Bottom Ten Shows of 2011

As you saw yesterday, we posted our Top Ten Shows of 2011 list. We had a good number of shows in common, and our top picks were The Glades, Once Upon a Time, and Breaking Bad. What do you think we put on our Bottom Ten Shows of 2011 list? Check it out below!

Bottom 10

Jenny's Choice: Survivor
Pete and Repeat were in a boat. Pete fell out. Who was left?


Pete and Repeat...

You get the idea.
Megan's Choice: Private Practice
I used to love this show, but I feel like it's lost its track the past few seasons. Now, there isn't the right balance of comedy and drama. Addison is never happy. I think there's less happiness on this show than there is on Grey's Anatomy. Should have kept Off the Map on the air instead.
Kyle's Choice: Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior
What a huge disappointment. I am a big fan of the original series, and this was just terrible. It completely failed to capture the feel and magic of the original show. The team didn't really work well together, and I had no vested interest in them. I was glad to see it go before it further tarnished the reputation of the original.

Jump with us to see numbers nine through one!

Bottom 9

Jenny's Choice: Dancing with the Stars
When the show went from A-listers to B-listers, I was ok with that. But the last few seasons, I haven't had a single reason I want to watch any of the contestants. Now, if I could watch Derek Hough all day? Great. The show itself? Not so much.
Megan's Choice: Ringer
It's no secret that I am a huge fan of Sarah Michelle Gellar, and I really wanted to love this show. I have watched maybe 3 episodes, and every time I tune in hoping to like it, it fails me. The mirrors get on my nerves, the effects look super fake, and I just expected more from Gellar. This one breaks my TV addict heart a little bit.
Kyle's Choice: Dueling twin swap shows (Ringer, The Lying Game)
From awful green-screen effects to the very thin, soapy plots and acting, both of these shows were just bad television. If I want to watch a cheesy separated twins show with bad special effects, I'll watch the original Parent Trap film. At least that was also a lot of fun!

Bottom 8

Jenny's Choice: Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice
Five words: No one is EVER happy.
Megan's Choice: Dexter
This choice probably comes as surprise to a lot of people, because so many critics love this show. I am not in that group. The show lost me a few seasons ago. Mostly with the “a serial killer is raising a child” thing, because that's messed up. Speaking of messed up – the whole Deb loves Dexter thing is just icky. I know they aren't actually blood related, but they are close enough. It was a fail in my opinion. *ducks the anger*
Kyle's Choice: Two and a Half Men
I tried to give it another shot with Charlie Sheen gone. However, it was still awful, and there was nary a laugh to be found.

Bottom 7

Jenny's Choice: Wilfred
When I first heard about it, I vowed that I would never watch this show. I mean, come on. A show about a man and a man dressed as a dog? Ok, so it's a man and a dog, but the man sees the dog AS a man dressed as a dog. It could be funny. And it is...somewhat. But even as crude as I can be sometimes – and as funny as I think a lot of stuff like that is – when the show's uh, cruditity is as overpowering as Wilfred's is, I find it less than funny. I watched a few episodes with my husband when he had it on, but it didn't take me long at all to declare myself done.
Megan's Choice: Allen Gregory
Again, this is a show I actually thought I'd like, and I did for the first episode, and then the novelty wore off. I find the flirting between a boy and his gross principal creepy. There is just nothing to grab my attention, which is too bad, because I thought I'd finally found an animated series I didn't hate.
Kyle's Choice: Enlightened
Is it a comedy? Is it a drama? All of these half-hour cable shows bill themselves as comedies in order to snatch up the awards for their actors and actresses. However, each episode contains no more laughs than your average one-hour network drama. I was so bored by this show that I didn't even make it through the first episode. I didn't find the premise or characters interesting and decided to cut my losses early on. I was shocked to see that HBO renewed this while canceling all three of its other 30-minute dramedies (Hung, How To Make It In America and Bored To Death)!

Bottom 6

Jenny's Choice: The Killing
One word: Boring. Oh, no, make that two: Slow. As in...creeping along until you feel like you aren't moving at all. Oh, and sad?! Yes, the show was about the death of a young girl. I get that. That is tragically sad. But when there's nothing to counterbalance the darkness, that's when I can't watch. ... Ok, so that was way more than two words. Sorry. 😉
Megan's Choice: The Playboy Club
I love me some Eddie Cibrian, but this show was terrible. The girls were hot, the guys were hot, but the plot was ice cold. That said, if it had been released by HBO and spiced up a bit, it might have stood a chance.
Kyle's Choice: Allen Gregory
I didn't like the look of the animation and also found the characters unlikable. Didn't even manage to get through the whole pilot.

Bottom 5

Jenny's Choice: The Bachelor/Bachelorette
It used to be that I could watch these shows and find at least a few of the men or women that I thought were there for the right reasons – including the bachelor/bachelorette themselves. Now? I just don't see that at all. When they can't even take themselves seriously, how can I? I'm a romantic at heart, but watching these shows was just sucking the romance right out of me.
Megan's Choice: Whitney
I don't care how many people like this show, I despise it. Whitney Cummings is incredibly annoying, and I find her comedic timing terrible. She should stick to writing for real comedians (ie. Kat Dennings, 2 Broke Girls), let someone else play “Whitney” on the show, and then maybe it would be worth while.
Kyle's Choice: HawthoRNe
Fool me thrice, shame on me. I thought the first season was just OK, the second season was bad, but this year's third season was downright horrible. Jada Pinkett Smith was the worst part of this show, but they were kind of stuck with her, due to the title. The series was already depressing to begin with, but starting the season off with a miscarriage just doomed it for complete failure. By the end, I even hated the only characters I used to like.

Bottom 4

Jenny's Choice: Supernatural
I loved Supernatural a few seasons ago – before the whole Heaven/Hell, God/Satan debacle, and then Castiel turning into someone totally different. I loved it when it was mainly “supernatural” cases of the week, with some small overall arc. But they lost me when Sam got addicted to demon blood, and though I was determined to stick with it, I finally had enough when, well, see above.
Megan's Choice: Charlie's Angels
There have been a couple of remakes that I have enjoyed (Hawaii Five-0, Teen Wolf), but for the most part, it's a bad idea. This show was a bad idea from the minute it was released, and no amounts of horribly executed special effects was going to save it. The Angels have gone to heaven where they belong.
Kyle's Choice: The Killing
What started off with an excellent pilot and so much promise quickly deteriorated into one of the most boring shows ever. Then, to make matters worse, they didn't even answer the question of "Who Killed Rosie Larson?" which all of their promotions seemed to promise would be answered by the end of the season.

Bottom 3

Jenny's Choice: Glee
It's the ridiculous storylines that turned me off this show, although honestly, I stopped watching before 2011, so technically, this probably shouldn't be on the list... But really...I liked Coach Beiste when she first came on (and I like Dot Jones, her portrayer), but having her and Sue competing for the same quite good looking man? Please. So far from reality, it's not funny. Speaking of Sue...she quit being funny to me a long time ago.
Megan's Choice: The Bachelor/Bachelorette
I can't even name the recent people on these shows, because I cannot lower my IQ enough to tune in. There isn't anything wrong with dating around, but don't be a gross dog on television. Something about a show that gives a guy or a girl a group of people desperate to do anything to be with them makes me nauseous.
Kyle's Choice: Charlie's Angels
I didn't get beyond the pilot – the acting and the writing were both horrendous. I wish people would come up with new ideas, instead of keep trying to revive old ones!

Bottom 2

Jenny's Choice: Toddlers & Tiaras
I have to admit that while I've seen at least a couple of episodes of the other 9 shows on my “worst” list, I've never seen an episode of Toddlers & Tiaras. But from the previews alone, I know it's not one I could ever stomach. I won't go into the whole rant I have about this, but I do have to say one thing: Teenage girls normally have horrible, horrible self esteem issues. That's part of being a teenager, and something society does NOTHING to help. But when parents deliberately start telling their little girls at 5 and 6 years old that they need to slather on makeup, use whitener on their teeth, prance around in the hottest or fanciest clothes, etc etc to win or be popular or be the cutest, all that is doing is setting them up for even worse self esteem as they get older. They are also making these little girls self-centered, pampered, spoiled brats who yell, scream, whine, and basically act like little turds. I hate that it happens in real life, and I hate even more that TLC made a show glorifying it.
Megan's Choice: Jersey Shore
There is not enough time to tell you everything I find wrong with this show. These people are completely whack. I get that crazy and stupid makes good ratings – although not sure what that says about the people watching this crap. There are a lot of my friends I am offending by putting this on my list, and I say to them: Shame on you for even watching! I will not pump my fist with you, and I will not watch Snooki show her vagina on television. Simply put, it's an epic fail for me.
Kyle's Choice: I Hate My Teenage Daughter
This was the second-worst pilot I watched this year. However, since Work It doesn't air until January, I'll have to save that for next year's list. None of the characters in this show were likable, at all. I wish they had just called it "My Teenage Daughter" because it sounds so repetitive to say I hate I Hate My Teenage Daughter.
And our picks for our LEAST FAVORITE shows of the year 2011 are…

Bottom 1

Jenny's Choice: HawthoRNe
They took a great show about a nurse who cared for the wellfare of her patients above all else (not counting her daughter), along with a sexy doctor (who had feelings for her but knew they couldn't be more than just friends until she was ready to move on after the death of her husband), another nurse and friend of hers with the same work ethic, and a smattering of other great side characters and turned it into a soap opera complete with accidental pregnancy when turned to each other in grief when a friend dies, attack on the pregnant woman on her wedding day which resulted in the death of the baby, affair with the cop friend who ended up killing her attacker, and Internal Affairs investigating her and the cop for the death. That is, of course, in addition to the changing of the hospital and the nurse's job, as well as turning the nurse/friend into an almost caricature shrew of a boss and the head boss turning into a sloppy alcoholic. When I stopped watching mid-way through the last season, I nearly cried over how far a show had fallen.
Megan's Choice: Two and a Half Men
Considering my obvious hate for the previous show, you have to know my loathing for this show knows no bounds. This is for all of 2011, so we are still including the really horrible ones including Charlie Sheen. I have never hidden my disdain for his antics and the fact that he got paid big money to basically play himself on television. The only mistake CBS made was not canning him sooner, and of course, even attempting to revamp the show with Ashton Kutcher. I don't hate Jon Cryer, though. In fact, he brings back nostalgia of my early youth with Pretty in Pink, but I can't watch this craptastic show based on nostalgia alone. Especially when they try to lure us in with Kutcher looking like Jesus. Shame on them. Gigantic epic fail!
Kyle's Choice: Reality-palooza
Or “Any reality show about losing weight, dating, "real' housewives, people from New Jersey, or celebrities dancing or applying for a job.”

I didn't want to waste all of my picks listing all of this reality TV garbage separately. There is nothing "real" about these people or the situations they are put in. The drama is artificial, and often these shows take about 30 minutes of actual content and stretch it out to fill 2 hours.

What do you think? Did we hit the…low points? Did we miss something you think we definitely should have included? Let us know by commenting below!

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4 Responses to Bottom Ten Shows of 2011

  1. Megan Ward says:

    Jenny- The fact that you put Glee on here, hurts just a little bit. *tear*

  2. Jenny says:

    Hah That figures, that’d be the one you mentioned from my list. lol

  3. Kyle says:

    Private Practice has become totally depressing, and it didn’t even start off that great–was always just who is sleeping with whom in the office this week. I still enjoy Grey’s–got much better after that awful Ghost Denny days. Though I wish they would just dump Meredith and her “husband”–I am so sick of the on again off again with them. I guess we’ll have to see how Scandal does with your lists next year. 🙂

    Forgot about Playboy Club–dropped that very quickly. Same with Prime Suspect–among other things, couldn’t stand the hat.

  4. Megan Ward says:

    I still enjoy Grey’s and I like Mere/Der together. That said I’ve always thought that Meredith and Alex would make the best couple ever. 🙂 I’m hoping I like Scandal but we shall see.

    Prime Suspect I continue to enjoy.

    Glee isn’t perfect but it’s one of my favorite shows. This season is better, and I disagree I like the Sue/Beiste fighting over the same man. GO BEISTE!!! The only reason it didn’t make my top is for it’s rocky season 2.