since his daughter was murdered, but we all know that he considers the NCIS team his kids. He protects them. He loves them. He mentors them. They are lucky to have Gibbs in their lives.

This episode has given me hope for the rest of the NCIS season. I hope the standard is upheld.

Best Line #1: Gibbs to Ziva: “You’re never alone when you have kids.”
Best Line #2: Borin to team: “Grab your gear!”

FYI…The website needs to edit their work a little bit better. They have a picture of Diane Neal labeled as Diane Lane. Someone was a little dyslexic that day.

– Tara

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