If We Controlled Your Remote… 11/29/11

It’s kind of a big night for TV, with some great new episodes of fan favorites. Are you excited for the new episodes on FOX, or part 1 of the season finale of Sons of Anarchy on FX? We want to recommend some great episodes tonight, so read on!

Jenny’s Choice #1

Last week’s Covert Affairs was great, because the case tied in so well with Annie’s life. Things with her sister, Danielle, have been incredibly tense since the end of last season, when Annie read Danielle in on the whole CIA secret. Not unexpectedly, Danielle took it hard, mostly because she felt Annie had knowingly endangered her daughters. Sure, the lying was a part of it, but I think Danielle was mostly worried about her girls. I gotta say, that was the only reason I wasn’t really pissed off with the way she reacted. If it had been me, I’d have probably reacted that way, too! So when Annie had to deal with an asset who was being lied to by her sister and father, she sympathized. We didn’t get a ton of Auggie last episode, but I think that will change this episode. I KNOW it will change next week. I’m not sure I’ve been this worried about a season finale as I am about next week’s Covert Affairs. Eek! Hopefully, tonight won’t be too scary!

On tonight’s new episode, “What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?” Annie allows herself to be recruited by an MI6 operative in the hopes of finding out why MI6 is spying in the United States. Tony Curran guest stars.

Check it out tonight on USA Network at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of Covert Affairs @ Clicker.
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Megan’s Choice #1

Every week I tune in to Glee, and my life gets a little bit better. I know that the stories have their flaws, and as a TV critic, I should care, but truth be told, I don’t. 🙂 From the first second until the last, I’m hooked. Last episode, we saw Santana be forced to come out, and she blamed Finn for it. The episode ended with Santana slapping Finn. It was a pretty intense, and I’m looking forward to seeing how they deal with her admitting she’s a lesbian. I hope it’s both funny and touching.

On tonight’s episode, “I Kissed a Girl,” someone is caught trying to fix the election for studen-council president. Meanwhile, Coach Beiste screws up the courage to challenge Sue, and Puck and Quinn’s relationship gets complicated.

To see if the music calls to you, tune in to FOX at 8/7c. Learn where to find episodes online of Glee @ Clicker.

Kyle’s Choice #1

Tonight is the first half of the Sons of Anarchy season finale. Last week, the thing that everyone expected/wanted to happen—but weren’t sure the show had the guts to do—happened: Opie shot Clay twice in the chest. However, that certainly doesn’t mean that he’s dead—just a few episodes ago, Juice survived his suicide attempt. Also, Clay had to know this was coming and would have been wearing a vest. Jax tried to stop Opie by telling him that Clay’s killing of his father was a club matter. But there’s only so much a guy can take—after all, Clay was also responsible for the death of his wife, for which Opie had agreed to let the club handle. If Jax knew about Clay putting a hit out on Tara, would he have even tried to stop Clay’s shooting, or would he have even done it himself? Will Clay survive? And if so, how can he really be a part of the club anymore?! There is no shortage of people who loathe him. Also, what about the RICO case that’s being mounted against the Sons? This should be an action-packed finale for one of the best seasons this show has had.

In tonight’s episode, “To Be, Act 1,” in part 1 of the two-part Season 4 finale, Jax faces a new challenge that threatens his family and SAMCRO.

Don’t miss it tonight on FX at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of Sons of Anarchy @ Clicker.

Lisa’s Choice

When we last left the Chance family on Raising Hope, they had taken in Burt’s parents, who had come to visit them for Thanksgiving. Burt’s parents have always favored his brother, because he was smart, good looking, and successful. Burt felt the need to prove himself to his parents, so he and Virginia came up with a plan to fool them. They found a house where the family was away on vacation and pretended the house was theirs. That’s not all the pretending that went down! Jimmy and Sabrina pretended to be married in order for Burt’s parents not to think that his son made the same mistake that he did, having a baby out of wedlock. This made Jimmy happy, because he got to practice kissing with her. Ultimately, it turned out that Burt’s parents were broke and they needed a place to stay since they lost their house. Only the Chance family can make Thanksgiving a day that turns from a holiday into a holy-terror-day!

Tonight, when an invention convention comes to town, the Chance family pitches ideas to Andrew Dice Clay, which include unusual flavors of yogurts, as well as a baby mop!

Watch an all new episode at 9/8c on FOX! Learn where to find episodes online of Raising Hope @ Clicker.

Jenny’s Choice #2

I still love Flashpoint every bit as much now as I did when I first started watching. It’s not just a normal cop show—which, don’t get me wrong, I love!—but seeing it from SWAT’s (well, the Canadian version of SWAT) point of view is very cool. I love the way the team works together, and now that Parker knows about Jules and Sam, we’re getting some interesting stuff there, as well. Last episode, we saw Parker’s teenage son spending time, and then telling Parker he wants to move in with his father. Awesome. But tonight sounds scary, so hopefully that won’t put a kink into those plans!

On tonight’s episode, “Day Game,” Team One races to Fletcher Stadium, where a knife-wielding robber has taken a hostage. When security guard Gil Collins tries to be a hero, the situation turns bloody. As Gil runs from the team, Jules makes a startling discovery about his past. A desperate Gil takes Parker hostage – and Parker pays an enormous price as he tries to talk down Gil and save his own life. Aaron Douglas (Battlestar Galactica) guest stars.

Check it out tonight on ION at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of Flashpoint @ Clicker.

Megan’s Choice #2

New Girl is one of the funniest shows on the air right now. Jess (Zooey Deschanel) and the boys make me crack up like no other show. In the last episode that aired, we saw Jess bring home a new guy, a turkey got put in the dryer, and an old lady was found dead on a toilet. It was crazy fun all round.

On tonight’s all new episode, “Bells,” Jess gets jealous of Winston when he joins her youth handbell quartet and steals the spotlight with his natural talent. Also, the toilet at the loft breaks, and Nick and Schmidt have different ideas on how to fix it.

To laugh so hard, you’ll cry, tune in to FOX at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of New Girl @ Clicker.

Kyle’s Choice #2

Tonight, SyFy is airing a Sanctuary on a special night. Last week’s musical episode was a wonderful surprise—I just wish it had had even more singing. The episode reminded me a bit of Buffy’s “Once More With Feeling,” where original songs were used to move along the plot. Abby was infested with an abnormal, and the only way to communicate with her was through singing. After failed attempts to cure her, eventually, the creature left Abby’s body, Alien-style. This almost kills her, but Magnus’ medical skills and Will’s constant singing of the phrase “Just Stay” seem to save her. Will admitted his love for Abby, even overcoming his fear of singing in order to plead her to hold onto life. Things are always interesting at the Sanctuary, and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next.

In tonight’s episode, “Chimera,” Adam Worth resurfaces as an avatar in a virtual Sanctuary, where he imperils Magnus and Tesla in a bid to enter the real world.

See the new episode tonight on Syfy at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of Sanctuary @ Clicker.

Jenny’s Choice #3

If you’re a parent, watching other people’s experiences as they prepare to have a child can be incredibly amusing. At least, it is for me. Sure, I’ve watched shows like TLC’s A Baby Story, but they really take themselves seriously. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but that’s so not what One Born Every Minute is about. For one thing, this show doesn’t focus on a single couple. They show multiple couples or women each episode. Also, we get a lot of behind the scenes stuff with the nurses and even the doctors, which you don’t really see on A Baby Story. This show is a lot of fun for me, because it absolutely amazes me how irritating or stupid some of the fathers and other support people are when these women are giving birth. My husband was an absolute dream when I had our son, so seeing some of these idiots just slays me.

On tonight’s season premiere, “Knockout Delivery,” when a new grandson is born, two grandmothers battle it out to stake their claim. A dad with a youthful attitude welcomes his new playmate into the world, and a couple of high school sweethearts get ready for the birth of their third child.

Check it out tonight on Lifetime at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of One Born Every Minute @ Clicker.

Megan’s Choice #3

Week after week, I tune in to Body of Proof, because I love the chemistry of the cast and the storylines are always really strong. I’m loving how Megan is getting involved in her daughter’s life, and the way she left the room blank so that Lacey could decorate it her way was a step in the right direction. I hope that Megan also gets her love life on track, because she deserves to find love, as well.

On tonight’s episode, “Gross Anatomy,” a classroom discovers the body of a murdered young woman in place of a medical-school cadaver, and Megan enlists a prize student to help solve the case. Gregory Harrison (One Tree Hill, Trapper John, M.D.) guest stars.

To see why we all love this show, tune in to ABC at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of Body of Proof @ Clicker.

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2 Responses to If We Controlled Your Remote… 11/29/11

  1. Tv Turk says:

    I think Clay is a goner on Sons. You could see blood right away when he was shot. I thought he might have had a vest on too. Also from the way the preview looks he looked dead too. By killing Clay off it looks like the only untouchable character on the show is Jax. Its a very bold move if Clay is dead tonight and will make the rest of the series very exciting knowing anyone could be killed off at any time.

  2. Jenny says:

    If anyone on that show deserved the fate he got, it was Clay. Sheesh. lol