Recap/Review – The X Factor – Top 12 – 11/2/11

Tonight is the first night that America gets to vote for their favorite contestant on The X Factor. I’m excited to see how everyone does, and overall, it was a great night.

Before we take a look at tonight’s performances, I just want to repeat the announcement of The X Factor being picked up for another season. It’s well deserved, but for now, let’s just get through this week’s review. Let’s take a look after the jump.

The Boys

Chris Rene
My Thoughts: He looks adorable without his hat and clothes that fit him better. I do wish he’d stop the crazy hand movements, though. That was a great performance, and he really pulled it out. Well done.
Judges: The judges enjoyed him, and even Simon admitted to liking him.
My Thoughts: Let’s be honest for a minute. I’m not a Hip Hop critic. In fact, I barely listen to it. That said, Astro is amazing. Not only does he write his own rhymes, he has this magical ability to deliver them as smooth as butter. I’m hooked. That said, he is a rapper, and it is a singing competition, so does he have a chance? I’m not sure.
Judges: Simon thinks he has swagger, and L.A. is super proud.
Marcus Canty
My Thoughts: He looked super cute and sexy, but his vocals were a little shaky. I did enjoy the dancing, and maybe it would have been easier if he’d had a head set? Not sure.
Judges: Simon had to admit that the song was a great choice. L.A. was really happy with his performance.

The Girls

Rachel Crow
My Thoughts: That was really good. I love this girl. She’s adorable. Rachel looks so cute with her hair up like that and a little make up. I enjoyed the song, but the choice to change the lyrics seemed a little off. I do wish that she’d get to sing something like she sang in Boot Camp week, “If I Were a Boy.” That was her best performance ever.
Judges: They all loved her, even though Nicole was unsure about the lyric change. Simon thinks she’ll be around for a very long time.
Melanie Amaro
My Thoughts: “Desperado?” Really? That was insanely good. Melanie is outstanding, and she looked fabulous tonight.
Judges: They all sang her praises. Nicole called her limitless. Simon said he didn’t realize how good she actually was.
My Thoughts: That was a nice change of pace from her usual sad slow songs, because she added a more upbeat part. I thought the lying on the stage with the flowers was odd and looked uncomfortable. Although nothing can take away from her sweet voice… so pure.
Judges: They all gushed about how amazing she is. Simon gave a speech about her being his mentor more than the other way around.

The Groups

The Stereo Hogzz
My Thoughts: It wasn’t an overly strong vocal performance, but the performance as a whole was strong. Their dancing was really great, but again, the voices were a little weak. All that said, the charisma and smoothness that oozes off of them is amazing.
Judges: Simon thinks they are great. So does the whole panel.

Lakoda Rayne
My Thoughts: I was not a fan of the theme of seasons. They looked beautiful, but their harmonies were a little rough, in my opinion.
Judges: There were mixed reviews. The women thought they were beautiful and sounded good. Simon thought they looked ridiculous.
My Thoughts: I liked them a lot more this week, because they seemed more current. It was nice to see some of the guys featured more. I still think they’re a bit too Mickey Mouse Club for me, but they could grow on me.
Judges: Simon says he shouldn’t like the,m but he does. Paula was beaming with pride.

Over 30s

LeRoy Bell
My Thoughts: There is no denying this man is sexy… oh so sexy. His voice is like sweet velvet. However, this arrangement was not my favorite.
Judges: Mixed reviews, because Simon and L.A. weren’t a fan of the song.
Josh Krajcik
My Thoughts: That was amazing. “Jar of Hearts” is one of my favorite songs, and he nailed it. I would buy an album with him singing this song. So enchanting.
Judges: Simon thought it was incredible and stunning. Nicole was so proud.
Stacy Francis
My Thoughts: Well, she looked beautiful. Her voice was strong and almost angelic at times. A strong performance overall.
Judges: Simon wanted a kiss, for suggesting the “church” music. He said she was one of the best performances of the night. Nicole was so pleased with her honesty.
It was a really strong night, and while there are a few weird staging choices, there weren’t really any bad moments. America, you have your work cut out for you. Tune in to FOX at 8/7c on Thursday night to see who goes home.

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