Review/Recap – The X Factor – Final 4 – 12/15/11

Last night, the final four took to the stage on The X Factor. They each sang two songs, with the first song being chosen by the public. I know I’m going to miss Rachel, but life goes on… Let’s see how the remaining singers did.

The Boys

Marcus Canty: His first song was “I’ll Make Love to You” by Boyz II Men, and while I love this song, I didn’t love him. It was a cheesy performance. He gave a rose to a girl in the audience, and the dancing on stage didn’t fit. Why does L.A. Reid always have such strange staging?

His second song was “Careless Whisper”, and I have no idea why they picked that. The backup dancers were ridiculous, and I hated the whole thing.

Jump ahead to see what else went on tonight.

Chris Rene: The first song was the song chosen for him, and it was “Fly” by Sugar Ray. I can see why they would think this is an appropriate song choice for him. It’s a basic melody, with some rhymes put in there. It wasn’t a very strong vocal performance, but he’s just so loveable. He also looked really good, much healthier.

His second song was “No One” by Alicia Keys, and it was actually quite good. I enjoyed him playing the piano and being more vulnerable. I felt sad watching the piece about his dad, but I feel so proud of him for how far he’s come.

The Girls

Melanie Amaro: And then there was one. The last girl standing, and she looked amazing. Her first song was “Hero” by Mariah Carey, and she killed it. Her voice was so powerful and awe inspiring. Although it was a still a safe choice, she couldn’t be blamed for that, because the public chose it.

Her second song, “Feeling Good,” was a different choice. It was a nice change, and her upper register was amazing. I enjoyed this new sound a lot, but I still don’t adore her.

Over 30s

Josh Krajcik: The people chose “Come Together” for him. That was a strong performance, and I loved the rough quality to his voice. He really manages to engage the crowd.

His second song was Leonard Cohen’s “Hallellujah,” and it was so moving. I love his voice, and he was so adorable at the piano. I would be really happy if he ended up winning. To see why I loved it so much, check out the video below.

Overall, it was a decent night, but I really felt the loss of Rachel. 🙁 Tune in to FOX tonight at 8/7c to find out if Marcus finally goes home.

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