Recap/Review – Supernatural – “Slash Fiction” – 10/28/11

Amazingly gruesome, funny, and just plain awesome! In case you didn’t get the point, I loved this latest instalment of Supernatural. Not only do I get to see another set of Winchester brothers, but the layers of humour and story were so well done that I didn’t want it to end.

We have Bobby at the grind again, but this time, he is doing hands on research in the basement. The Leviathan that Don Stark had subdued at the end of the last episode is now Bobby’s guinea pig, as Bobby tries to find a way to kill him and all Leviathan. Nothing seems to be working to well, except decapitation, which only slows them down.

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So to the doppelgangers, these Leviathan are having some gruesome fun. Not only are they on killing and robbing sprees, they are also having fun picking on the Winchester’s character flaws. The best is when Sam’s doppelganger asks Dean’s double to trade, because he’d much rather have chuckles over schizo. Dean’s double says no, because Dean has better hair, and tells schizo to keep the big one. This was really funny to me, because at Comic Con 2011, Jensen Ackles (Dean) actually called Jared Padalecki (Sam) the big one!

Anyways, back to the episode, when Sam and Dean become aware of their doppelgangers’ actions, they call Bobby ,who doesn’t have any answers for them. Bobby does however have a contact named Frank Devereaux (Kevin McNally – Joshamee Gibbs in Pirates of the Caribbean blockbusters) that will help the boys, as he owes Bobby a favour. Cue Frank, who is a crazy, conspiracy, computer recluse that is none too happy he has to help the brothers. Frank is an enjoyable character to watch, as he destroys the boys’ IDs, laptop, and then informs Dean that he has to drive a different set of wheels. All I could think was good luck with that! But then the unthinkable happens! We see Dean driving in a mom car with a My Little Pony hanging from the rear-view mirror. Sam reminds Dean that the car is only temporary, so Dean angrily cuts the pony down and says “Nobody puts Baby in the corner!” (line from my daughter’s favourite movie, Dirty Dancing). As if this isn’t enough, the song “All Out Of Love” by Air Supply starts playing on the radio, and of course, Dean starts singing sadly alon,g while Sam looks at him, slightly embarrassed for his brother. During Dean’s solo, Sam does figure out the Leviathan’s pattern and realizes that they are killing in the order of their previous cases.

As the boys find their doubles, the F.B.I. finds Sam and Dean. Bad luck, Winchesters! There is, however, a silver lining, because as the brothers are locked up, a way to incapacitate the Leviathan has been found. But it was not Bobby… It was actually Sheriff Mills who had stopped by to thank Bobby for saving her life. So as Sheriff Mills is cleaning the floors (she wants to add a woman’s touch), she spills Borax cleaning solution, which drips through the floors and onto the Leviathan’s arm. That’s crazy! Who knew that Borax could burn through their skin! Now it’s Bobby’s turn to thank Sheriff Mill’s, so he runs upstairs and…. KISSES HER! Yay for Bobby!

Dean gets the info in the nick of time and is able to convince a cop to help him. Unfortunately, it was not before Dean’s double spills the secret of Amy’s killing to Sam.

There is a small moment near the end where we meet the actual Leviathan leader (Dick Roman). We meet him thanks to Crowley, who has high hopes of forging a relationship with the Leviathan. No dice! The Boss (we have not been given his name yet) basically lets Crowley know that he is scum, all demons are scum, and even humans are a step above him.

So now the killing of the doppelgangers have been covered up, Bobby has sadly let Sheriff Mills go home without giving in to her emotional advances, and the boys are having their wrap-up session.

Sam tells Dean what is bothering him, that he knows about Amy. Dean starts to explain, but Sam doesn’t want to hear it. In fact, Sam doesn’t ever want to hear Dean talk to him again! Sam grabs his bags and lets Dean know that they should go their separate ways. Dean gives in and gets in his car as Sam walks away.


  • Many sites did not like this ending and felt the story was regressing. I completely disagree! As sad as it was to see the pain both characters were feeling, I felt it was the most honest direction the writers could take. I mean, would you trust your brother in life or death situations if he had lied so blatantly to you? Especially about someone so close to your heart? I don’t think so! And even though I was disappointed that Dean gave in so quickly, I also knew there was nothing he could say to Sam to make things better. I loved the ending, as it will make the upcoming episodes even more interesting!
  • It was great to see a bit more of Bobby’s inner character and to see into Bobby’s sadness as his double taunted him with his inner thoughts. I really hope that Sheriff Mills is able to break through Bobby’s walls. I know Bobby is scared to have any more people close to him, but as the Leviathan pointed out while he was in his mind, Bobby has hope for a normal life with Sheriff Mills. The question is, will he let her in? I hope so, because who doesn’t want to see someone take care of Bobby for a change?
  • The Leviathan have infiltrated everywhere! There seems to be no facet of government or law enforcement free of them. As I stated earlier in the season, this force may be too strong for Sam and Dean to stop. And now that the brothers have split, the future looks even dimmer!

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