Recap/Review – The X Factor – Top 7 – 11/30/11

Tonight on The X Factor, the final 7 took on Michael Jackson songs. Some performances were amazing, and some were mediocre. The stakes were high and a lot was riding on tonight’s votes. So to help you decide, jump ahead and check out my opinion on the show tonight.

Over 30s

The only one left in this group is the adorable Josh Krajcik, who was out of his usual comfort zone. He went with “Dirty Diana,” which was the best he could do with the Michael Jackson catalogue. I felt the performance was a little over done, and it was hard to hear him on the verses. His guitar solo, on the other hand, was so insanely good, and that probably saved him for this week. Overall, it wasn’t as amazing as Josh usually is.


I just knew that Astro was going to do “Black and White.” There aren’t a lot of MJ songs that are rap friendly. I don’t think it was his best performance, but I have to say that I am so impressed that he writes his own lyrics. It takes a lot of work and talent to be able to rap like he does, and I believe he deserves to be here.

Marcus Canty took the stage with “P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing,” and it was an action packed number. Marcus got a little bit winded after doing a back-flip, but it wasn’t too bad. This wasn’t his best vocal, but it was a very entertaining number. There were lots of sexy dancers, but at least he wasn’t looking up their skirts like he did a couple of weeks ago.

I could have predicated that Chris Rene would sing “I’ll Be There.” That’s not a bad thing—just predictable. It was really neat to learn how his Grandpa wrote the song “Rockin’ Robin”. Nice back story to pull us in. It was a solid performance, and because I love Chris, I loved the performance. His vocals were a bit shaky at times, but his rhyme was tight.


Drew took on “Billie Jean,” and her arrangement was actually quite awesome. This version of it is bone chilling. I do get tired of the usual “Drew” style, but tonight, it was outstanding for this song—it suited it. Well done. I wish that the judges would let the poor girl get through a week without drama on the panel.

Rachel Crow took on “Can You Feel It,” and while it was a bit over the top, I still love her. I hate how her talented voice isn’t being used to the extreme. This song was too much bouncing and production and not enough singing. She’s capable of so much more.

They talk about saving the best for last, and tonight there is no denying that Melanie Amaro was the best. “Earth Song” was a great song choice for her, and she looked amazing. Her voice was incredible, and she slayed the competition. This is the performance I’ve been waiting for from her- it was like the early rounds again, purely incredible.
Overall, it was a successful night for most of the contestants, but if I had to pick two that are in danger, I’d go with Marcus Canty and Chris Rene. Tune in to FOX tonight at 8/7c to see which two contestants are sent home.

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