Recap/Review Ringer – Ringer – “The Poor Kids Do It Everyday” – 10/18/11

Hi, guys. What a 2 weeks I’ve had. Put everything on hold for the upcoming test week, even my TV shows, and 1 day before the two tests, I get ill. So 2 weeks of restraint and for naught. Can retake the tests in January. Ah well. Now I’m picking up my slack with this Ringer recap, so it’ll be a little shorter than you’re used to. And Community is coming up, as well.

Here’s what happened almost 2 weeks ago…

Henry has to clean up the mess from the ending of the previous episode. He drops the trash in a trashcan and Gemma’s car at JFK.

Bridget is having a hard time with the stash of drugs Juliet gave her, but Charlie helps her deal with it.

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Juliet is having a hard time at public school – especially with one girl, Tessa. When Tessa and Juliet get into a physical fight, Juliet’s new teacher Mr. Carpenter (Jason Dohring, Veronica Mars) comes to the rescue.

As Bridget worries about where Gemma is, we find out Henry doesn’t know about what happened to Gemma, either. The home was a mess when he got there. Henry blames Bridget for Gemma disappearing, as we get a glimpse of Siobhan and Henry eight months ago. Siobhan said she wishes Andrew and Gemma were gone and implies they should take matters into their own hands.

Malcolm is still being drugged, and he seems to crack to the pressure. Agent Machado is looking for him, and they find some traces connecting Malcolm to Macawi. As Machado confronts Macawi, he gets sent away, because he doesn’t have a warrant. When Machado comes back with the warrant, Malcolm is already gone.

Bridget reports Gemma missing through an anonymous call. Two NYPD agents confront Henry, and they take him to the station for some questions. They suddenly end the conversation, and quickly afterward, call Agent Machado. Bridget’s fingerprints were found on the vase Henry tried to get rid off. Agent Machado offers Bridget-as-Siobhan his regrets for Gemma being missing and asks if she knows a reason why Bridget would hurt Gemma. We find out Bridget planted those fingerprints.

Back in Paris, Siobhan receives a call, and a mysterious voice says, “The Gemma problem has been taken care off.”

As for the review…

The best thing about this episode is most definitely Kristoffer Polaha (Henry). He had to portray some very different moods, and he did it perfectly. In the least, he made me believe he really doesn’t know what happened to Gemma and is very conflicted about his feelings for Siobhan.

A very welcome entrance for Jason Dohring. Always nice to see Veronica Mars alums getting back on the screen (in shows I watch). And Juliet/Mr. Carpenter would be a very nice pairing.

Siobhan foreshadowing she might hurt Gemma and/or Andrew. Some very nice foreshadowing to the future. Siobhan probably has been planning this for a very long time. And also some nice work by Sarah Michelle Gellar.

The only scene I didn’t like was where Henry snuck up on Bridget. They seemed to plan that one just because of the commercial break. And sneaking up on someone is never the best way to start a conversation.

As for the writing, they gave Charlie the best line of the night. When he got rid of the drugs, he told Bridget, “You can look yourself in the eye and have no regrets,” while we see a reflection of Bridget. To me, the mirrors in the first two episodes were too much, but this little shot with Charlie’s line was a nice theme.

The next episode is titled “Oh Gawd, There’s Two of Them?” That title makes me very curious about what is going to happen. That episode will air November 1, 2011 on The CW at 9/8c.

And I promise it’ll be up earlier this time.

– JJ

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