If We Controlled Your Remote… 12/5/11

Mondays suck, because that means you have to go back to work. But Mondays also rock, because there’s tons of great TV on. Tonight is certainly no exception. From a cute new Christmas special to a highly anticipated new episode of Castle, we’re giving you our opinion on what we think you should watch, so check it out! By the way, I’m not going to give it a separate choice, but if you enjoyed part 1 of Syfy’s Neverland last night, don’t miss part 2 tonight! And if you missed part 1, it is reairing tonight on Syfy at 7/6c, before part 2 at 9/8c!

Jenny’s Choice #1

The last new episode of Castle was huge in terms of growth for Detective Kate Beckett. The sniper case brought up her issues with her own shooting, and her PTSD was shown to everyone on her team. Castle had a few moments being in the center of the episode—working with the Captain was great, wasn’t it?—but the true brilliance of the episode belonged to not only Beckett, who played her role the best I think I’ve ever seen her, but also to Espisito. He just really was amazing as he helped Beckett deal with her PTSD, as well as when he backed her up and shot the sniper before the guy could shoot her. I can honestly say that it was one of my favorite Castle episodes ever. The buzz about tonight’s episode has the Twittosphere all aflutter, as Castle, Beckett, and handcuffs in the same sentence can make any shipper nearly faint with happiness.

On tonight’s episode, “Cuffed,” when Castle and Beckett wake up in bed, handcuffed together, in a locked room with no memory of how they got there, they must piece together the mystery of where they are and why, all while trying to escape. But as the two of them adjust to being shackled together, what’s the biggest threat they face… the people who abducted them or each other? Meanwhile, Ryan, Esposito, and Gates are left to investigate their disappearance in a case where all is not what it seems.

Do not miss it tonight on ABC at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of Castle @ Clicker.
Jump with us to see what else we think you should watch.

Megan’s Choice #1

It’s never too late to jump on board with a new show, and Hart of Dixie is a new show worth your time. I love Rachel Bilson (The O.C.) as Dr. Zoe Hart. She is hilarious, adorable, and witty. The writing is fabulous, and this cast is rocking a great chemistry. Last week’s episode had a lot of sweet moments, including when Wade realized that he’s really cares about Zoe. I’m not sure who I want her to end up with. I want Lavon to end up with Lemon, but I’m torn on whether Zoe should be with George or Wade. George is reliable and has ties to New York, while Wade is adorable, dangerous, and loyal. Hmm… Decisions, decisions!

On tonight’s episode, “Hairdos and Holidays,” Zoe encourages Rose (McKaley Miller) to enter the annual Miss Cinnamon Cider Pageant, despite the fact that Lemon’s sister Magnolia is the favorite to win. Lemon is coaching Magnolia, and Zoe is coaching Rose, which is going to brew an even bigger rivalry than usual. Meanwhile, George and Wade hit the road to find the perfect Christmas tree for the town square. In flashbacks, we’re finally going to learn how Lemon and Lavon first developed their connection and a bit more about Lemon’s mom.

To see who’s protege is going to win Miss Cinnamon Cider, tune in to The CW at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of Hart of Dixie @ Clicker.

Lisa’s Choice #1

Last episode of The Closer, Brenda Lee learned that Captain Raydor was planning to retire. Unfortunately, she didn’t learn it from Captain Raydor herself. She learned it from her husband, Fritz. Now it’s up to Chief Pope to find her replacement, and Lord knows, it is not going to be easy. What’s also not easy is Brenda’s job now that Captain Raydor is always looking over her shoulder. Brenda and her team cannot afford another scandal, and they are having to do everything literally by the book. Hopefully, Brenda’s worries will be able to shake all of her worries soon, because a tested Brenda is not a Brenda at her finest!

Tonight, Santa’s entrance into Christmas Village by zip line really goes awry, while Buzz’s sister helps out the Major Crimes Division by aiding in solving a holiday case.

Tune in at 9/8c to TNT for an all new episode! Learn where to find episodes online of The Closer @ Clicker.

Kyle’s Choice

I don’t know who enjoys these Prep & Landing Christmas specials more—my 4 and a half year old niece, or her father, my twin brother. The last two have been rewatched so many times in their household that they can reenact them by heart. Prep & Landing follows the adventures of Wayne and Lanny, Christmas Elves who are part of Santa’s elite Prep & Landing unit. Their job is to ensure each home is properly prepared for the big guy’s arrival.

Tonight, we get an all new adventure, Prep & Landing: Naughty vs. Nice, in which Wayne and Lanny must race to recover classified North Pole technology that has fallen into the hands of a computer-hacking Naughty Kid.

These specials are really well done and remind me of when I was a kid and couldn’t wait to watch all the cool new and classic Christmas specials, while wrapping gifts, decorating the tree, or just getting into the holiday spirit. Prep & Landing features the voice talents of a lot of familiar TV talent, including Dave Foley, Derek Richardson, Sarah Chalke, Chris Parnell, and Rob Riggle. I am really looking forward to this new Prep & Landing special and hope it’s as “tinsel” as the previous two!

Get into the Christmas spirit tonight on ABC at 8:30/7:30c.

Megan’s Choice #2

My choice of Hawaii Five-0 may seem predictable. However, it’s a show that I can never get enough of. There are other critics that think this show is cheesy and poorly done. To them, I say “So what?” 🙂 It’s true that there are moments that are anything but plausible, but that’s what is great about it. McGarrett is a hero that we can believe in, and isn’t that what TV is about? Daydreams? I can tell you that there is no one I’d rather come to my rescue than McGarrett. He’s strong, smart, and always manages to save the day. Again…I don’t care if it’s plausible. It’s delicious television!

On tonight’s all new episode,”Pahele,” McGarrett and the Five-0 team search for a busload of kidnapped school children and the people responsible.

To see if my hero, McGarrett, can save the kids and the day, tune in to CBS at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of Hawaii Five-0 @ Clicker.

Jenny’s Choice #2

On the last new episode of How I Met Your Mother, lots of stuff happened, including Barney kind of freaking out about being single again, since Robin chose Kevin over him, but the thing that shocked the heck out of a lot of people, including me, was Robin announcing to Barney that she was pregnant. Was it his? We don’t know. A lot of people—again, including me—think either Robin isn’t REALLY pregnant (like she thought she was, but she isn’t), or she loses the baby. I don’t believe she will have a baby. I just don’t think the show will go down that road with her, especially at this point in their lives.

On tonight’s episode, “Symphony of Illumination,” when Robin receives bad news, she decides to lie about it to the gang. Meanwhile, Marshall hangs Christmas decorations on the house in the ‘burbs with help from his neighbor.

Check it out tonight on CBS at 8/7c. Learn where to find episodes online of How I Met Your Mother @ Clicker.

Lisa’s Choice #2

Colin Egglesfield makes his return on tonight’s Rizzoli & Isles as the handsome but mixed up Rizzoli brother. We all know the Rizzoli family doesn’t have the best of dynamics, but at least they own up to their faults. Speaking of relationships…not so long ago, we saw Maura kindling one with Jane’s brother Tommy, and things got interrupted. It seems like with tonight’s episode, they may be picking up right where they left off. Will the chemistry continue to fuel with these two, or will the relationship that Maura has with Jane keep them on the sidelines?

On tonight’s episode, a bank manager is shot during a robbery, and Jane’s brother may face even more trouble as his relationship with Maura begins to grow.

Watch an all new episode at 10/9c on TNT! Learn where to find episodes online of Rizzoli & Isles @ Clicker.

Megan’s Choice #3

Last Monday was not nearly as amusing, because 2 Broke Girls didn’t have a new episode. I love this show. Every week, I find myself laughing so hard, I’m almost crying at some of the jokes. Sometimes it’s not because they are the best jokes, but because their offside nature catches me off guard. Kat Dennings does an amazing job each week at being Max. One minute, she’s perfectly bitchy, and the next, she shows she has a soul. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want Max and Johnny (Nick Zano) to work things out and end up together. In the last new episode, Max and Caroline took a job as elves in Santaland, and it didn’t turn out well. Caroline had a massive breakdown after the realization of how different her holiday was going to be this year from the many years before. Sad moment, but made hilarious by Caroline ending up being thrown into a giant fake present by a Christmas crazed woman, who didn’t like how Caroline was ruining the holiday with her negativity.

On tonight’s episode, “And the Reality Check,” Max and Caroline try to find Chestnut a job in order to get him lodging for the winter. Meanwhile, Peach, the mother of the twins Max babysits, auditions for “Real Housewives of TriBeCa.”

To enjoy a lot of laughs and shake off the Monday blues, tune in to CBS at 8:30/7:30c. Learn where to find episodes online of 2 Broke Girls @ Clicker.

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