Recap/Review – Community – “Studies in Modern Movement” – 11/10/11


Annie is moving in with Troy and Abed, and the group (minus Jeff) help her move. Britta makes Annie doubt herself by saying the things Annie loves about Trobed will be the thing she’ll grow to hate. Britta advises Annie to go loose so that Trobed won’t get to her and she won’t hate them.

When they get to Trobed’s apartment, they don’t have a separate room for Annie, but they made a blanket fort for her to sleep in. She isn’t too happy, but when Trobed gives her a housewarming, she gets used to the idea of living with them.

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She later finds out the second bedroom is being used as a dream-a-torium (a green room for their imagination) and wants to move back to her old apartment.

Trobed really does want Annie to live with them, so they offer her the bedroom and move to the blanket fort themselves.

In other storylines:

Jeff runs into the Dean at the mall and forces him to have lunch, because he knows Jeff is dodging helping Annie move. They conclude their lunch date by singing “Kiss From A Rose” in a karaoke booth. Dean Craig ruins their date by mentioning something that Jeff emailed to his therapist, so the blackmail is over.

While driving Annie’s boxes, Shirley and Britta pick up a hitchhiker. Shirley isn’t too glad about it, but it turns out the guy is very religious, much to Shirley’s enthusiasm. It quickly turns around when the guy is pro-drugs, much to Britta’s enthusiasm. They throw him out of the car when he mentions race mixing is wrong.

When the gang is moving Annie’s boxes, Pierce gets left behind to fix Annie’s apartment so she gets her security deposit back. Things turn sour when he spills the paint and the window closes. When the landlord walks in to check the apartment, he finds Pierce making snow angels in the paint.

And did it work:

This episode definitely went for the feeling instead of the laughs. The best line of the night went to Annie saying, “Britta! Don’t make jokes. You’re bad at it.” That was the only line that really made me laugh out loud.

And I like seeing the Dean/Craig outside of Greendale. Jim Rash deserves it after being made a regular, and this episode was a great way to do it. He finally gets his date with Jeff, and the karaoke booth was just a stroke of genius. And he still makes awful puns with his name: “I’m just a Craigular Joe.”

I didn’t really care for Pierce’s storyline. It was nice how his big mouth got him to fix the apartment, when he only made it worse. After the paint spill, it just didn’t add that much to the episode.

And Trobed actually showed some sense in giving Annie the bedroom. And I do think Trobed will be happier sleeping in a blanket fort.

Tune in next week for a new episode, where the study group is enlisted to make the new commercial for the school, at 9:30/8:30c on NBC.

– JJ

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