If We Controlled Your Remote… 1/9/12

Usually, I hate Mondays, because as a rule, they suck. However, today is a great day, because it’s also the first day for my daughter to go back to school after Christmas break, and as much as I adore her, I’m ready for our regular schedule again. The other fabulous part of today is the new television you can sit back and enjoy watching tonight. Let’s take a look.

Megan’s Choice

Next Great Baker has really been heating up. This season is already way more fiery than last season, and these contestants all have such big personalities. I really enjoy Ryan, but his attitude is a bit abrasive. Megan was one of my favorites, but her panic mode while on a project annoys me, so I’m hoping she goes home soon. Another thing I love about this show is how Buddy interacts with the contestants. He’s always so amusing.

On tonight’s all new episode, “Here Comes the Bride-zilla!” the bakers team up to work on a wedding cake for a demanding bride-to-be.

To see who starts to melt under the pressure, tune in to TLC at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of Next Great Baker @ Clicker.
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Jenny’s Choice

Today is a great day… Not only is my kiddo 14 today (Happy Birthday, Josh!), but there’s a new episode of Castle! Castle & Beckett have been making great progress toward a real relationship this season, and we’ve had some fantastic scenes with the rest of the cast. One of my favorite moments of the season was a couple of episodes ago, between Beckett & Espisito. Seriously, seriously good. I’m still warming up to Captain Gates. Just when I think I hate her, she does something to make me warm up…and then vice versa. lol But I think that’s how it should be, really. If she came in all sweetness and light, with no drama and everyone loving her, it would almost make the loss of Captain Montgomery not as important. Having her be so anti-Castle at the beginning is important. We are slowly getting to see her acceptance of him (sending him with the guys to the casino, working with him at the murder board while trying to figure out where the sniper was going to go next… It’s great.

On tonight’s episode, “’Till Death Do Us Part,” when a Casanova is killed, Castle and Beckett suspect that the victim’s mysterious double life holds the key to his murder. Ryan’s wedding with Jenny is threatened by the investigation, which leads to an outrageous twist. Seamus Dever’s real-life wife, Juliana Dever, guest stars, along with Sam Hennings (Memphis Beat) & Jaime Ray Newman (Drop Dead Diva, Eureka, Eastwick).

Don’t miss it tonight on ABC at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of Castle @ Clicker.

Lisa’s Choice

During the winter Pretty Little Liars premiere, the girls kicked a little A! It seems that they devised a plan in order to trick A into thinking that there was dissension in the group. In fact, they were stronger than ever and used the dissension as a ploy to get A right where they wanted him or her. Instead, things turned ugly with A pulling a knife on Emily and trying to kill her. Thankfully, Emily got away, but sadly, so did A! After A escaped, Hanna hit him/her with her car, and A ended up accidentally dropping his/her cell phone. Will the Liars dig around and be able to learn a little bit more about their nemesis?

After their recent encounter with “A,” all four Liars seem to be closer than ever to find out the identity of “A.” However, when they decide to enlist Caleb’s hacking expertise to help with their quest, Hanna no longer is interested in being a part of the plan. Hanna is not about to get Caleb mixed up and involved in something else shady, or anything that could open the door to questions that Hanna just can’t answer. Unfortunately, once the Liars realize that “A” has a helper, Hanna has no other choice. Instead of focusing on who the helper may be, Hanna decides to put all of her efforts into throwing a surprise party for Caleb. Will the surprise party at Spencer’s lake house be the diversion that Hanna is looking for, or just a full on recipe for disaster? Meanwhile, Aria and Ezra must deal with the aftermath of their confession.

Watch an all new episode at 8/7c on ABC Family! Learn where to find episodes online of Pretty Little Liars @ Clicker.

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  1. Megan Ward says:

    Happy 14th Birthday Josh!!!