Family Guy Volume 9 DVD Giveaway! ***WINNERS ANNOUNCED***

Congratulations to TJ & Bill for winning the Family Guy giveaway! Check your emails!

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14 Responses to Family Guy Volume 9 DVD Giveaway! ***WINNERS ANNOUNCED***

  1. Anita says:

    I love the sarcastic Stewie and who wouldn’t love a dog that drinks martinis? (And is the funniest dog on television.) I need a daily laugh so I gotta win this.

  2. bill norris says:

    love how Stewie is always scheming against lois. love Brians talkin and being the smartest of the wole group. would love to add this to my toon dvd collection.

  3. TJ says:

    Stewie’s diabolical intelligence and sarcasm is an obvious favorite, but the reason I watch the show is for the incredibly smart writing. I’d love to win the DVDs so I can watch on my computer with headphones, since I can’t watch on TV with a small fry in the room. Well, I could. But then he might turn out like Stewie.

  4. Beth T. says:

    First, I have to say that TJ’s comment made me laugh out loud.

    And I’m going to chime in again for Stewie. He’s the reason I’d like to win this season’s dvd. Thanks for the chance.

  5. Kristen G. says:

    I love how witty the show is & their clever take on current events/pop culture. Plus, the fact that Seth MacFarlane voices SO many characters amazes me – super talented & creative guy! Stewie is my absolute favorite character, so my favorite Family Guy episodes are ones that center around him. I’d love to win this because I have all of the seasons besides this one & would love to complete my collection. Thank you so much for the giveaway!!

  6. Ben S says:

    It is one of the most cleverest written shows – animated or not – on television. Biting satire, bizzare, well-defined characters, pop culture references, and even the “cut-aways” that have nothing to do with the plot of the episode keep us entertained and laughing! My family would love to own this DVD!

  7. Stephen N. says:

    I love the humor and the characters. I especially LOVE Seth MacFarlane’s fantastic voice acting in Family Guy and American Dad. Also the Murder Mystery episode “And Then There Were Fewer” from this season is my second favorite episode of the series (right behind “Brian & Stewie”).

  8. Cort K says:

    I am such a huge fan of The Family Guy DVDs because they are unedited and make the episode so much funnier than it was before. Seth McFarlene announced this year that he feels the Family Guy should end and that the jokes are getting old. He also stated that are nine seasons most tv shows end in that proper time frame. I disagree he is one of the most brilliant people out there and hope he continues to produce new episodes. Volume 9 was my favorite season so far because of the new direction it took and how dark it was. Please and thank you for you’re giveaway.

  9. Ryan C says:

    Love the show and missed a few episodes this season and would like to catch up

  10. Charles Boyce says:

    I would love to win these, my siblings and I watch Family Guy together. Peter is hilarious, especially how mean he is to Meg. Hilarious.

  11. Sheila says:

    I love the show’s sense of humor and that you don’t necessarily have to watch them all in order. Like many others, Stewie is my favorite character! Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. Abigail says:

    The show has changed so much over the years. I seem to enjoy the Bryan and Stewie episodes the most these days.

  13. Jeff H says:

    I love this show and how they play onto current topics and trends with their own spin. It is absolutely hysterical and the characters are amazing. Stewie is by far my favorite and I always find myself laughing at him. My favorite scenes are when Stewie is drunk in the background at the dinner table and dives onto the floor, acting as a bookie with Brian, and when he is on Steroids. Seth Macfarlane is a genius for making this show and you guys are amazing for offering a copy of this show up for grabs!

  14. Kerry says:

    I’ve enjoyed Family Guy’s willingness to tackle subjects in a more aggressive way than other animated shows (Simpsons, et al) are willing to do. I would really like to win the DVD set so I can see the extras that were too extreme to be aired on TV.