If We Controlled Your Remote… 1/8/12

It’s the start of a new week…and I am starting it with a broken laptop. My down arrow key popped off last night, and we can’t get it back on. My husband is going to take another look tomorrow when he’s more awake, but…I’m going to be REALLY pissed off if I have to send it in and get it replaced, cause we just don’t have the money for that. BAH! Still, some great stuff on tonight, so at least there’s that!

Jenny’s Choice #1

I’m a huge fan of John Grisham’s books, and one of my favorite movies is The Firm. So when I heard it was coming to television, I was thrilled. It’s not a remake of the book/movie, which is kind of what makes it even more interesting. The show continues the story of attorney Mitchell McDeere and his family 10 years after the events of the film and novel. As a young associate, McDeere brought down the prestigious Memphis law firm of Bendini, Lambert, & Locke, which operated as a front for the Chicago mob – and his life was never the same. After a difficult decade, which included a stay in the Federal Witness Protection program, Mitch (Josh Lucas, J. Edgar), his wife Abby (Molly Parker, Deadwood), and daughter Claire (Natasha Calis, The Possession) now emerge from isolation to reclaim their lives and their future – only to find that past dangers are still lurking and new threats are everywhere. The show also stars Callum Keith Rennie (The Killing), Juliette Lewis (Cape Fear), Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica), & Shaun Majumder (Detroit 1-8-7).

Check out the 2-hour series premiere tonight on NBC at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of The Firm @ Clicker.
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Megan’s Choice #1

I couldn’t be more excited for the return of Once Upon a Time tonight. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite shows. Week after week, this show manages to make us love our favorite characters more. My heart broke when the sheriff died in the last new episode, and I admit to crying while Emma held him. Just when they were exploring that amazing sexual tension, the writers threw us a curveball. I respect the writers on this show for the magic that they bring to the screen each and every week – and for not being afraid to rock the boat by killing off main characters.

On tonight’s new episode, “Desperate Souls,” Emma runs for public office, and Mr. Gold and Regina take opposite sides in the election; and in the fairy-tale world, Rumplestilskin becomes desperate to find a way to keep his son from a futile war.

To be whisked away to a land where happily ever after is always in jeopardy, tune in to ABC at 8/7c. Learn where to find episodes online of Once Upon a Time @ Clicker.

Kyle’s Choice #1

Over the past week, I marathoned the entire first season of Downton Abbey in preparation for tonight’s second season premiere on PBS’ Masterpiece. I didn’t know what to expect when I sat down to watch the first episode. I expected a Jane Austin-style, drawn out, period costume drama. However, what I got was a captivating drama with all kinds of twists and turns. There was theft, murder, cover-ups, and people plotting against one another to raise their own status, but a lot of fun, as well. The characters were well developed, and I found myself actually invested in their fates, rooting for some of the evil ones to get their comeuppance. 🙂 The show gives a very interesting look at how the different classes interact. When the first season ended, WWI had just started, and we were left wondering how this would affect the residents and staff of Downton Abbey, many of whom had just made new plans that will now need to be put on hold.

Tonight, the second season of Downton Abbey opens during WWI, with Matthew and Thomas in the trenches in France and Robert and William longing to join the action. Sybil, meanwhile, finds unlikely support from her grandmother in her quest to help the war effort. Edith learns to drive, Mary struggles with her feelings for Matthew when he returns on leave from the war and attends a benefit concert at the estate with a new companion, and Carson is overwhelmed while running the house with a smaller staff.

See the premiere tonight on PBS at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of Downton Abbey @ Clicker.

Lisa’s Choice

Put your seatbelts on, your seat backs in the upright position, and your tray tables locked. It’s finally time for an all new episode of the amazingly adventurous show, Pan Am. When we last left Dean and Colette, the two had gone to visit his parents, and after finally admitting their feelings for one another, they cemented their relationship with some passionate lovemaking. Maggie had met a beguiling congressman that sparked her political and sexual interest. In the final moments of the last episode, a shot rang out from a gun that Kate was seen holding, but who did she shoot? Find out just where the shot landed and prepare yourself for the return of Bridget tonight!

On an all new episode, “Secrets and Lies,” Dean and Colette’s budding romance seems to suffer quite a blow. Maggie falls hard for the congressman she wrote a story about, while Kate’s last assignment haunts her. Also, Ted thinks that he may have found the love of his life.

Watch the drama go down on ABC at 10/9c! Learn where to find episodes online of Pan Am @ Clicker.

Jenny’s Choice #2

This is another prime example of why I wish we could afford premium cable… Tonight is the series premiere of House of Lies on Showtime. I really want to watch for the cast, although I’m sure I’d enjoy the storyline, too. lol This new dark comedy is about all the screwed up ways big business is practiced these days. The series, based on the hit tell-all book from best-selling author Martin Kihn (“House of Lies: How Management Consultants Steal Your Watch and Then Tell You the Time”), peels back the bull to reveal a world few know exists and fewer still have experienced. Meet Marty Kaan (Academy Award nominee Don Cheadle, Ocean’s Eleven), the big-money earner at Galweather & Stearn, along with his hot, young team – The Pod – of big-balling power players – Jeannie (Kristen Bell, Veronica Mars), Clyde (Ben Schwartz, Undercovers) and Doug (Josh Lawson). Marty and The Pod’s work life is all first-class, top-shelf, black Am Ex, the best suites at the nicest hotels. Wild nights on the town servicing the clients are all in a day’s work. Marty is the ultimate power player and under his direction, this ruthless, pull-no-punches team is here to stick it to the man by beating the corporate suckers at their own game.

On tonight’s episode, “Gods of Dangerous Financial Instruments,” Marty and The Pod travel to New York to consult for MetroCapital, a bank looking for a plan to unscrupulously justify their year-end bonuses as the financial world around them burns, but Marty makes an enemy of Greg Norbert, MetroCapital’s number two executive. Back at home, Marty receives unwanted parenting advice from his live-in father Jeremiah when his son Roscoe decides to audition for the female lead in a school play.

Don’t miss it tonight on Showtime at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of House of Lies @ Clicker.

Megan’s Choice #2

I’m not sure if the best part of Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off is seeing Rachael Ray on my television in another show, because I adore her, or if it’s seeing the celebrities trying to handle themselves in the kitchen. Lou Diamond Phillip seems to actually be holding his own in the kitchen, and his ribs last week looked scrumptious. Aaron Carter needed to go, because I’m not sure he could tell one kitchen utensil from another. However, I wanted Taylor Dayne gone for no other reason than she is so incredibly annoying – like nails on a chalkboard.

On tonight’s episode, “Let Them Eat Cake,” each team is tasked with making four desserts, including one with a secret savory ingredient, to be judged by pastry students and culinary instructors. Later, the bottom two contestants face off in an elimination challenge.

To see if the contestants can handle the difficulties that baking brings, tune in to Food Network at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off @ Clicker.

Kyle’s Choice #2

Tonight, the wild and wacky Gallagher clan returns to our TVs in the second season premiere of Shameless on Showtime. I was already a fan of the original UK version of the series and have become a fan of the US version, as well. When we ended last season, Fiona chose not to follow her carjacking boyfriend, Steve, to Costa Rica as he evaded the law. Instead, she stayed in Chicago to take care of her younger siblings. Meanwhile, Frank tried to apologize to Lip for sleeping with his girlfriend, and Lip responded by urinating on him from the second story window. That’s pretty much par for the course with the Ghallaghers – they are one messed-up family, though the kids all really look out for one another. They are always finding new ways to make money or have some new scheme or problem – usually created by Frank – to fix.

In tonight’s episode, “Summertime,” following her breakup with Steve, Fiona lands a job tending bar at a popular local joint and makes a new acquaintance in an enterprising young businessman. Meanwhile, Frank uses Liam as collateral for a gambling debt, Lip takes bets on Little League games, and Kash leaves town, so Ian decides to take over the Kash and Grab.

Note: Showtime has been having a free-preview this weekend, so check tonight’s season premiere, or watch season 1 On Demand.

See it tonight on Showtime at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of Shameless @ Clicker.

Jenny’s Choice #3

Leverage rocks it every week, bringing us great cases and great interaction between the members of the team. Last week was a trip, with Hardison leading the team to try and get one over on a brother-sister team running a cash-for-gold scam. I adore Hardison, so the more we get to see him, the better. The week before that, we got a good glimpse of the friendship Hardison and Eliot have formed (they are always great when they are working together), and we also got a little insight into the relationship between Nate and Sophie. I still don’t know where they stand, but I enjoy watching it, regardless.

On tonight’s episode, “The Radio Job,” when Latimer hires Nate’s father to pull off a heist in an ultra-secure government office, the Leverage team must stage a fake hostage stand-off when they’re trapped inside and the feds lay siege to the building.

Check it out tonight on TNT at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of Leverage @ Clicker.

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