Recap/Review – Community – “Documentary Filmmaking: Redux” – 11/17/11

Hi, guys. Let’s start with the bad news. We truly ended up in the darkest timeline this week. Not only did we get robbed of Cougar Town, but also of Community. First, NBC presented their midseason schedule, and Community is missing. The ratings haven’t been stellar, and with 30 Rock coming back and Whitney and Up All Night moving, they needed to bench a Thursday comedy. The NBC execs chose Community, and I probably don’t need to explain how I feel about it. In the long term, the chances of Community and a fourth season are probably “ok”—a fourth season means syndication. That might make Sony and NBC choose to make a fourth season anyway, and hopefully, that will be the case.

Jump with me to read more of the news, and then the recap/review for last week’s Community.

Because Whitney takes Community’s place, I did catch up on Whitney, and it’s hardly made me laugh out loud for all 8 episodes. Maybe the show needs to find a footing, but really, that laugh track is ridiculous.

A few days later, ABC presented their midseason schedule, and Cougar Town will not return in January. Some sources reported later that the Cul-de-Sac crew will be back around March and their episode deal has been cut back from 22 to 15.

Cue Abed’s scream when he found out Cougar Town was benched, but now a hundred times multiplied.

Now on to what you’re here for!


This week was actually a documentary by Abed about the making of the new commercial for Greendale Community College. The Dean got $2000 to create a new commercial and asks/forces our study group to help him. Abed doesn’t help, but decides to make a documentary about the Dean, because he’s sure the Dean will lose his mind.

Jeff gets cast as the Dean, Pierce manages to get out of being cast, Annie will assist the Dean, and Troy, Britta, and Shirley will star in the commercial.

Shooting the commercial goes all kinds of wrong, and the Dean really does lose his mind. After a few days of shooting, he makes the mistake of saying everybody who wants to can leave, and they do.

While editing the film, Luis Guzmán comes by to help with the commercial, but ends up telling the Dean he doesn’t love his school.

When the Dean presents the final product to Greendale’s Board of Directors, he finds out Abed cut a really sweet moving commercial, consisting of shots of students (our study group) and the Dean breaking down and saying Greendale is the best school.

The only thing that’s left for the Dean is to ask the study group for forgiveness. Of course, they do, because they’ve all been there.

And did it work?

Let’s start with the star of the episode, Jim Rash did an amazing job. The Dean has always been the clown of the group, with his word jokes and outfits. And this episode, Jim Rash showed he really can do more that just that.

I really like Abed’s continuity with his “study of human character.” He’s used that line before, and I can’t remember specifically when, but I like that.

Britta and Troy are really getting closer to each other. Their hugs were sweet at first, and it was funny to see how the Dean ruined that for them. That shot of them being hugged together when their hands were tied was awesome. And Troy breaking down, saying “stop saying I’m different” was awesome.

Shirley got her moment to shine when the Dean couldn’t think of the word “sassy,” and she said to Abed that she prayed the Dean wouldn’t think of that word.

Joel McHale was amazing as the Dean. It was weird and funny to see how much they made him look like the Dean with the bald cap, beard, glasses, and clothes. And Chang following Jeff around and shouting “understudy” when Jeff got fired was just the right amount of Chang.

Annie helping the Dean by being a script supervisor is very good; that is what she does best. She did follow the Dean, Jeff, Troy, and Britta in going crazy, though.

Speaking of other small roles, it was good to see some returning students again, including Leonard and Garrett (the latter in a MoCap suit).

Overall, the episode went for another attempt at cementing the bonds in our group, and this episode did give each character their moment to shine. And it did make me laugh hard a few times during the episode.

With Thanksgiving coming up, I’ll be back as soon as the next episode of Community, titled “Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism,” airs, on Thursday, December 1.

– JJ

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