Interview with Lakoda Rayne from The X Factor

Recently, Lakoda Rayne took the time to talk about their time on The X Factor and about the future of their group. Paige, Dani, Haley, and Cari are the girls of Lakoda Rayne, and this is their take on the experience.

On how their expectations compared to the experience

Haley: A lot of people expected a manufactured group to not be as successful because we were thrown together and had such little amount of time working together. But we actually came together really well. We became best friends and like sisters and I know people are like well that would be the safe thing to say, but it’s true because we laugh like sisters. We play like sisters. We argue like sisters. I think it worked out so well, too, where that we don’t want to be apart from each other. A lot of people expected it to be completely opposite.
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On the future of the group

Dani: Actually Paige is staying with me right now but she actually found a place close by here in Los Angeles County. So we are actually planning on as Haley and Cari finish school, which we don’t really know at this point, as soon as they finish with school, all of us finding a place together here in Los Angeles County and of course, working on our music, writing songs. There definitely is a future for us together. It’s not something that we’re just going to let fade out. We were put together for a reason and we feel like it was fate. We wouldn’t want it any other way but to be in a group and make music together.

Their best and worst memories of the experience

One of the group members…: I think our best memories have definitely been in getting to work with Paula every single day of our lives. She was honestly there for us so much. She was involved in the entire process. And it wasn’t just an act for TV to make it look like the judges are involved in our lives. Paula was really there every step of the way and she just taught us so much not only about ourselves as artists and performers, but on a more personal level. We just learned so much from her and it was definitely such an amazing experience.

The worst memory by far, and I know that we’ll all agree, is having to leave one another. That was definitely the most upsetting thing. I mean, yes, it was really upsetting to be eliminated, but I think the hardest part on all of us was having to go our separate ways for a little while until we’re able to meet again.

What they wish America had gotten to know about them

Haley: Something that we all discussed about wanting to be in the video packages was showing how silly we are because we are four girls who are completely different from different places, but one giant common ground we have is how goofy we are. We make silly videos and put them on YouTube all the time and we laugh together.

That’s the biggest part of us as a group is that we enjoy having fun together. That’s something we really wish they were able to put in the packages and they never really did. So we decided to kind of take the reins and make our YouTube videos and promote them online so our supporters have an opportunity to get to know us and see that real side of us. Yes, just being silly with each other.

Cari: And we really just wanted to have America get to know us individually and sort of like, yes, we have a good time together, but we all have completely different personalities. Like the Spice Girls, for example, they were four completely different individuals and we are the same way. We just wish America was able to get to know that better because then maybe somebody has a favorite.

Like, oh, I love this about Paige. I love this about Cari. I love this about Dani. I love this about Haley, kind of thing. And that was something that didn’t happen. We just kind of seemed like four individuals that were just thrown together, but that’s not the case at all. We’re four different people with different qualities about ourselves.

On what they could have done differently

Dani: I think we started to get a voice maybe a little bit too late in the competition. We didn’t want to step on any toes. This was an incredible opportunity. We were working with absolutely the best of the best in the industry and it wasn’t until later that we came to realize that if we don’t start speaking up, we will not be heard. And we started to kind of, this competition kind of made us realize what kind of personality we have as a group and what kind of style we have and that was something we all had to figure out along the process of this competition.

Closer to the end, we started to get a voice. We started to really speak up for what we want; we knew exactly what we wanted; what we wanted to wear. And I feel like that may have happened a little too late. That was one thing; if anybody would like to add on.

Haley: I think that was mainly the only thing because there’s not a lot you can regret in an opportunity like that because it is so incredible but that is definitely one thing that we struggled with during the competition.

What they’d like their fans to know

Paige: We’re so thankful for everyone that voted, even if it was just once. There were people that were like we’re sorry we let you down. They didn’t let us down and at least they voted. We have a pretty good supporter base and we take time to talk to them. We actually started on Twitter; we’re doing phone calls now. We do trivia for phone calls. We just like to stay connected with them because we like to get to know them on a different level because we really are thankful for having them.
That’s all with Lakoda Rayne. Look for more from them in the future. Don’t forget to tune in to FOX on Wednesdays at 8/7c to see who can win it all.

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