Review/Recap – The X Factor – 10/18/11

It’s time to find out the Top 16 on The X Factor, and I am hoping these judges do what’s right. Okay, basically, I hope that everyone I love makes it through. 😉 Let’s see what happens. I’ve broken it down by group so that it’s easier to follow. Jump ahead to find out the results.


For the boys left, I’m hoping that L.A. Reid puts through: Chris Rene, Skyelor Anderson, Brennin Hunt, and Tim Cifers.

Brian “Astro” Bradley
My Thoughts: It’s true that he’s talented, but he’s not good enough by far. The voters will either love or hate him.

Phillip Lomax
My Thoughts: I think he has a great voice, and the possibility to be huge. Look at Michael Buble… There is still a market for crooners.

Chris Rene
My Thoughts: I am so happy for him, I think that he will impress us all. The talent that he has is raw, but he’s going to be tremendous one day.

Marcus Canty
My Thoughts: There’s no doubt he’s talented, but I just don’t think he wants or deserves it as much as others. I don’t dislike him…I just don’t love him.

Well, there you have your 4 boys going through. I’m really sad that the only one of my favorites going through is Chris Rene, because I feel like Skyelor and Tim really had a chance. I don’t hate any of the boys, so I’ll survive.


Out of the 8 girls, I want Rachel Crow, Melanie Amaro, Drew Ryniewicz, and Caitlin Koch to go through. Here’s who Simon put through.

Simone Battle
My Thoughts: I couldn’t be more upset by this decision. She’s a diva, and honestly, her personality is annoying. I’m disappointed with this choice.

Drew Ryniewicz
My Thoughts: I couldn’t be happier. I think she deserves it. She is so talented.

Tiah Tolliver
My Thoughts: Are you kidding me? What a stupid decision, Simon! I am so upset by this choice. I could see her being the choice if we were auditioning strippers, but whatever.

Rachel Crow
My Thoughts: I am so happy with this choice. She’s fabulous, and she deserves it.

Then we get a surprise, and after turning Melanie Amaro down, Simon has second thoughts. He goes to Melanie’s house and tells her that he made a mistake and invites her back! She is amazing and never should have been cut.

Simon wouldn’t have had to add an extra girl to his category if he wasn’t so stupid in his choices to begin with. Simone and Tiah are useless, and I’m really quite angry with him for not choosing Caitlin.

Over 30s

For this category, I want Josh Krajcik, Leroy Bell, James Kenney, and Stacey Francis. Let’s see who Nicole put through.

Josh Krajcik
My Thoughts: That’s the best decision Nicole could have made. He’s amazing.

Dexter Haygood
My Thoughts: This is ridiculous. Nicole turned down James for him? I’m disgusted, actually. I get he has a great story, but he’s not as talented as some of the others.

Leroy Bell
My Thoughts: Nicole would have been insane not to take him through. He’s outstanding, and the show would have been way less attractive without him. 🙂

Stacey Francis
My Thoughts: I’m so happy for her, and she has a good chance at making it. Stacey has a beautiful voice. She just needs to get some more confidence.

I am really close to all of my choices going through, but I’m so unhappy with Dexter. He just isn’t good enough.


I guess I have to choose some to go through, so my choices are: The Brewer Boys, Stereo Hogzz, The Anser, and 4Shore. Let’s see who Paula chose.

The Brewer Boys
My Thoughts: Great choice. Teenagers everywhere are going to be able to connect to them.

Lakoda Rayne
My Thoughts: I think that given the groups there were to choose from, these girls have a good shot.

My Thoughts: It’s a big group, but I think that because they are all adorable teenagers, they stand a chance. I could see them on the Disney Channel.

Stereo Hogzz
My Thoughts: I really do like them, but if I had to choose between them and The Anser, I would have gone with The Anser. I just wish the choices had been different.

Overall, I’m only a little happy with the choices. Although I really wish that The Anser could have gone through. I think they had a real shot.
There you have your top 17. Let’s hope that they can deliver. I also hope that the voting public gets it right! Tune in to FOX next Tuesday at 8/7c to see the live shows start.

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One Response to Review/Recap – The X Factor – 10/18/11

  1. Kyle says:

    What happened last night?! It started off so good but then quickly turned into lets keep the rejects and eliminate the good groups!

    The Boys–so diappointed with Brian “Li’l Rapper’ Bradley and Phillip Lomax getting through. I don’t think either of their styles belong in this competiiton. The only thing that could redeem Phillip is if they get him to drop the crooning (and that stupid hat)! Shocked they didn’t put model guy through.

    Girls–Ghaa, when I saw that the final two was between Rachel and Melanie I was devastated as I wanted both of them to continue. But if I had to choose, would have gone with Melanie after Rachel’s performance at Judge’s house. So glad they pulled back in Melanie after that didsaster Tiah got her spot. Happy Dre is continuing and gladd that mess Torah is gone 🙂

    Over 30s–Dexter?! Are you kidding me?! He’s the biggest joke there! Glad Josh and Leroy got through. Would have liked to see the guy with the creepy haircut/all black judges house performance get through (forget his name).

    Groups – How did the Anser not get through? And why Stereo Hogz over 4Sure? At least the latter was a group, not a lead and backup singers. Happy to see the Mickey Mouse Club get through. The Brewer Boys drive me nuts with their synchronized hair toss, acting like they’ve got 10 pounds of hair on their heads causing them to lean to one side. I hope someone chops their hair before the live performances (I know, it’s never going to happen due to the Bieber fan girl quotient).

    So I think overall I’m half really disappointed and half really happy. I suspect I will be skimming the live shows as I seem to enjoy these types of reality shows more for the drama of the auditions and less for the actual music/performances later on–when the show seems to drag on with dramatic commercial breaks and random guest music performances as filler.