Recap/Review – Ringer – “Maybe We Can Get A Dog Instead” – 11/8/11

Hi, guys. I’m a little later than I wanted. I got a last-minute chance to retake 1 of the missed tests, so I had to prepare for it. Aced it, though. As for Ringer, this was a very up-and-down episode for me, but let’s first recount what happened.


We pick up at the hospital, where Bridget is getting her ultrasound. As expected, they don’t find a heartbeat and assume it has been a miscarriage. Andrew takes Bridget home, and he and Juliet take good care of Bridget, even though nobody really knows how to act.

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Malcolm has finally gotten to New York, where he and Bridget meet up at his motel in the middle of the night. He tells her about what happened, but not about his addiction. She explains that she tried to pin Gemma’s disappearance on Bridget, so that might get him involved, as well.

Back at school, Juliet is still getting into trouble with Tessa, and she tries to get her teacher to solve the problem for her. The next day, she finds out he placed her out of his class, and she isn’t too happy about it. She lets him know she likes him, but he doesn’t seem to share the feelings. To still get the chance to be around him, she joins a club he runs.

Andrew was forced to fire the head of European Operations because he lost some documents with Andrew’s signature (the ones Siobhan stole from Tyler). Because of the open position, Andrew invites Tyler to New York to talk about a promotion.

Charlie and Bridget meet up for lunch to talk about Gemma’s car, and Charlie tells her he didn’t find anything. She tells him Malcolm is in town, and that makes Carlie call Siobhan when Bridget leaves. Siobhan tells Charlie to “get it done,” but he tells her he won’t handle it like Gemma, because that got out of hand.

Henry tries to reach Bridget to ask about Charlie and Gemma’s car, but Juliet has to tell him about Bridget losing the baby. He races over to talk to her about it, and he’s devastated that she lost the baby and that their affair really appears to be over.

Over the course of the episode, we get flashbacks, in which we get to see how Bridget got in NA in Rock Springs 9 months ago, how Malcolm and Bridget grew to like each other, and how Malcolm helped Bridget get in touch with Siobhan.

Agent Machado finds out Malcolm is in New York and arrests him. They find the drugs Malcolm had on him, but they don’t press charges, because Machado wants to find Bridget through Malcolm.

At the apartment, Juliet and Bridget bond over the idea of another child in the family, because Juliet was just getting used to it. When Juliet asks Bridget if they’ll try again, Bridget says no, and Andrew overhears. He confronts her the next morning, but before she gets a chance to explain, he walks out.

Just before Bridget meets up with Malcolm, Agent Machado interferes and forces Bridget to wear a wire for the meeting. He will listen and look in on their meeting to find out what Malcolm knows about Bridget.

When they meet up, she tries her best to let Malcolm know she isn’t Bridget, but Siobhan. He doesn’t seem to understand, so she gets the waiter to show Malcolm a note that says Machado is listening and watching.

After the meeting, Bridget puts Machado in his place, because he didn’t tell her Malcolm is a drug addict and that he didn’t help him with his drug problem because he doesn’t have a vested interest in him.

After the awkward lunch, Bridget and Malcolm meet up outside of Machado’s watchful eye, and he tells her that Macawi got him hooked on drugs again, just to be able to take it away. She wants to help him beat it, but he doesn’t believe her and wants money for drugs.

That night, Bridget walks in to Andrew’s dinner with Tyler, and Bridget-as-Siobhan gets introduced to Tyler. When Andrew isn’t paying attention, Tyler tries to confront Bridget about calling herself Cora and forgetting to mention she’s the boss’ wife.

After the dinner, Tyler calls Siobhan-as-Cora and confronts her about the dinner. She has to play along about what happened, but he forces her out of the hotel (which his company was still paying for her).

In the car home, Bridget and Andrew have a nice moment to make up for their argument from earlier about their marriage. When they get home, Malcolm is waiting for Bridget. Bridget and Malcolm officially meet, and Andrew and Bridget offer Malcolm a place for the night. The next morning, Bridget takes Malcolm to Charlie to help him beat his addiction.


Let’s start with the worst part about this episode—the business dinner scene. Since the moment Andrew invited Tyler to New York, I was waiting in anticipation of how that dinner would play out. And when Bridget walked in on the dinner, I couldn’t be more excited. And then? Nothing. Or hardly anything. It felt like the episode was pressed for time and had no time to work the scene out. Hopefully, that scene will get some more payoff in an upcoming episode.

The rest of the episode was a lot more interesting.

The best line of the night went to Bridget in her conversation with Andrew: “We need to get some doors in this place.” She delivered it perfectly, and it made me realize they really hardly have any doors at all.

Juliet is getting more human, and in the scenes with Bridget, she was being really sweet. But her crushing on her teacher is heading in a wrong direction. At least he tried to prevent it from turning bad, but she’s very persistent.

The episode was very light on Henry, but I was glad to see he appears to be moving on somewhat. He is still hanging on to the hope that things might get better, but he seems to accept that it’s hope and not realistic.

And Bridget was quick at thinking on her feet this episode. She solved the problem about Machado’s surveillance smartly, and she managed to put Machado in his place, as well.

Andrew getting mad about Bridget saying she might not want children was a little childish. I can imagine parents don’t think about getting pregnant again the night they find out they lost a baby.

Next week, Bridget gets in touch with Siobhan’s therapist to find out about Siobhan, Henry and Olivia bond, and Malcolm gets suspicious of Charlie, at 9/8c on The CW.

– JJ

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