Recap/Review – Ringer – “Shut Up and Eat Your Bologna” – 11/15/11


Andrew and Bridget are planning a vacation, and the wedding dress Juliet tried to destroy has been fixed. When Andrew wants to put the dress away, Bridget notices she really need to get rid of the gun. She calls Charlie to help her, and on the other hand, we see in Charlie’s basement that Gemma is still alive! Later that day at an NA meeting, Bridget gives Charlie the gun. He asks how she got it, and she has to lie.

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In flashbacks, we see the point where Bridget escaped from the FBI. Jimmy (the agent Bridget “hit”) came in her room to warn Bridget that Macawi has a lot of cops on his side. He tells her to go see family and gives her his gun.

At Martin & Charles, Henry is signing some documents, and he has his kids with him. Gemma’s parents haven’t been doing too well since Gemma’s disappearance. This prompts Olivia to put the pressure on Andrew to go after the Arbogasts, Gemma’s rich parents. She reminds Andrew they lost two investors recently, and they need to fill the losses. And this is a great time for that with the Arbogasts.

Later that day, Bridget updates Malcolm about the gun, but Malcolm doesn’t trust Charlie. Malcolm is also worried about Bridget, because Andrew isn’t her life. He thinks she should be trying hard to find out about who was after Siobhan.

When she looks through the apartment, she finds some drugs and Siobhan’s therapist’s name. She calls to make an appointment.

At the therapist’s office, the therapist notices “Siobhan” isn’t acting like herself. She also asks why she used her own name to make the appointment. In a flashback, we see the business dinner with Tyler, and Bridget figures out Siobhan calls herself Cora. The therapist wants to know how she’s doing. With all the changes to her relationships with Henry, Andrew, and Juliet the therapist is proud of her. At the end of the appointment, the therapist won’t fill a new prescription, because she doesn’t need it (and wasn’t taking anti-depressants for depression).

At Charlie’s, Malcolm seems to be having some withdrawal problems and sees some mouthwash. He makes Charlie get rid of it, and when Charlie leaves, he calls Bridget. He tells her he is still suspicious of Charlie, because he doesn’t really seem to be living there. Bridget breaks off the conversation to break into Siobhan’s therapist’s office. The therapist walks in; Bridget manages to prevent the cops from being called, but not before stealing the last page of Siobhan’s session. Siobhan was paranoid and found answers in a cathedral.

Back at home, Andrew and Bridget share a sweet moment where he asks her if she’d be with him even if they lost everything, and she says yes.

When Charlie gets home, Malcolm apologizes about the incident with the mouthwash. Charlie goes off to take a shower, and Malcolm goes through his belongings. He finds a keychain with an address. There he finds a letter addressed to “John Delario.”

Bridget goes to check out Siobhan’s cathedral, but it is some sort of bar, and she finds Charlie there, drinking. She asks about Charlie and finds out he’s there regularly. She goes away, and Charlie receives a call from Siobhan. As it turns out, Jimmy was planted by Charlie/John, and Charlie is very happy he has Jimmy/Bridget’s gun.

At the office, Andrew tells Olivia he’s not going after Arbogast because of “Siobhan.” Olivia isn’t too pleased and destroys the form Henry signed earlier. She makes an appointment with Henry that night with the excuse he missed a page. Olivia tells Henry that Andrew lost his killer instinct when he and Siobhan got back together. When Henry leaves the room to look after his kids, Olivia goes through his phone to find Mr. Arbogast’s number and finds a picture of Henry and Siobhan. She emails the picture to herself.

Malcolm and Bridget talk about Siobhan. They think Charlie might be the person Siobhan was so afraid of. They devise a plan. Bridget and Charlie meet at a cafe under the guise of her drug problem. She thanks him for all that he’s done, but asks for the gun back, because that was too much to ask of him. He wants to know why, and she tells him with the Gemma thing, she doesn’t feel safe. He will get it to her the next day and leaves.

Meanwhile, Malcolm is investigating the address of John Delario. He doesn’t find anything of interest, except for the locked basement door, where Gemma is. Malcolm can’t open the lock, and we see Gemma tipping over, trying to escape. Bridget texts Malcolm that Charlie is on his way.

Charlie calls Siobhan and says, “She’s on to me.”


To me, this was a very solid episode for a few different reasons.

First of all, I really liked the pace of the episode. We got some sweet moment between Andrew and Bridget, some more explanation about everything that was wrong with Siobhan, Malcolm and Bridget try to take matters into their own hands, and Gemma is still alive.

I also really liked that there were three big questions from previous episodes that were answered to different degrees. The biggest is that Gemma is still alive. Not a big surprise, but I was glad we finally got to see it. The second is that Bridget didn’t overpower Jimmy, but it was his idea. And as an added bonus, we find out Charlie planted him there. And the business dinner scene from last week gets at least a mention and the promise that there’s more to that scene. Ok, the last one wasn’t a big scene, but at least that huge weirdness was and probably will be addressed in future episodes.

As far as the writing of the individual lines, the best and worst went to Bridget. “Siobhan went to church?” wasn’t very exciting, and Sarah Michelle Gellar looked uncomfortable saying it. But her delivery of the line “Even the sushi?” was stellar, and it made me laugh.

We got a small shot of Siobhan, but how is she managing herself in Paris with no place to stay?

And all the scenes of Malcolm in Charlie’s “second home/Gemma prison” featured a lot of shots of him touching stuff. Was that misleading on purpose, or was there something there? Maybe we’ll find out.

And Olivia sounded very ominous when she reminded Andrew of the lost clients and the line “you know what that could mean.” Maybe she was just talking about her or Andrew losing his job, but I get the hunch they might have been doing less-than-legal activities or something like that. And Olivia was looking particularly menacing when she emailed herself those pictures.

New episodes will return in January (!!!), so hopefully this episode managed to tide you over until then!

– JJ

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