Recap/Review – The X Factor – Top 10 – 11/16/11

Only 10 finalists left in The X Factor, and last night, they took on the genre of Rock. This is such an amazing genre if it’s done right, but at the same time, such a disaster if it’s not approached properly. Last night, there were a lot of misses and only a few stand outs.

Jump ahead to see what I thought of the performances, and as always, feel free to share your opinions below! I’m always interested in your thoughts.

The Girls

Rachel Crow was adorable, but not nearly as amazing as last week when she chose her own song (“I’d Rather Go Blind” by Ella Fitzgerald). Granted, at least her song, Satisfaction, is actually from the rock genre. I hated the bubble gum version Simon turned it into. Rachel is by far one of the most talented contestants, but I feel at times like Simon doesn’t realize that. Shame on him.

Melanie Amaro can sing. Her voice is incredible, but she is lacking in the originality factor. Why not shake it up a bit? You can be a soulful singer and still get dirty with a bit of rock.

Drew did the usual slow version of a song. Last night, it was “With or Without You” by U2, and it was actually kind of boring. When I hear U2 sing this, it moves me, and I feel connected. With Drew, I felt disappointed. She will still be here, though, because she has a huge fan base.

Overall, I feel that Simon is letting his girls down. He didn’t help them find the right song in the genre, and at times, I feel like he doesn’t feel Rachel is as good as the others. I hope he can get his head in the game, because any one of these girls deserve to win it.

The Boys

I’m not sure what I thought of Chris Rene’s performance. I actually like “No Woman No Cry” by Bob Marley, but it’s not rock. I don’t care if he is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; I just feel like it didn’t suit the genre. That said, Chris also didn’t deliver the way he did last week, so I’m just underwhelmed.

Astro is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to his ability to spit out a rhyme. The kid without a doubt sets the mic on fire, week after week. Last week’s Eminem song was undeniably the best I’ve seen a young rapper on these talent shows. This week’s performance of “I’ll be Missing You” was tight, but I think no matter how hard L.A. Reid tried, there was no making Astro a rocker.

Finally, we had the church boy Marcus Canty, who had a hypocritical performance if I’ve ever seen one. His video reel was all about him, his church, the sunday school kids, and Marcus wanting to be a role model. Cue scanky back up dancers, and Marcus sliding on his back under about 6 of their legs… that’s a role model, all right. 😉 Not to mention the stage was lit in flames, like hell, so I have to wonder what L.A. Reid was thinking about his contestant when he chose this staging. Let’s put the church boy on stage with fire, trampy dancers, and make him talk about being a role model. No one will ever question that. 🙂 His vocals were decent, but I was so distracted by the irony, I couldn’t focus.

Overall, the genre was missed again, but the performances missed for me, as well. Surprisingly enough, my favorite out of the boys was Astro, because no matter what, that kid is super talented.

The Groups

This is a short category to write up because, well, there’s only one—Lakoda Rayne—and I really don’t like them at all. I think that out of the groups there were in the original auditions, we could have so much more than a group of 4 pretty girls singing without a purpose. I honestly believe that their biggest issue is that they don’t know who the hell they are. Last night, they were wearing disturbing outfits—especially the girl with the giant bow in her hair (who’s name I don’t care to remember), and they sang a mash up of “Your Love” and “Go Your Own Way.” It was terrible, atrocious, and not rock again.

I think I threw up in my mouth a little, when Paula had the nerve to call them the heirs to the Dixie Chicks. Really? The Dixie Chicks are not only astounding musicians and singers, but they don’t suffer from identity crisis—oh, and they’re aren’t dead. 😉

Overall, I think that this performance only confirms what we’ve all been thinking since the beginning: the groups are going home first.

Over 30s

I still adore LeRoy Bell, and he is still, by far, one of the sexiest 60-year-olds I have ever seen. However, he was not great last night. Can he sing? He can, but last night, it was lack luster, and he really failed to connect with the audience—again. I feel like Nicole (who I don’t like on a good day), is not a very good mentor for LeRoy.

What can be said about the train wreck that is Stacy Francis? It’s not a secret that the girl can sing, but what she did last night was not singing. My ears were bleeding from how flat she was, and I swear the stray cats outside my house thought it was a mating call. Am I being mean? Well, sure, but the girl has got to get a clue. Meatloaf? Really? That was even worse than Lakoda Rayne, and that takes an exceptional nose dive to be worse than they are.

The only saving grace of the entire group, and quite possibly the night, was Josh Krajcik. He killed it with “The Pretender” by the Foo Fighters. That was exactly what should have been given from all the performers, but wasn’t. Josh was outstanding as usual, but this week, his rocker edge made it even more so.
Overall, the Over 30’s didn’t deliver—only Josh did. Nicole is shaping up to be a lousy mentor, and I found her disturbing last night. When she was rocking out all psychotic to Josh singing, I thought it was a bit much and just a little too fake.
Tune in to tonight to FOX at 8/7c to see who is going home. If I was a betting girl, I’d put $1000 on Lakoda Rayne going home tonight, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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7 Responses to Recap/Review – The X Factor – Top 10 – 11/16/11

  1. Kyle says:

    I did like how Lakoda Rayne put their names up on the screen behind them in a last-ditch effort to try to humanize their group and make them more accessible. I would really rather see non-singer Brian go first (refuse to call him by that stupid nickname). I like Drew’s voice, but she is just so darn boring (she reminds me so much of the Irish girl currently on the UK version–unique voice/sound but just no excitement).

    They really need someone enforcing the genre. Last week’s movie songs was a joke–Simon just picking songs and retrofitting films & others not even picking popular/known movie songs. This week should have been fast moving and rocking, but a lot of dull, boring music!

    Note, I am just skimming the show, watching only about 30 sec of each performance followed by critique. Didn’t watch more than a few secs of Brian–just confirming that he continues to not sing.

  2. Megan says:

    Rap/Hip-Hop is a genre of music. Astro is relevant, and very talented. I don’t feel like he shouldn’t be allowed to be on a music show just because his style is rap, instead of the typical pop/rock/country. It’s a music show and Rap is music. I personally listen to multiple kinds of music, including rap. I enjoy Drake, Jay-Z, Ludacris, and they all use their ‘nicknames’. The kid deserves respect for his talent. Lakoda Rayne doesn’t because they aren’t as talented. They are mediocre at what they do – Brian (aka Astro) is a star at what he does.

    I do however agree they need to enforce the genres or just don’t bother having them.

  3. megan says:

    Well, I don’t know who is going home, but I do now know that if I had really bet on Lakoda Rayne going home I would have lost. They’re through to next week. Insane.

  4. Well after tonight’s results show, I really feel justified in my hatred of Brian–really showed his immaturity and another reason why he shouldn’t win!

  5. Kyle says:

    Oops–that was me, stupid auto-fill on the iPhone 🙂

  6. megan says:

    I was really shocked by his behaviour, but what I saw was a young boy. Hurt and scared and not knowing any other way to survive than to strike out and act obnoxious. I think it’s a learning experience and I still stand by his talent. He needs to smarten up, and learn that. Being in the bottom isn’t a rejection it’s just a numbers thing. I still enjoy his rapping skills, but he has to grow up a bit. Stacy deserved to go home because she was terrible.

  7. Kyle says:

    Oh, no doubt Stacey was bad (what a terrible, generic song choice for her last-ditch effort to stay in). I can’t compare to Brian’s performance as I refuse to listen to his rapping. 🙂 However, I just don’t know how anyone could vote to keep Brian after that attitude (except for his mentor). I really hope he continues to be in the bottom based on that attitude, until he is gone.
    At first I thought Brian was making a comment on how bad Stacey was when he asked if he should even bother. But his reason was worse–you’re in the bottom 2 of the top 10 of thousands! And it’s likely that most/all 10 of the folks up there will end up with some sort of contract even if they don’t win!