If We Controlled Your Remote… 12/20/11

Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday dear Jenny. Happy Birthday to me! Go Jenny, it’s your birthday. Go Jenny, it’s your birthday. Now, on to your regular scheduled program.

Jenny’s Choice #1

I love Food Network’s Chopped. I’ve given up almost all reality competitions, but I’m definitely hooked on this one. Tonight is the 10th season premiere, although you wouldn’t know it just by the timing, because there have been new episodes as recently as … well, last week. haha But still, with a fairly empty schedule, I wanted to take the time to recommend this one, since there are usually dramas and comedies on that get my picks for Tuesday nights. One of my favorite parts of this show is seeing if I can guess which chef or chefs will have a total “chefy” attitude—pompous, arrogant, and rude. Sometimes, we luck out and they are all great, but most of the time, it’s even more fun, because there’s at least one chef who thinks he is better than everyone there—including the judges.

On tonight’s episode, “The Big Scoop,” one, two, three, four mystery ingredients in the appetizer basket! One competitor loses count in the first round and misses getting marmalade on the plates. When there is no confession highlighting the mistake, can the judges’ investigative tasting skills reveal it? Then, the chefs hop into action with rabbit in the entrée round. What a surprise when the big scoop in dessert is vanilla ice cream! Hold on for a chilling finale where one competitor heads for a meltdown. (Oh goody! A meltdown! lol)

Check it out tonight on Food Network at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of Chopped @ Clicker.
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Kyle’s Choice

With most of my Tuesday night shows taking the holidays off, tonight I’m planning to check out the latest installment of TNT’s Mystery Movie Night, Deck The Halls. In the film, it’s almost Christmas and a man and his chauffeur are carjacked and kidnapped in their driveway. The man’s daughter, Detective Regan Reilly (Scottie Thompson), teams up with cleaning-woman-turned-private-eye Alvirah Meegan (Kathy Najimy) to investigate.

This film is based on the first book in Mary Higgins Clark and her daughter Carol’s series of holiday mystery novels. While I have never read any of the books, the story sounds interesting, and I’ve been a fan of Kathy Najimy since I first saw her on Sister Act. I always enjoy a good holiday-themed TV-movie this time of year, but it seems like the offerings are pretty much all  romantic comedies. So it is refreshing to see a holiday mystery thrown into the mix.

See it tonight on TNT at 9/8c.

Jenny’s Choice #2

Another show I love to watch on Tuesday nights but never have a chance to recommend is Lifetime’s One Born Every Minute. Yes, it’s a show about women having babies. But man, is it funny. I swear, if my husband had acted like most of these men do, I’d have kicked him out of the room—after removing certain vital portions of his anatomy! And the families?! A couple of weeks ago, the mommy- and daddy-to-be’s mothers actually got into a cat fight out in the hall, right outside the hospital room! Like, kicked, throwing punches, a knee to the face, and almost a chair to the back of a head, like in wrestling. It was insane. And man, I would NOT have stood for it while I was in labor. How some of these women just put up with that stuff is beyond me. lol We also get to see the nurses & doctors behind the scenes as they try and breathe during the down time, which is always fun, too.

On tonight’s episode, “My Wife’s Cervis is My Hero,” (Hahaha!) a couple hopes for the safe arrival of their quadruplets; a long-distance runner expects her first baby; a preacher delivers his eighth baby.

See who goes nuts tonight on Lifetime at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of One Born Every Minute @ Clicker.

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3 Responses to If We Controlled Your Remote… 12/20/11

  1. Megan says:

    Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Jenny, happy birthday to you!
    Now for an ode to Jenny:
    Roses are Red,
    Violets are Blue,
    This site wouldn’t run,
    If it wasn’t for you.

    Hahaha. Hope you have an amazing birthday!

  2. Kyle says:

    Happy Birthday Jenny!

    I think that’s actually a better intro than if one of us had written it 🙂

  3. Jenny says:

    Thanks, guys. 🙂 LOL @ Kyle Thanks. I was feeling snarky and exhausted when I finally wrote that up. haha