Community – Community – “Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps” – 10/27/11

Hi, guys. In case you didn’t see my explanation in my Ringer recap, what a 2 weeks I’ve had. Put everything on hold for the upcoming test week, even my TV shows, and 1 day before the two tests, I get ill. So 2 weeks of restraint and for naught. Can retake the tests in January. Ah well. Now I’m picking up my slack with this Community recap, so it’ll be a little shorter than you’re used to. And be sure and check out my Ringer recap from the latest episode, as well.

Jump with me to read the short recap and my thoughts on the episode.


Britta processed the psychological tests from a few episodes back, and one of the tests came back with the results of a psychopath. To find out who’s the psycho, she asks each member of the group to tell a scary story. After the seven stories, we find out Britta processed the tests wrong, and actually, six tests came back for psychopaths and only one didn’t (Abed’s test didn’t).

And did it work?

Due to episode 3.03 and 3.04 airing out of order (post-processing “Remedial Chaos Theory” took longer than expected), we got the second episode in a row with multiple shorter stories in it. This episode was a lot less ambitious than “Remedial Chaos,” so I felt a little underwhelmed. The basis for each storyline was a polar opposite, though. Each story was told by a person, instead of missing one person, and each storyline had it’s own funny moment. And they could be easily traced back to the person telling the story.

To me, the best storyline would be the one by Shirley. It was predictable, but executed very well. And the Dean as devil, screaming “Gay Marriage” while running into the group with a chainsaw made me laugh hard!

And speaking of the Dean… Good to see Jim Rash again in some horrible outfits and even worse puns (“Trick or Dean”). And his explanation for the flickering light. He got a classical Dean-addition.

And Britta was getting teased hard this episode. Finding out your name is used for a big mistake isn’t nice, but Gillian Jacobs’ face was priceless. And truth be told, Britta is the name you would use to point out a mistike. And when you Britta Britta you pull an Abed, a nice addition.

A new episode of Community is on at 8/7c on NBC this Thursday.

– JJ

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One Response to Community – Community – “Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps” – 10/27/11

  1. Joh says:

    Wow, that was a short recap!

    I agree that it was fun to see the Dean being the Dean again.

    My favorite story was Annie’s, or at least the ending was. When she made the vampire watch his torn-apart body in the stomach of the werewolf, I laughed so hard! Does that make *me* a psycho?…