TV News – Celebrity Apprentice Season 12 Cast Announced

It’s time for the announcement of the cast for Celebrity Apprentice. I’m having difficulty believing it’s season 12 already, and this list of participants hits me like a blast from the past. Jump ahead and check it out.
Clay Aiken: Singer and second season runner-up on American Idol.
My Thoughts: They are going to eat him alive.
Teresa Gludice: Veteran of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.
My Thoughts: I think she’s going to be crazy controlling and demanding.
Dee Snider: Twisted Sister front man and reality TV/horror film star.
My Thoughts: No real thoughts, except that he could use a comeback.
Tia Carrere: Musician, actress, and Dancing with the Stars alum.
My Thoughts: When at first you don’t succeed, find a new reality show. All kidding aside, I tend to enjoy when she guest stars on shows – for example, Warehouse 13. I also enjoyed her on her own show, Relic Hunter.
Debbie Gibson: Eighties pop icon.
My Thoughts: Nostalgic of my youth, but she’s going to drive me bonkers – I just know it.
Lou Ferrigno: Actor, bodybuilder, and best known as The Incredible Hulk.
My Thoughts: Nostalgia again, and I’m sure he’s going to pull in a lot of viewers, just because he was the Hulk.
Victoria Gotti: Former reality star of Growing Up Gotti, daughter of the New York City crime boss, John Gotti.
My Thoughts: What is it with crime families and reality TV?
Penn Jillette: Comedian, illusionist, the taller half of Penn & Teller.
My Thoughts: I love Penn and think that he’ll be amusing.
Arsenio Hall: Former late-night host.
My Thoughts: Isn’t there a time limit on comebacks?
Dayana Mendozza: 2008 Miss Universe, singer, and Venezuelan TV personality.
My Thoughts: Simple eye candy.
Lisa Lampanelli: Self-proclaimed ‘Queen of Mean’ commonly seen on Comedy Central roasts.
My Thoughts: She is going to eat these contestants alive.
Paul Teutul Sr. Star of former reality hit, American Chopper.
My Thoughts: I actually have no thoughts on him whatsoever. Neutral.
Aubrey O’Day: Singer, part of the group Danity Kane.
My Thoughts: Who?
Adam Carolla: Radio host and former Man Show star. Already been on Dancing with the Stars.
My Thoughts: Wasn’t he just launching some show on SPEED Network recently? I’m not a huge fan, but maybe he’s trading up from DWTS?
Cheryl Tiegs: Actress and former supermodel.
My Thoughts: The title of actress was not bestowed upon her by me.
Michael Andretti: Former Indy Car series driver.
My Thoughts: He was a fabulous driver in his time, and he’ll bring some business sense.
George Takei: Best known for his role on Star Trek.
My Thoughts: I love him. He is deserving of the title “celebrity.”
Patricia Velàsquez: Model, actress from The Mummy, Arrested Development.
My Thoughts: She was amusing on Arrested Development, and I have no actual problem with her.
Overall, it’s a pretty non-exciting cast. They may surprise us, and maybe we’ll get a few epic throw down arguments. After all, we all tune in to see how these “stars” are getting along, right? Tune in to NBC on Sunday, February 12th, at 9/8c, and as always, be sure to weigh in with your opinion.

To see Donald Trump (with guest appearances by his hair), discuss how this cast of celebrities came to be and some minutes from the players themselves, check out the video below.

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3 Responses to TV News – Celebrity Apprentice Season 12 Cast Announced

  1. Kyle says:

    My money’s on Penn for the win. Was going to say George Takai, but he’s a bit older and may not be able to keep up.

    As for Dee, he seems to be making the reality show rounds–saw he’s on next werk’s Celebrity Wife Swap!

    No idea what Danity Kane is/was or who that singer is!

  2. Megan says:

    I’m going with Penn because he has a big personality.
    Dee needs all the help he can get lol.
    Apparently Danity Kane was a group formed by P.Diddy ? not sure.

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