Recap/Review – Community – “Advanced Gay” – 11/3/11


Pierce finds out Hawthorne Wipes is used a lot by gays, and he embraces it by throwing a big party (“Gay Bash”). The plans get shut down when Cornelius Hawthorne, Pierce’s father, walks in. Turns out Pierce’s racism came from his father. Even though Pierce cancelled the party, it’s still on, because Jeff made it.

Troy gets visited by the janitor, Jerry, to help him fix a toilet (seen previously on “English as a Second Language”). While doing that, a recruiter for the Air Conditioning Repair Annex sees it and entices Troy to visit them. He declines, but gets kidnapped and put to the test. Vice Dean Laybourne shows an interest in Troy and gives him 24 hours to decide if he wants to be an air conditioning repairman, but he’ll be that for the rest of his life.

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That night at the party, Troy repairs the air conditioning, and Jerry tries to dissuade him from becoming a air conditioning repairman, because they’re all pretentious. Troy tells him he just wants to watch TV with his friend.

Cornelius walks in on the party, and Pierce doesn’t want to disappoint him. Pierce tells everyone that Hawthorne Wipes will be a straight-only product. Because everyone at the party is disappointed, Pierce fakes another heart attack.

Back at the nurse’s office, Jeff and Cornelius get into an argument, and Jeff eventually tells Cornelius “the world is done with him.” Cornelius falls to the ground, and Jeff thinks it is another fake heart attack, but that speech did kill Cornelius.

Troy turns down Vice Dean Laybourne, but the Vice Dean won’t let go that easily, Troy has a talent that Laybourne himself doesn’t have.

And did it work?

This was a very funny and entertaining episode. They kept firing jokes left and right, and I actually had to watch it a few times to catch all of them.

The more obvious jokes were funny (“Stop putting gay things in my mouth” and “Why are you smiling?” after Shirley said some pretty gruesome things), but the small things were good, as well (Pierce’s middle name is Anastacia).

I’m a sucker for continuity, so it was nice to see Vice Dean Laybourne again, and see that Troy still somehow is very good with manual repair work. The score that played in the Troy scenes reminded me of “English as a Second Language,” but also of the trampoline episode, “Zen and the Art of Trampoline Maintenance.” A nice example of how music can spark a memory.

Pierce is getting some character growth, which is nice, as well. Makes him more interesting for sure (would be fun to start exploring how much of his racism was naiveté).

The bits with Britta trying to force Jeff and Pierce to admit they have daddy issues were funny. And she actually did get them to tackle those issues (“Look at me now, Dad”).

Other tidbits that made me laugh:

  • Pierce calling Wikipedia “Why-ke-pi-dia.”
  • Abed channeling his Troy in a conversation with Troy.
  • Chang calling Jeff gay after hitting up two guys and taking a transvestite home.
  • Inspector Spacetime and the Blogons.
  • And the history of air conditioning plus taking a breath-print to open a room.

Tune in next week on NBC for a new Community, in which Annie moves in with Troy and Abed.

– JJ

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