Recap/Review – Ringer – “That’s What You Get For Trying To Kill Me” – 11/29/11

Hi, guys. So last episode wasn’t the fall finale, but this week was. And what an episode this was. A lot happened, so the recap will be long. I’ll start with the main storyline and mention the other stories after.


Malcolm got out of Charlie’s second apartment and took the phone he found there. Malcolm calls Bridget to update her. At home, Andrew mentions the night he’s planning for his 6 year anniversary with Shidget.

The next morning, Malcolm goes to Andrew and Bridget’s place and tells Bridget the phone is Gemma’s. Malcolm and Bridget discuss the implications and Charlie’s reasons for taking Gemma. Bridget wants to confront Charlie, but Malcolm tells her to be careful. She calls the cops on Charlie to see if they will find anything.

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Charlie opens the door to two cops, and they ask about John Delario. Charlie admits he’s John Delario, and he uses the name Charlie for NA. Charlie recognizes one of the agents, Zaldano, and he mentions he’s a retired cop. The cops ask about Gemma and disclose it was Malcolm’s name that gets mentioned. Charlie explains Malcolm has been clean for 6 days, so he might not be the most trustworthy source.

The cops go to Andrew and Bridget’s apartment, and they tell Bridget and Malcolm there’s no proof linking Charlie to Gemma. They also ask Malcolm to come with them to the police department, because he’s Bridget’s sponsor, and he was seen breaking into Charlie’s second apartment.

Charlie calls Siobhan to update her about everything that’s happened, including Bridget and Malcolm finding out about Gemma. Charlie was forced to move Gemma and wants to “get rid of her” because she knows too much. Siobhan forbids Charlie from killing Gemma, because she is a friend. Charlie doubles the price, and he won’t refrain because Siobhan can’t deliver.

Shidget decides to tell Henry about Charlie taking Gemma. Henry asks her if Charlie has anything to do with Bridget, because all roads seem to lead back to her. Shidget mentions Malcolm, but Henry doesn’t know who that is. She explains he’s Bridget’s sponsor. Another link to Bridget. Henry just wants to find Gemma, and that is why she met up with him. Henry tells Shidget to stay out of it.

Bridget gets back home, and Charlie is there to give an update about Malcolm. Andrew walks out, and Charlie tells Bridget to sit down. Bridget mentions she knows he took Gemma, and he tells her she’s fine and he’ll accept money for her.

Henry comes to the apartment to talk to Bridget. He sees Charlie was there before him, and he runs out on the street after him, but Charlie has already disappeared.

A little later, Andrew walks in on Bridget counting a lot of money. He asks what the money is for, and Bridget is hesitant to explain about the ransom Charlie asked for Gemma. She convinces Andrew to not call the cops, and they get all the money by giving Charlie the ring Andrew wanted to use to propose to Bridget again. It’s worth the asking price of the ransom.

Andrew and Bridget go to Penn Station to meet up with Charlie, but they can’t find him. Charlie calls Bridget to ask about the cops they brought, and Bridget mentions she didn’t call the cops. Charlie doesn’t believe Bridget, hangs up, and shoots Gemma.

Quickly thereafter, Henry walks into Penn Station with Agent Zaldano. Zaldano receives a call that Charlie’s prints were all over Gemma’s phone and that the cops can’t seem to find him at any of his residences. Bridget hands Zaldano the bill Malcolm took from Charlie’s place with the address for a storage space.

Charlie is already at the storage space to dump Gemma’s body. He opens the trunk and doesn’t see Gemma. Gemma hits Charlie with a tire-iron (“That’s what you get for trying to kill me”). Gemma finds Charlie’s phone to call 911, but there’s no signal. She crawls to the car to find the keys. Charlie stands behind her, mentions Siobhan is responsible for her death, and he shoots her. While trying to put Gemma in the storage space, he has a gun pointed at him. It’s Siobhan holding the gun. Charlie convinces Siobhan to drop the gun and attacks her. Siobhan does fire the gun, puts the gun in his hands (she was wearing gloves) and leaves.

Malcolm, Andrew, and Bridget are all at the apartment, and Andrew receives a call. Charlie and Gemma are dead, and Charlie probably committed suicide. Bridget cries.

Malcolm and Bridget clean out Malcolm’s belongings and find an envelope with “Siobhan Pivoine 419” on it. Bridget doesn’t understand why Charlie was after Siobhan and why he took Gemma.

And in other storylines:

Siobhan goes to see Tyler in Paris and gives a fake excuse about why she was in New York. She lies and says Andrew hit her, and we see she hit herself. She also mentions she needed insider information on Andrew and that is why she found him. And afterward, she started falling for him; that is why she went back to Paris. Tyler doesn’t believe her and walks out. When Siobhan is in New York, she calls Tyler and tells him she will be in New York for a while. Tyler went to check out Siobhan’s hotel room, and he found the pregnancy test. She tells him the baby is his.

Agent Machado is in Wyoming, because another stripper is dead. Her name was Mary (played by Amber Benson) and she was an informant for Machado and a friend of Bridget’s. He tells Jimmy he had to keep her a secret and also that she had information Macawi had a man inside the police department called the Matador. Machado tells Tyler to try and find the Matador. That night, Jimmy meets up with Machado to tell him who the informant is, and Jimmy points his gun at Machado. Machado came prepared, because he didn’t trust Jimmy, and Jimmy is arrested.

Juliet is still crushing on Mr. Carpenter, and she mentions it to a friend, Andrea. When Juliet tries to seduce Mr. Carpenter with Andrea in the room, he tells Juliet to stop. She denies she was flirting. Mr. Carpenter asks Andrea to leave. Later that night, Andrea and Juliet Skype, and Juliet says Mr. Carpenter forced himself on her.


Let’s start with my biggest disappointment for this episode, just to get it out of the way. I didn’t believe any of it. Most likely, Mr. Carpenter turned Juliet down and she was hurt and being a little bitch trying to hurt him. That really is in character for (old) Juliet, so that is good.

The storyline for Agent Machado seemed a little disjointed from the episode, especially with everything going on in New York. It seemed like they needed or wanted to finish the Jimmy storyline before the fall finale.

Everything else was mostly exciting and very interesting going forward.

We finally get closure on Gemma. It finished in the way I expected, but wasn’t hoping for. Bridget being forced to deal with Gemma knowing her secret would be very interesting, but with Gemma being traumatized about everything that happened, that probably would’ve ended badly. And Tara Summers was an interesting addition to the cast, so I’ll miss her.

Charlie is finished, as well. He made for an interesting bad guy. But he did get whacked by Siobhan, so that made for a satisfying ending to the story.

Andrew was being a very sweet and supportive husband, and it suited him very well. The preparations he made for their anniversary were very romantic. And he finally seemed to start trusting Bridget, which it was time for.

Henry was acting very insufferable, but that is to be expected. The mother of his children is missing, and his girlfriend still doesn’t have any interest in him. And now she and her sister are very connected to everything that’s happening to Gemma.

Siobhan is staying in New York. Now there’s a way for her to be a little more involved in the story and to create a sense of danger of the twins actually being near each other.

New episodes of Ringer return January 10 on The CW, so tune in then.

– JJ

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