Interview with Adam Pally & Zach Knighton from Happy Endings

Adam Pally & Zach Knighton, who play Max & Dave respectively on Happy Endings, recently spoke to the press. They are just as funny and silly and crazy as their characters, and you can tell they really enjoy their show and cast. Check out the Q&A below!

On the cast gelling more this season

Adam Pally: Well I’ve heard that a lot. I feel like we were gelling last year too. I just feel like more eyes are on us this year. Because it was kind of instant like from the moment we started working on the show, everybody kind of has similar sensibility.

And everybody became friends. And I think that like any friendship, the longer that you’re in it, the more comfortable that you get. And I think that that’s what’s happening now.

Zach Knighton: Yes I would agree.
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On how they get the guest stars for the show

Adam: No. I think it’s we’re still begging friends. I’d like to say that there’s a big rush of Hollywood trying to sign up. But basically any guest star that you’ve seen is a friend of ours. Would you agree Zach?

Zach: Well except Megan Mullally and Damon Wayan Sr. was Damon’s dad. So there’s a little family.

Adam: Although Megan is friends with Casey. And we’re friends with her husband.

Zach: And we begged a lot of friends to do it and they haven’t done it so.

Adam: Yes, so it’s all our friends that have turned us down. You’re real assholes.

On whether or not we’ll see Zach (Max) perform more music on the show

Zach: Well, I don’t know. I think that Max and Dave should start a jug band. What do you think Adam?

Adam: I think that would be awesome of Max was playing his washboard abs.

Zach: Oh yes.

Adam: First Max has to get a set of washboard abs.

Zach: Well he’ll borrow someones.

Adam: Max just has a dude standing there while he’s playing his abs.

Zach: He’s got some like ripped dude standing there and he’s playing his abs with a spoon.

On how much improvisation makes it into the show & the process for that

Adam: Yes. Go ahead Zach. You go ahead.

Zach: I was just going to say I don’t come from an improv background. These guys all do have sort of just coming along for the ride.

Adam: Yes but that doesn’t, but you still improvise almost as much as anybody else on the show.

Zach: Yes. My improv background is right now with – I’m in an improv class at work everyday with these guys.

Adam: I’m trying to think of my favorite moment from the show that was improvised. Well Damon and I’s N-word bit was improvised where Max is trying to say the N-word. And we continue to improvise that bit almost every episode.

Zach: My predator line in the pilot was improved.

Adam: Yes.

Zach: I would say our process kind of starts at rehearsal before we shoot, while we’re sort of blocking for the camera, everyone kind of riffs. And we sort of whittle it down, you know, from there.

And we find different ideas kind of that are peppered throughout the scene that we end up going with after sort of a bigger riff I would say. Wouldn’t you say Max, Pally?

Adam: I’ll say – I’ll respond to all those names. And yes, I would say that that’s pretty much right except that after we do that when the cameras are rolling, I would say that we find stuff, you know, 50% of the time in the moment. Which is really fun and exciting.

On their ultimate vacation

Adam: Any place with a casino.

Adam: Hey Morongo, if there’s a – there’s a casino there right?

Zach: Yes.

Adam: Oh that sounds fun and weird, what about you?

Zach: I’m on a staycation right now actually. I got a little like vintage old camper and I’m down with my wife and my kid. And we’re down south having a little surfing vacation, awesome.

On which would win in a street race between the Steak Me Home truck & the limo

Adam: Oh, the Steak Me Home Tonight.

Zach: Because Max would probably forget his keys or something.

Adam: Yes. Well that limo is like barely running. Any time we’ve had to drive that limo it’s taken four hours for them to jump-start it.

Zach: I think the limo’s time is pretty limited.

Adam: Although you remember last year when we were driving the Steak Me Home Tonight truck and they wired it wrong. And so the fumes were coming into the truck?

Zach: Yes.

On their reactions and plans for their characters when they got picked up for season 2

Adam: I think that when we found out we were just so excited to do more episodes and kind of work with each other again that we – that was the first thought. And I think we trust the writers wholeheartedly.

So, you know, I never feel like I’m not getting to do something with Max. I don’t know how you feel, Zach.

Zach: Well definitely for me I wanted to move away from all the left at the altar relationship stuff and really start to have story lines with everybody else, which I didn’t really get so much in the first season.

But, you know, that was definitely a goal of mine. And I think, you know, luckily it was the same with the writers. And we’ve gotten to have a lot more fun with Dave this year.

On the relationship between Alex & Dave being less awkward

Zach: Yes I mean they’re pretty much, I don’t even know if we’ve really – we acknowledged it like once I think so far this season. So it’s kind of nice to leave stuff alone.

Adam: But that’s kind of real, you know, it’s like of course it’s going to awkward in the beginning after a break up like that, you know.

Zach: [As for seeing more of Dave’s life apart from Alex] I think the same goes for Elisha’s character. I mean they’ve just, now that she doesn’t have to deal with all this like trying to buy back the audience and let the audience know that she’s okay, you know, she gets funny stuff to do now. Which I’m sure she’s the best – she’s having fun with that too.

On meeting Dave’s dad

Zach: I don’t know. But my dad had a really funny pitch that like me and Pally are walking down the street one day and my dad walks by. And we just stop and sort of stare at each other and examine each other up and down and then just keep walking.

Like Dave has never met his father. It’s like (unintelligible) totally. And it’s like you don’t know if that guys is your dad or like some kind of legend of batter vance. And he like walked through a wall after giving you great golf advice.

Adam: I heard there was a reference to Dave’s dad being like some kind of hardcore, right wing like gun toting, I don’t know, person.

Well we haven’t met Jane and Alex’s dad either.

Zach: No we haven’t.

On which cast member would survive a zombie apocalypse

Zach: Me.

Adam: Yes I would say Zach.

Zach: I got the survival skills…

These guys are a bunch of nitty kids.

Adam: Yes I mean well first of all, I’m a Jew. So like as soon as something bad happens, I’m going to run. I’m not sticking around for any of this. You know, we’re a desert people. We start moving.

You know, I’m a Jew, so that means I’m not really good with my hands.

It’s not like I could build anything. You know, I could hire someone if money is still relevant.

And then I think Zach would – Zach is like the most like, you know, Zach is like survivor man. Like he would – he could figure it out, and definitely not Damon, definitely not Damon.

Zach: No way. Well Damon would put up a good fight. But he would go – he would be making too much noise and the zombies would come and take him out like…

Adam: Yes he’d be loud.
Thanks to the guys for the fun call! Tune in to Happy Endings on ABC on Wednesdays at 9:30/8:30c, with a new episode tonight!

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